Hit K-movie Miss Granny to Get K-drama Adaptation with Na Moon Hee Returning as Old Granny

A cute cinematic story is coming full circle as 2014 hit K-movie Miss Granny will be getting a K-drama adaptation. I mention the full circle because it’s already conquered other Asian countries with a Chinese movie and later Japanese movie version. The story of a cantankerous and long-suffering grandmother who takes a magic picture and ages back to her 20-something self works well in any culture and provides plenty of built in laughs around her old person personality in a young person’s body. Currently airing K-drama Thirty But Seventeen is basically the reverse of that idea.

The drama Miss Granny has already confirmed the return of veteran granny actress Na Moon Hee to reprise her role as the granny version of the leading lady, which begs the question why Shim Eun Kyung doesn’t just play the younger female lead again since she’s still age appropriate. The drama is scheduled for early 2019 and in the meantime the K-drama version of movie The Beauty Inside airs next month to provide a first glimpse at how the movie-to-TV transition may or may not succeed.

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Hit K-movie Miss Granny to Get K-drama Adaptation with Na Moon Hee Returning as Old Granny — 7 Comments

  1. My country, the Philippines, has also made its own movie adaptation of this. LOL I think it’s still running in the theaters right now. Apparently, it’s gotten good reviews, but I’m thinking of checking it out to compare to the original, which I thoroughly loved.

  2. It’s Filipino adaptation was realeased just last month and it made me laugh so darn much and also cry buckets! been searching for the original version since.

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