Park Bo Gum is One Head Two Hairstyles Toggling Salesman and Hobo in the Same Week

I gotta give Park Bo Gum‘s stylist props for hiding his recently grown out mop of hair into a clean cut coiffure to the point I thought he cut it! Park Bo Gum was at a CF event this week looking his more usual clean cut self rather than the recent months unkempt and overgrown mop on head look, he was channeling a Mormon missionary or insurance salesman going door to door with his bright smile, white shirt, and simple khaki colored slacks. But then the next day he was jetting out of Incheon airport looking like a hobo with his still longer hair flying wildly everywhere. Which is the real Park Bo Gum, or is it both and he’s just the chameleon trolling us all with the same smirk.

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Park Bo Gum is One Head Two Hairstyles Toggling Salesman and Hobo in the Same Week — 21 Comments

  1. I like him a lot more when his hair is polished. The hobo looks makes him look younger which just makes his next drama and romance with co-star even more awkward. But he rocks the hobo hairstyle with a steady who cares-attitude and I give him credit for it.

      • I saw him in Hong Kong (fan meeting) up close when he did that hi-touch thing. Honestly, I could not believe how incredibly handsome he is in person. He looked like a mannequin. No photos allowed and it really was justs a high-five and him saying “Thank you” non-stop.

        But, in sum, he looks 10x better in person.

  2. Yes he’s drop dead gorgeous for me ❤…and these words are weak.
    His beauty is not common and that’s exactly what i love.
    It would be sad if we all love same people throughout the world…nature is perfect…and by the way he’s 100% natural <3
    and he's not afraid going out make-up free 😉
    I love the way he plays with his hair…which makes him look like a different person each time…he's acting ^^
    And to be honest i only pay attention to his eyes (incredible eyes)…direct door to his Soul.

  3. never find him “drop dead gorgeous”. He looks ok, quite weird, but not ugly. Seriously, is he 100% natural including his teeth? He is never make-up free, just look at the thick BB cream.

    • His teeth are “real”…yes…probably whitened though.
      I didn’t say he was make-up free on these pics…did i ?..yes he can go out make-up free, i saw the pics and there’s no doubt…still drop dead gorgeous for me ^^

    • He’s 100% natural, of course he has makeup on, but all the bone and face structure are still natural. Korean can have beautiful people too. I’m not even a fan

  4. he’s 99% natural he only fixed his teeth (veneer) i can say his feature is unique. somebody do love or dont but i don’t think he’s ugly.i saw him in real life and he’s far far better looking than in these pics he didn’t wear any makeup too. No wonder koreans hype over his handsomeness no matter how hard you disagree lol

  5. I also seen him in person n really he is really handsome. I go to 2 of his fanmeeting n also when he host musicbank and saw him also in airport without make up n he is really handsome, 10 times better than in picture. But it also back to each person preference but for me he really is gorgeous n his personality the best.

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