First Teasers for tvN Drama Memories of Alhambra with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye

The teasers are here for November 2018 tvN fantasy romance drama Memories of Alhambra and my first impression is that it’s totally got the exact vibe as Goblin. The location shoot European architectural visuals, with Spain for Alhambra and Quebec City for Goblin, and the leads meeting on a hilltop vista with the backdrop of the old city beyond them. It’s an effective and captivating promo for sure, worked well with Goblin and works well here to showcase Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin in Alhambra. She’s beautiful, he’s handsome, and both have wildly popular fandoms and high profile star status in Korea, it’s going to be up to the story to bring more to the table than just the pretty. I want to sigh and laugh and cry and be all roped into their romance.

Teasers for Memories of Alhambra:


First Teasers for tvN Drama Memories of Alhambra with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye — 20 Comments

  1. Shinhye looked so beautiful and hyunbin looked handsome too and the beautiful locations & cinematography are just WOW as you said both are very popular tootoo abs we just need good plot to get a full package drama ❤️❤️❤️??

  2. Dam November and December seem to take forever, I’m dying to see my Hyun Bin. He look so handsome and Park Shin Hye is pretty. Hwaiting my man.

  3. The cinematography looks epic (maybe tht’s why it gives off goblin-vibe) but it washes out colours as well… I hope it’s just the teasers. Secret forest’s cinematography will be fine (I thought SF had less filter haha)

  4. Its no longer airing in November but December 1st after 9 Rooms,and that’s after Mr Sunshine.
    Have to wait for another 2months….(sigh!)

  5. The teaser focuses on the location and scenery more than the actors. Tvn is really keeping this drama mysterious till the end. I can’t decipher what this drama is about… Hyun Bin looks serious though

    • No one is begging you to watch nor care either.
      Keep it for yourself because millions people are waiting for her projects and those are more than enough.

    • the success of a drama no longer only relies on the popularity of the leads. The cinematography of these teasers is excellent. Now it depends on the story if this drama will be a hit. Lately I have been watching dramas done by rookies and they are just as entertaining 🙂

  6. For us Park Shin Hye fans it’s a Xmas gift! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen her in a drama. Wished she’d be more greedy and accept a project as often as possible… btw, that’s sarcasm. She chooses projects that speaks to her and what makes her happy. Hope it does gang busters in the ratings too! Be good drama.

  7. Yes yes and millions more yes. MOA is finally around the corner and I really can’t wait to see more of my two super stars PSH and Hyun Bin.

  8. Fingers cross , all negativity out, power to positivity , and a lot love, good aura surround my Shin Hye , Hye Bin, and this drama Memory of Alhambra. I am so happy it will show on the Netflix at the same time. International investors already digging into it to get a piece of the pie, saling before it is even out . Indeed, high expectations and many prayers , God’s project. Fighting !

  9. Apparently. HB doesn’t know what the final product looks like because it’s a different concept of filming the drama so I expect the unexpected. Can’t wait!

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