Kim Jung Hyun Dealt with Press Conference Bad Attitude Fallout During Filming of K-drama Time

I didn’t follow or watch the MBC drama Time hence it really was a out-of-nowhere surprise to hear that male lead Kim Jung Hyun was leaving the drama due to health reasons. Turns out a few weeks ago during the drama press conference he left a very negative impression with the press and media, so much so that he was called out for it towards the end. Kim Jung Hyun plays a chaebol heir living a selfish life who then undergoes a come to Jesus mental transformation after he is diagnosed with a terminal illness. At the press conference Kim Jung Hyun appeared completely dour with a poker face, looking disinterested in the event that he was asked towards the end why his attitude was so off.

He explained that he was in character hence the bad attitude, but goodness unless one is Johnny Depp level top star he hasn’t built up that kooky reserve of goodwill and success under his belt to show up in character and have the media buy it. I don’t agree with the torrent of castigation thrown his way afterwards which clearly impacted his health issues now with an eating and sleeping disorder. Please get some help and rest, and next time don’t do character press conferences unless you have buy in from the production and media.


Kim Jung Hyun Dealt with Press Conference Bad Attitude Fallout During Filming of K-drama Time — 47 Comments

    • Yeah I hope he gets the rest and treatment needed.
      Depression is no joke! Just look at the cases of k-celebrities lost to depression not so long ago.

    • He looks like a shadow and anxious to get some sleep. They should have been filming days and nights in the heat with no food and if he has eating disorder (like anorexia or vomiting from stress) I don’t blame him to be in this shape. They need to stop with these work conditions and then people can be “circus apes” again for excessive public…

    • Yes, it was just right that he left the drama Time. His acting seemed a bit over the required acting for the role and so I thought that something must be really wrong with him.

  1. No excuse for bad manners..He is in the public eye and it’s choosing and certainly looks he has issues..Who’s managing the dude for goodness sake??

    • I don’t think it matters who managed him. Some peoples personality changes easily based on experiences, weather, setting, friends so honestly, I don’t find it too strange that he acted coldly towards the press and media. You never know what a person is going through. He might have been going through a difficult time with family, mental health, friends etc. I personally don’t enjoy how you or the person who wrote this article portrays him. okay, he had “bad manners”, but if you were going through something you would hardly enjoy being at an event in the public eye either. The drama may have taken a toll on him and made things even worse. We should learn to be more considerate of him. He has been fine previously with other dramas he has starred in. He has always been professional and honestly he is one of the best actors out there, taking on such versatile roles and exceeding in every one of them. Must we judge him so insistingly? I hope he gets better, becomes happier, more successful and gets the rest he needs. We are supporting you Kim Jung-Hyun!

    • How do you know he didn’t apologize to her? They have been working together for some time now and from their behind the scenes footage, they seem to have a good relationship.

      • I think it’s better he apologised to seohyun in front of public, so her fans won’t stay mad

    • @larana you seem to have a personal vendetta toward him.Why are you so mad? You are everywhere replying to anyone who isnt spitting venom like you are?If you are Seo Hyun’s fan.Learn from your unnie.She is a class act and behaved professional even after the mess and worked with him just fine.She never made a fuss like you are doing even though she is a senior and has every right to do it.Do you think you are supporting Seo Hyun by pouring hate on her junior?Calm.down with the hate.

      This dude is not known to be a douchebag.He has worked in other productions before and he was professional.He went out of line and was wrong when he did what he did at the press conference.But it turns out his physical and mental state is a mess now which could have caused his odd behaviour.

  2. This industry may be a good money earner if you make it big but it does not suit everyone. He needs to think carefully if he really wants to stay on

    • He vomitted before that darned press conference. His health is deteriorating but no one is really concerned by that, they only look at the “mistake”

  3. From the pics, he seems to have some personal problems… He did not look very professional at the press conference, regardless of the reasons, at age 28, he should own up to his inappropriate mannerism. He is Korean and there are certain expectations to uphold in the K-entertainment world, correct? He is not in Hollywood… It will be a long recovering road in K-showbiz for him. Time to move on…

    • ok sleeping and eating is not big deal right, if they drag him to continue he will just get depression. vomitting but cannot get proper meal also not a big deal. he should go to his momma, ok he will. he will be surrounded by his support system. to love acting passion is his decision, but you only him as failure.

      • You should be talking to his management, not us who just want to be entertained and not needing to see an angry face at a press con. Any personal issues should be dealt with privately. This is the professional conduct that all career people have to uphold. One failure does not mean forever. You are blowing things out of proportion here. Have you ever worked?

      • This is not what I want. This is just basic professionalism which is the minimum requirement at a public event that we should all know. Yes you are wasting your energy here.

    • Lower down you talk about how he is in the public eye and is having a bad attitude. However shouldn’t it be expected of you to have a good attitude on this page also, or is that not a requirement just because your face can’t be seen. Belittling others and talking down on them isn’t disrespectful? There are issues with your attitude also and if I wanted to I could pick at all of them also, however, I won’t because I’m a decent human being. He is a professional actor. He hasn’t had issues before. You may say there shouldn’t be any excuses but you also have absolutely no idea what he’s going through. How despicable and rude of you to dismiss something like him vomiting before the conference. It clearly goes to show the type of person you are and why people like you shouldn’t belong on the internet. There are many reasons for vomiting: stress, gastritis, food poisoning which honestly are minor. However, you can also vomit from having a concussion a tumour etc which are definitely much more serious issues that we won’t get into and you are dismissing that completely saying something as insensitive and childish as “what a crybaby, go back to momma”. What age are you? I’m not defending his attitude right now but I am defending the people who you have replied to. They do not deserve the attitude you are giving them so what makes you more righteous or respectful thank Kim Jung-Hyun right now? At least he has some reasoning behind his attitude what is yours? Poor human relations? Insensitivity? Boredom? Let’s look at ourselves first and then correct others. Let’s look at the plank of wood in our eyes then the straw in someone else’s. Let’s all become better people, you and I then criticise others hm?

    • Why is there only trash people like you in this comment section? You think mental illness is something to laugh at? He can’t just turn off his depression and disorders for the sake of press conference and for the sake of being proffesional. Sometimes your problems just get the better of you no matter what occasion. He was also clearly not in the right mind and was sick. Does he look okay to you in these pictures? So much unnecessary hate for someone who was sick that day and apologised for his behavior.

  4. Yall here saying there’s no excuse for bad manners and all knetz who were the reason for his health issues should feel guilty he’s a human and we all have bad days he didn’t do anything bad and didn’t kill anyone for yall to bully him to the degree he had eating and sleeping disorder all he did was not smiling during the press you all should leave the mentality that you have a say in their lives and characters you don’t know what he went through before the press he’s a person and have personal life you don’t know about Correct your manners and characters first before coming at him

  5. Time is actually pretty good, and I like this guy, he’s a good actor and played well in his each drama. I hope he get well soon. He’s the main lead, what happen to the drama then if he leaves ?

  6. You all need to take a chill pill. No wonder so many koreans tend to be suicidal because netizens judge you right away. Depression and disorder are not easy and some deals with it in different ways but people are so easy to jump on them.

    • Agree, there’s a lot of bitter comments here in general (not just this post). I think all the actors and actresses should be like Donald Trump and have thick skinned so abuse thrown at them doesn’t affect them and gets labelled as fake news.

  7. ….surely the news that he had an eating disorder and psychological disorders severe enough to necessitate his exit from the drama, places this incident in a different light?

    Everyone acts all sympathetic when the news that someone was struggling with mental illness comes out, but will still attack the person if they visibly suffer from its effects in a way that they don’t behave ‘normal’ or as expected.

    • And if he does have these apparent issues why is he appearing in front of the press anyway? It’s only damaging his profile and possibly career…poor management in my opinion.

      • agree. People don’t realize what seems to be a good intention on his part for showing up at the press con would lead to a damaged image, like a chip on a glass. It is better for him to call in sick than to appear “uninterested”. One person can ruin the whole party regardless of the underlying reason. Sympathy should be granted if this was appropriately managed to avoid this unfortunate situation, not after a behavior fallout.

      • He is in a no win situation. If he called in sick and not appear the headlines will be ‘A newbie actor being arrogant already and not showing up at press con but well enough to act?’. Let’s see how all of you coping with not taking a break and act in three/four dramas in one year and be sleep deprived.

      • But surely he’s not the only one overworked in k-ent and no one acted that way in public before. If he cannot handle the workload and stress due to health reasons or what not, then better not to accept 3-4 dramas a year.

      • Yes, he isn’t the only actor who is overworked in Kdrama land. However, there are many things we don’t know about his case. Maybe, he didn’t want to act in this drama in the first place. Maybe, he knew at the back of his mind, he wasn’t well prior to the press con/drama. Maybe, he wasn’t prepared for such a heavy role (having such a depressing role). As with all mental health breakdowns, it is an accumulation of factors. We don’t know the true facts so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

  8. Looks like SeoHyun’s fans have migrated here too?.Dude screwed up and exhibited douchebag behaviour.But the way they are all over the comment section you would think he assaulted or murdered her smh.He already owned up to his mess.He didnt do enough for me to cancel him yet.

    I wish him a quick recovery and comeback a better and healthier person and actor.He has great potential and it wouldnt be nice to see it wasted because of this.

  9. I’m inclined to think the eating disorder and insomnia lead to the attitude controversy rather than the other way around. If he was purposely trying out his “method acting” at the press conference, then he was aware of his behavior and shouldn’t be surprised by the negative reactions. Did he think he would get heaps of praise for being a douchbag in front of the press?

  10. I haven’t seen any of his previous conferences, so I don’t know if it is just all excuses. But looking back at these photos he looks dazed and paranoid so it does make some sense.

  11. His agency released a statement with his apologies to everyone right after the scandal happened.

    Until proven otherwise he is really sick and no need for people to make up conspiracy theories.

    Because of his unprofessional and wrong attitude during the press con he created loads of haters for himself so his misfortunes are joy for haters.

    Seohyun’s fans are disgusting. Since the announcement of his departure I’ve seen so much nasty and bad behaviour inside of this fandom.

  12. I actually didn’t know that there were issues in the press conference. I am loving Time so much, and everything seemed fine in the behind the scene footages I saw. I wish people go easy on Kim Junghyun. Looking at his list of works, he’s been working nonstop for the past years, and as far I know, this is his first controversy. It’s not like he personally hurt someone, and his sickness is no joke. I’m actually proud that he’s still able to give a standout performance as Cheon Sooho in this drama despite suffering in real life. Seriously, his character is quite difficult yet he’s amazing in the drama.

    I know that Seohyun’s fans are worried for her, but I think they should trust in her more. She’s the senior and more popular than Junghyun, but it’s nice that she’s been taking all these graciously. I didn’t like her as an actress before, but she’s doing decently here. It’s going to be a challenge for her, but it’s a great way to prove her worth as an actress to carry the whole drama once the male lead is gone. And it’s quite new to do that in kdramas. I hope she does well.

  13. So is that the new excuse now for acting like a jerk. He is in character? Sorry buddy boy that excuse was riddled with…RIGHT

  14. I am English and have suffered from desperate depressions for years and I know how this can spiral in your head without your control.He is a human young man who can fall into this vicious circle like anyone else, and it is an illness and regardless of who he is he need the same compassion shown to as do others.
    I am watching “Time” and think his acting is splendid and he has brought me hours of pleasure, I wish him well and look forward to seeing him act again or whatever he chooses to do with his life he has my blessing.

  15. K media and fans and management companies are too hard on their talents.. Tsk tsk tsk. Hope he gets the rest he needs. Health is better than fame or wealth.

  16. I watched the clip again and again. Even though he looked depressed and weird his behaviour was weirder towards Seohyun specifically. It’s evident he was fine standing beside the other female actress or the director he was avoiding Seohyun. Also even if we think he wanted to stand at the edge instead of middle still it looked he was particularly avoiding Seohyun. It looked really rude but we know he had problems going on still that was very unprofessional. Method acting cannot be the answer to such a behaviour, it was definitely something else. I don’t know what exactly happened may be he is a sensitive type of person.

  17. This article is full of negativity and is so judgmental. If he wants to portray his character even during the press conference then let him be. You as writer also wrote your prejudices and non-basis story. You can say it’s part of your work too

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