K-pop Idol Sori of Cocosori Makes Solo Debut

If one aims to generate OMG what is she wearing buzz then K-pop idol Sori just delivered because even I sat up and took note of her when prior to this I had no clue of her existence as one half of a girl duo called Cocosori. I mean, what she is wearing has been done before in other colors by prior risque girl groups, and the dance moves are maybe just a shade strip club more than what the typical idol girls already are dancing to. Her outfit actually is a ripoff of what Miley Cyrus wore to the VMAs when she danced with Robin Thicke but K-pop has always tried to maintain a less overtly sexualized image so seeing Sori put it all out there just seems to not fit into her world and genre. She does have a very pretty face and I love the shocking orange hair, which for some reason matches her backup dancers own tiny leotards. You decide if this works for you, and as long as Sori isn’t being forced to dress like this by her own agency and makes this fashion performance choice herself then fine by me even if I think she’s looks awful.

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K-pop Idol Sori of Cocosori Makes Solo Debut — 26 Comments

  1. Looks like something out of a cheap porno. People are getting more and more desensitized and soon nothing will be enough. I hate how sexuality is commercialized like this. This is not even classy like those cabaret dancers in the early 1900s.

  2. Please don’t blame it on the girls. KPOP has been sexualizing girls and boys by giving the impression that it’s an essential requirement for stardom. I agree with prettyautumn that the desensitization is real and not just in KPOP but everywhere to the point where if one tries to call it out, the counter argument is to make you seem like a conservative but there’s real harm, danger and consequences on how youths view themselves and their sexuality etc.

    • I agree with you that people shouldn’t blame and slut shame the girls. They’re just doing this for business, big bosses and executive producers think that sex sells when that myth has been debunked. What this really causes, is the desensitization. To some, sexual awakening and expressing sexuality is empowering and I completely understand that, but people seem to have lost their tact and discretion..

    • I couldn’t agree more and when you highlight the distress it causes or the unhealthy body image it projects – you’re either accused of being a prude or worse, a jealous cow.

  3. This is very sad. It’s perturbing to see the industry continue to oversexualise women in general and particularly young girls. You often wonder what example are we setting for the next generation. This is not sexy at all and in fact distorting something that is meant to be inimate and beautiful. Nothing wrong with being sexy but she looks uncomfortable and I’m sorry to say very plastic.

  4. Yikeess… Is korea fine now with women showing her butt and twerking ala Miley and Nikki?? That angle of photos really doesn’t help.. Feels like watching a hentai pics.
    I agree with pretty autumn, k-pop idols (boys and girls) are more and more being sexualizing now.. They call it fanservice.. But sometimes it is too much..

  5. Have I missed something? Is this what Music Bank performers dress like these days? It looks like something from an Asian chick or NA 19 show or something. You mean they dress them like this for mainstream Kpop performances these days?

  6. The outfit is not that bad but it definitely does not suit her. There are people that can pull it off but she’s not one of them. CL can because she’s had more of that womanly body but this girl doesn’t have that shape.

  7. Oh dear! But even the backup dancers aren’t dressed much better, just different colors Don’t know whose idea this was but it’s torally unnecessary. What a difference, a set of skirts or shorts would have made.

  8. Well, i know her. She used to be in a program called mixnine and acted in a web drama. If im not mistaken she debuted late. In one point, i understand her decision to do this. She’s in her 27/28 this year and trained for many years. Even after debuted with cocosori, that group wasnt popular

    I kinda feel bad for her. For this debut, she swallows her pride. Well, we have the choices… And she has chosen this path.

    But seriously, kpop nowadays… Sigh.

  9. Asia has always been more conservative compared to our western neighbours.

    However, this now appears to be changing. The aim is to shock and to get as much attention as possible. This is all thanks to the Kim K. and the whole K and J clan, Nicki M. Miley C. And basically any one else who wears next to nothing and loves to show their b & asses. It is a very sad thing indeed to see these people being praised and worshipped.

    Before long we will see Asians following in the trend of butt lifts and enlargements ala KK.

  10. There is nothing wrong.she just doesn’t have the shape to wear this.Conservatives are always shaming women,they are sexist pigs who think women bodies are a problem and that they don’t have autonomy.I am really sick of the sexism and hate.Women are sexual beings also.

    • You are absolutely correct, women are sexual beings and should be proud of their bodies.

      There are plenty of strong, beautiful, sexual women who do not need to strip naked at every opportunity who sends a powerful message. That they are happy in their own skin. For example, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively just to name a few. Rosie Huntington Whitely who is a supermodel, is always classy, but always so sexual.

      This is not about about being sexist and hating on women’s bodies. It is about respectability and where we are heading as a society and what messages we are sending to the the girls of today and women of tomorrow.

      Is it really ok for KK to completely expose her b..and b on instagram and the internet as often as she does? Tween and teenage girls see this, they copy and it gets sent and shared around which could have negative repercussions. The sexualization of young girls, paedophilia, sexual assaults are all abhorrent crimes.

      I am all for being proud of myself and my body. The question to ask is would i be proud to show this off to my child or to my parents?

      • You make no sense.Respectability is problematic and only forced on women.
        You don’t get to define who someone else is,they have autonomy,they don’t mind your approval.If society really cared about sexual abuse,they would have raised men to be less like animals.You guys always have excuses for men failures.Non of the women you mention are great individuals who are blameless.They are have done problematic things.Aesthetics don’t determine someone’s worth.

  11. I don’t understand the shaming. Her outfit is the equivalent of a swim suit. It’s not supremely revealing. It’s a stage outfit, which are often times revealing. I don’t see the big deal. I get the objection again sexualizing young kids, but she’s 33 years old, which last time I checked is not a child….

    • I understand you and it’s true that she’s not a kid anymore, but sometime the place have a lot to do with the outfit. If she was in a swimming pool swimming in that outfit then it will be seem as just a swimming suit. However, in this case, she was performing on a stage which I understand why some would be quite disturb at the sight.

    • I haven’t seen any slut shaming comments here though. Is that just a buzzword you use? I can’t see any male idol getting away with if they were to use something Magic Mike would use on stage. The discussion about over-sexualization, desensitization and commodification of sexuality should be discussed more because it really is an important issue. Of course Cocosori is not the problem here, this is much bigger than that. Using such simple counter-arguments, such as the word slutshaming as a self-explanatory antithesis is actually intellectual dishonesty. by the way, I’d much rather look at the site of naked people sunbathing than this kind of fishnet-corset mess, only millimeters away from flashing labia.

  12. She look uncomfortable and forcing out the performance. Even herself doesn’t have self-confidence, so I would said this sexy appeal approach is a total failure. If that girl is proud to show her body, even she dance in naked can be beautiful too.

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