Jeon Ji Hyun Looks Good From Any Side in New Jewelry CF

I remember being bemused when I heard of certain stars who insist on being photographed or filmed from their “good side”. Doesn’t both sides look the same? Apparently not to those who are keen on their appearances so it’s always a bonus point I give now when I see stars who do pictorials from all angles, such as this latest jewelry CF with K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun. From the front, top down, straight forward, left or right, she doesn’t have any “dead angles” so to speak in visual parlance, and moreover she actually conveys a different vibe in each of these stills despite being a glorified mannequin used to drape and dangle baubles on. She’s definitely worth her CF calling price and so far it seems like 2018 will be a year without a new project for her, a rarity for the steadily working top star.


Jeon Ji Hyun Looks Good From Any Side in New Jewelry CF — 10 Comments

  1. The jewelry dims before jjh’s beauty lol. She looks great but i would rather buy a necklace for like 10 bucks than spend money on these. They are simple and elegant but nothing special and not worth the $$$ i think

    • A couple years ago, Kent reported she gets one billion won per CF. She is the highest paid along with Lee Young Ae and Kim Soo Hyun. I think she makes most of her money from real estate, like Won Bin.

  2. Married and two kids, fabulous , and proving many, if not the whole Skorea (Asia?) society and fans, that status , did not stop her for continuing to grow professionally, be appealing , and highly suited after for CFs , drama, movies. She did not build up her career with cheap media play to get the “momento”, but with professionalism , respect, and honesty. Indeed a winner! Much success!

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