Park Min Young Takes Why Secretary Kim Character on a Berlin Fashion Stroll for Cosmopolitan Korea

It’s been over a month since Park Min Young finished rom-com drama Why Secretary Kim but I have a feeling this role will stay attached to her for a long time. I thought she was the heart and soul of that drama and male lead Park Seo Joon the arm candy whereas many of her previous dramas had the male lead narratively central to the story even from the title alone such as City Hunter and Healer. She certainly took this rare opportunity for a strong female lead and ran with it, shining visually with incredibly beautiful hair, makeup, and wardrobe but also a sassy and smart role performed with a lot of restraint. She’s since taken off for plenty of overseas jaunts for CF events and photo shoots, with the latest being this Cosmopolitan Korea spread against the backdrop of Berlin city streets. I love her killer fall wardrobe and beautifully done makeup.


Park Min Young Takes Why Secretary Kim Character on a Berlin Fashion Stroll for Cosmopolitan Korea — 13 Comments

  1. She is one of the pretty actress with the best surgery results but almost all the korean has done some surgery jobs.
    In the last photo ,the Photoshop is evident, she is really skinny but her arm is too thin for an adult.

  2. She deserves all the love! Her acting in her last drama was everything, not to mention the chemistry she has with PSJ.
    She is glowing day by day and this one is one of her best photoshoot ever!
    Love the vibes, the wardrobe and her hair is too die for.

  3. Her strong character is what made me watch the drama. It seemed she really did enjoy doing it based on her interviews. She looks fabulous on her pictorials.

  4. She looks amazing!! All that plastic surgery yet she’s still getting her own featured shoots and is on the cover of a widely distributed magazine “somehow”? Seethe haters.

  5. She looks gorgeous and absolutely glowing. Don’t see why it’s necessary for people to bring up her PS in every. single. article. about her. Yes, she’s had it done and admitted it, so what? Every other star in Korea’s had something done, so there’s really no need to keep harping on about it. It is what it is.

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