Gong Hyo Jin’s Smile Event Brighter and Bolder Than Her Risque Dior Outfit at Seoul Event

I gotta give it to K-actress and fashion provocateur Gong Hyo Jin for delivering another eye-catching and discussion-worthy outfit debut. The avant garde fashion risk taker attended the Christian Dior store event in Seoul wearing the brand house from including accessories and she could not have been more over-the-top. Luckily it was in a good way because this is the kind of outfit that gets cameras clicking and netizens buzzing because it was so out there, kinda ugly, but she still looked kinda pretty. Hard to explain but my eyes tell me that this rather Kardashian-esque see through red ruffled long sleeve dress with black bikini top and hot pants combo is the stuff purely for PR events or the fashion runaway with zero wearability in an average jane’s real life. She then added another fashion no-no with colorful patterned knee high books, a wide belt, and thick strapped messenger bag. She looked a beaming hot mess with a beautiful smile, love her even when I snigger at her outfit.



Gong Hyo Jin’s Smile Event Brighter and Bolder Than Her Risque Dior Outfit at Seoul Event — 27 Comments

  1. The ensemble is copied to a tee (minus the messenger bag) from the brand’s model on the runway. Most k celebrities and their stylist have very little creativity and often coordinate exactly as the model when they dress in high end brands.

    • Jung Ryo Won, Shin Min Ha , Yoon Eun Hye are some of them . Jun Ji hyun would be great too but she is more in the conservative style .

  2. She and Jo In Sung are like the elderly trying very had to compete with the current very popular younger stars. It’s like they are saying, “hey look us, don’t forget about us.”

    • hahaha it’s true they are try to stole spotlight from hot younger trend actor this day. Good luck Jo in sung and gong hyo jin please make drama comebacks soon.

    • Which “young trending popular actors” are they competing with though?They have no competition as far as these young ones are concerned.They are prominent in modelling, cfs, high rating and critically acclaimed drama and movies.They also have a moderately clean public image for 2 decades with very few antis.They also have many awards under their belt.Who in the current crop has those accolades?The so-called “trending young actors” will tell you they look up to them as role models and even want to work with them.

    • The reason why JIS and GHJ “steal” the spotlight wherever they go is because they are charismatic and dont have conventional looks.

      • They are no longer relevant this day cause so many trendy actor and actress popular and get spotlight ?????.

    • Except, Gong Hyo Jin has always styled herself like this and Jo In Sung is no stranger to more experimental styles and extravagant fabrics.

    • except no body forget about them lol They’re not trendy actors for sure. Now they are respectable actors in the industry.
      Those young trendy actors right now maybe full of cf and dramas offer, but next 5 to 10 years are them still relevant?? nobody know.

      • You think park seo joon was one hit wonder like jung hae in. girls he has so many drama under his belt like she was pretty,hwarang,fight my ways and what’s wrong secretary mr kim and midnight runner. So didn’t surprise in 2018 he shoot 15 CF even beat gong yoo to become popular actor.

  3. Jo in sung and Gong hyo Jin should return to kdramaland soon. You can see that mr.santa clause return to kdramaland to make him getting famous and more CF offers. Please I hope them comeback quickly, I want to watch them rather than watching rapist and cheater drama. I bet Jo in sung movie will be flop like in rang wolf brigade. Cause along with God remain still hot in box office.

  4. If jo in sung was relevant why he want get role goblin and mr.sunshine lols. Kim eun sook favourite actors was won bin, kang dong won and gong yoo. Queen kim eun sook ignored him after he’s reject descendants of the sun he may regret reject dots. And now no one actor’s will reject kes. Because she bring award, fame, and alot of CF.

  5. Jo in sung no longer relevant, so many it-boy become popular right now. And also he take role great battle or Ansy city because park bo gum rejected that role. I think this movie will be flop in box office.

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