Suzy Models Dramatic Lipstick Shades in Primary Colored Marie Claire Pictorial

K-actress Suzy landed leading roles right out of the gate and always felt like she was playing adult despite debuting as a teenager. Even in her first drama Dream High, she was in high school but not the usual high school what with all the performing arts and career dreams at play. At times I feel like she’s a kid trying to look and play older, but occasionally when it works like in her last drama While You Were Sleeping she parlays that youthful earnestness into something sincere onscreen. She looks gorgeous in this latest Marie Claire Korea pictorial with dramatic lipstick shades, bold eyeliner and sleek hair and outfits but it’s right now it feels more a girl playing dress up still. She will have to be convincing as a capable adult in her next role as a NIS agent in thriller drama Vagabond.


Suzy Models Dramatic Lipstick Shades in Primary Colored Marie Claire Pictorial — 11 Comments

  1. Suzy playing NIS agent? Is this a joke? Also, it looks like she’s flat footed, it’d be good if she visited a physiotherapist because normally, adults are supposed to have plantar arch.

    • very observant. Her magazine pics are often heavily photoshopped which may include her foot? That right foot looks quite unreal. LOL… hahaha…

      • i wouldn’t say it’s “heavily” photoshopped bc she doesn’t have any visible pores even if she doesn’t wear make up

  2. It’s funny to think she and IU are both idols who made their acting debut in the same drama but seven years later, finding positives about her acting is like finding a needle in a haystack ‘maybe the writer and director will make Suzy look better’……meanwhile, IU pulled off far more complex and demanding roles in My Ajusshi and before that, Producer, all while having fewer acting credits than Suzy. On some level, you can’t deny talent/the lack therof, really shows.

  3. Her popularity is not in question and I don’t think she has ever tried to qualify her acting whatever it’s level…She is popular for a number of reasons including her pictorials and obviously has something that people like and good on her for trying everything because it’s working .?

    • She is popular in Korea no doubt, but so is The Sphinx, everyone wants to take a photo with it ??? And it has been reported that there is another one just uncovered in Egypt ?

      • hahaha… yes, mostly intact (with a nose)… I was reading CNN news at the time… Why would someone praise Suzy’s popularity but yet not acknowledge her lack of talent is beyond me! She might as well be a wax figure (which she has one). Her pictorials are all photoshopped. The Minions try everything too… LOL…

  4. Suzy’s has come a long way and thanks to her utmost kindness and humility, she has not lost her top star status even after 8yrs of debuting. Very popular with people from different age groups. Despite all the bashing that comes her way, she gets much more love from old fans and of course new fans everyday who discover how wonderful she truly is, and how she’s much more than just her physical state. Sure, she is indeed the most beautiful girl in SK right now, but she also has the most generous heart. She deserves every blessing she gets, since she’s reaping what she previously sowed. So happy for her!

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