SBS Drama Fox Star Bride Starts Filming with Leads Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin

There will be plenty of fan sightings of the cast and crew filming the next SBS Mon-Tues drama Fox Star Bride thanks to the drama being set in Incheon airport. There are already plenty of fan snapped pictures of leads Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin at the aiport, with the production even putting up signs explaining the drama shoot and asking for travelers patience. Since PPL pervades K-dramas maybe this drama’s setting change with the screenwriter was due to the airport throwing in an endorsement, though visiting the airport isn’t exactly a to-do activity so perhaps this is all part of the grander South Korean tourism push. Who knows but airport dramas haven’t exactly been a hit even the high profile Air City from a decade ago. I’ll keep this one on a maybe list when it arrives in early October following Thirty But Seventeen.


SBS Drama Fox Star Bride Starts Filming with Leads Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin — 10 Comments

  1. From Hyun Bin and Park Shin hye to Suzy and Park Bo Gum and then to Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin aigoo.. Well, Hyun Bin and Park Shin hye chose together a tvn drama, Suzy is going to play an agent with Lee Seung Gi in a mega budget SBS drama (which is going to flop) and Park Bogum was wise by avoiding Suzy and Picking ratings queen Song Hye kyo. Besides, noona dramas are on trend so SHK and PBG drama will surely be a hit…. At least Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin are now employed.. seems like there are no options in kdrama world.

  2. Cant judge or predict anything yet. Thirty but seventeen got bad comments before airing. Yet, it’s successful in rating despite not using big names. As long as the story can catch the audience’s interest, this one probably will be the rating winner.

    Bae soo bin seriously needs a good script. Most of her dramas lately got bad rating. Ljh too. His previous drama with shin minah was meh.

    Ps : i wait for signal s2 and secret forest s2. Why producers gamble on new dramas instead of making the second season of high rating dramas.

    • Producers would rather produce new dramas than second season of high rating dramas or critically acclaimed dramas because most of the season 2’s fail to meet expectations and standards of season 1 and flop.Example Mystery Queen 2, Voice 2, Lets Eat Season 3, or the ones that do well usually have different cast like reply series, I need romance etc.

    • Huh tvn will make multiple season asadal chronicles. Korean drama never success make another season always failed get high rating.

  3. Even if it got offered to lots of people before, that’s not a guarantee that this will flop. Does anybody remember Kill Me Heal Me? Or even Rebel? Those did well after multiple stars rejected the casting offers first…

  4. Bae Suzy drama always have been flop, but her fans never admit that. Same with park shi hoo drama since 1 ep. i know that new drama will get rating flop, but they saying wait until few weeks before we know that flop or not. I think fox star bride will get high rating like still 17. Because the writer getting many with so many actors reject this drama. Queen Suzy queen of flop drama.

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