Lee Jong Seok Gets on the Fuller Longer Hair Trend at Taiwan Fan Meeting

This is not my favorite hair look for Lee Jong Seok but it definitely confirms the trend started by Park Bo Gum earlier in 2018 that K-ent male stars are going longer and fuller. Lee Jong Seok was in Hawaii recently with BFF Kim Woo Bin for a much needed getaway but it was back to work as he held his last fan meeting for Taiwanese fans before his enlistment sometime in 2019. He’s been doing his pre-enlistment farewell tour and prior to Taipei he was in Japan for a fan meeting as well. I wish his last drama While You Were Sleeping was better than it ended up being, it’s like screenwriter Park Hye Ryun‘s three dramas with Lee Jong Seok each felt like a less vivid copy of the prior from I Hear Your Voice to Pinocchio to Sleeping and that trajectory is always going to be less satisfying that getting better with each successive work. With that said Sleeping was solid especially compared to other recent dramas and would be a fine project for Lee Jong Seok to rest on as he heads to the military.

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Lee Jong Seok Gets on the Fuller Longer Hair Trend at Taiwan Fan Meeting — 24 Comments

  1. Is it the angle? Wth happened to his teeth? His mouth area is looking weirder and weirder every time. I really, really hope for his sake that his acting improves in Hymn of Death. That’s a totally different character it seems. Or is he going to just be the handsome model boy there?

  2. This trend has to die, at least for him and PBS. Or at least both need a good cut and not looking like they were lost a few weeks in the jungle.

  3. I don’t really understand how there are not more people in comments (not just here but other articles) of LJS’S new nose…

    Like in the article a few months back where koalaplayground posted about his new drama about an affair with a woman (played by LOTBS 2nd female lead)… his nose looks very very different…..

  4. Perhaps the point of the long hair, the dyed hair, etc. is because the time is rapidly coming when all of it is just going to be buzzed off. Whee! Enjoy it while you can! 😀

    • If I also hope that Jongsuk enjoys the time he has left. He really deserves it. It is commendable and pleasant to see the effort and passion that he puts into everything he does. I love seeing how he interacts with his fans and cares about giving them something different each year in his fanmeetings. Despite being a shy person, last year he practiced a beautiful Psy choreography. And this year he had the courage to play beautiful piano music.

      • I agree, Vera. He puts everything into what he does. I hope he enjoys his remaining time (and also that he finds his military service interesting and worthwhile, too). I admire the way he steps out of his comfort zone to try new things, even if he is essentially a shy person at heart.

  5. Wasn’t it Won Bin who started this trend? He had long hair way before PBG and maybe earlier people thought it was weird but later they just joined the bandwagon. Well in terms of hair I have hardly come across a good trend for men in SK.

  6. He looks better in his natural black hair colour and shorter hair cut.He has a small face so all that colouring plus hair length is overwhelming his lil face.

    He has naturally fair skin with very little blemishes on his facial skin so I wish he would embrace that instead of slapping his face with so much makeup.He would easily go from a 5/10 to a 7 or 8/10 just by doing this.Natural black hair, eliminate the comma bang hair do or the bowl cut hair do, and try textured or high fade hair cut.It would do wonders in framing his face.It would make him look like the young man that he is too, not older and minimal to moderate makeup.

  7. Omg, in pict no.4 he’s nose looking different than before. Why he do that? Good thing park shin the broke with him and dating choi tae joon. He slowly become Donatella Versace always like doing plastic surgery.

  8. Wow, reading comments here it’s almost as if I’m reading comments from nate.

    Anyway, I think he’s a great actor, but I’m not interested in Jade Lovers or Hymn of Death and couldn’t finish WYWS for other reasons, so I hope the rumor of his pairing with Lee Na Young and one last project before enlistment is true.

    • But he look scary and look like Michael Jackson always doing plastic surgery. Just acting skill don’t need another plastic surgery either.

  9. Seems like Lee jong Suk’s got a lot of enemies here, but seriously I need to see a lot of you people here, am sure some of you look worse. Just stop abusing people’s appearance, it doesn’t speak well of you people….. SMH

  10. it is funny how some of you think we have to look worse in order to comment on other’s appearance. Michael Jackson got a lot of negative remarks on his PS but we still love his music and adore his talents. I guess the word “weird” never come across your mind if you see a forever changing face? or you simply just don’t think? hmmm…

    • He looks plastic cheap right now. You can’t deny that his face change a lot in every year. He think plastic surgery make him more popular???

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