C-actress Tang Yan Gets Reputation of Making Drama Second Female Lead Famous After Working With Her

Man, it’s tough to be an A-list actress in China, even occupying the female lead role for nearly 10 years and still Tang Yan (Tiffany Tan) gets flack for what is admitting a pretty legit phenomenal but one that I don’t think can be attributed to her doing something actively to promote it. The C-media is covering what C-netizens have described Tang Yan for the last few years – a second female lead maker. A look through her drama history shows that for many dramas the second female/supporting lead has ended up stealing the thunder from her or rocketing to stardom right after doing a drama where Tang Yan was the female lead.

It’s happening right now with her drama The Way We Were with Luo Jin, where apparently all the comments are for the second female lead Xu Ling Yue and her love line with the male lead, and she even has more screen time than Tang Yan. The biggest current It actress that rocketed to stardom after doing a Tang Yan drama is of course Dilraba Dilmurat in Diamond Lovers, and there’s also been Wu Qian in My Sunshine, Shu Chang in Legend of Fragrance, Mao Xiaotong in Legend of Weiyoung, and Lu Yi in See You Again.



C-actress Tang Yan Gets Reputation of Making Drama Second Female Lead Famous After Working With Her — 8 Comments

  1. C-Netizens have too much time on their hands lol. They are going to disregard other factors that help these new actress gain popularity e.g. advertisements, other TV shows, style etc. etc.

    Tang Yan is quite pretty and isn’t a bad actress although she can improve. I think the last drama I watched of Tang Yan was Princess Wei Young and it was OK. There are plenty of other actress that are more terrible than her acting wise.

  2. as I remember, tang yan isn’t get outshined in many of that drama, it just her 2nd lead/female costar get way higher after,

    Also that’s not 2nd lead opposing her in my sunshine, that’s the same role with tang yan, but the younger version.

  3. I don’t think Tang Yan is a bad actress. It’s just that most of her characters are not written as interesting compared to the supporting or minor roles. In My Sunshine for example, her younger self was a sunny person but her adult self was more dim. Yeah her agency could instead get her more challenging roles, but then the female protgaonists in big Chinese dramas are not very different in terms of personality, they are usually kind women who need a lot of saving from the male leads, in spite of some spunkiness.

  4. I love Tiffany. She’s a good actress. I think her choice of the dramas she does as lead have a lot to do with all these dramas. I like her when she does action dramas because she shines in those generally.

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