Song Hye Kyo Casually Radiant at Airport and Debuts Short Bob Hairstyle for K-drama Boyfriend

K-actress Song Hye Kyo makes waves wherever she goes and her recent airport appearance this week does double duty. It confirms this age-less beauty looks glowing and radiant even with minimal makeup, dressed casually in black oversized shirt with jean shorts combo, and with a baseball cap covering her hair. It’s what’s underneath the baseball cap that got a lot of attention as well, revealing she cut her hair short and all guesses are for her character in the upcoming tvN romance melodrama Boyfriend with Park Bo Gum. I really don’t like this haircut or short hair on Song Hye Kyo, it reminds me of her role in The World We Live In (Worlds Within) which I personally never finished watching despite it being a Noh Hee Kyung penned drama. I’ll have to wait and see how the stylist does this short hair for Boyfriend and see if Song Hye Kyo pulls it off this time.


Song Hye Kyo Casually Radiant at Airport and Debuts Short Bob Hairstyle for K-drama Boyfriend — 31 Comments

  1. Hahahaha koala know song hye gyo always bad in fashion. That’s why she love to write article about song hye kyo wearing ahjumma dress in Hong Kong event ????.

    • How can you be so dumb this airport style and her dress in the event is nowhere ajumma style. And do you read the context of this article points out her skin and hairstyle. Your post every single time shows how stupid and dumb you are.

  2. Shk flawless glowing healthy skin is eye blinding like WOW.
    And i bet to disagree shk pulls that mushroom haircut in WW its one of my fave hairstyle of her.

  3. I like her style in World Within drama though it’s not one of the high gross drama but she’s the most prettiest in that and her acting skill is really challenged in that drama

  4. she is one of the celebrity that didn’t give a damn having “an airport fashion”.she just wore comfortable outfit instead of whatever fashion people said she should wear….hahaha…I like that about her..

  5. I feel like hubby SJK has a black shirt just like that. SHK must’ve just pulled that out of hubby’s closet and wore it.

      • I am new here as I just started watching korean drama. But seriously are you dislike song hye kyo or what? You seem bitter in your comments about her? I don’t know much about her but hey, anyone can tell she is gorgeous. Plus her dramas are great too. Sorry, I am just wondering.

      • @Athena- I am only referring to her shirt. Why am I bitter? She is so much older than me. I am just trying to infuse some reality here… if you see someone dress like this at the airport, what will you think if not told she is a celebrity? Be real…

      • @candycane, Owh,so I must be interpreted your comment wrongly, sorry. But for me, nothing wrong with that outfit if you are comfortable with it. You can see much more weird fashion sense every where. Being an actress doesn’t mean she has to satisfied everyone with her appearance especially when she is not even in drama or shows.

      • Candycande was Kim ji won fans lol, that’s why she always bitter with song hye kyo.????

      • Nothing wrong with her outfit. Just a bit old fashioned. Nothing special to be noticeable is my point.

  6. The lady is beautiful and she looks good in whatever she wears with her looks she can wear a sack and still look good.

    People need to stop hating its not healthy.

  7. Bannednetizenbuzz = loveconditional = love wadai. Maybe you didn’t get banned on NB. Maybe you changed your username so now disqus detects you as spam.

  8. I love song hye kyo she pretty n talented but im not really fllowed her fashion because she just like to dress in simple style cmpare to other celeb.yet her dress to every event just like almost similar.

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