Mr. Sunshine and a Handful of Weekend Dramas Lead Nominations at 2018 Korean Drama Awards

The nominations are out for the 2018 Korean Drama Awards, the 11th year since inception and the picks are quite varied. The most high profile drama nominated is tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine, picking up nods for Best Drama, Best Actor for Lee Byung Hun, Best New Actress for Kim Tae Ri, but hilariously NOT getting a Best Screenplay nomination for Kim Eun Sook. Dissssssss. Other dramas and casts of said dramas to get multiple nominations across different categories are weekend drama Marry Me Now, Money Flower, and My Golden Life. The prime time big three network dramas mainly got iced out, and some other notable nominations are Park Seo Joon for Why Secretary Kim but no Park Min Young (boo she was the heart of the drama) and My Ahjusshi getting Best Drama and Best Screenplay nominations but no love for the two leads IU and Lee Seon Kyun. Check out the full nominations list below.

Nominations for 2018 Korean Drama Awards:

Grand Prize (Daesang)
Lee Mi Sook – “Money Flower” (MBC)
Lee Byung Hun – “Mr. Sunshine” (tvN)
Yoo Dong Geun – “Marry Me Now?” (KBS)
Chun Ho Jin – “My Golden Life” (KBS)

Best Drama
“Marry Me Now” (KBS)
“My Ahjussi” (tvN)
“Money Flower” (MBC)
“My Golden Life” (KBS)

Best Screenplay
Park Pil Joo – “Marry Me Now?” (KBS)
Park Hae Young – “My Ahjussi” (tvN)
Lee Myung Hee – “Money Flower” (MBC)
So Hyun Kyung – “My Golden Life” (KBS)

Top Excellence Awards (Actor)
Kam Woo Sung – “Shall We Kiss First?” (SBS)
Park Seo Joon – “Why, Secretary Kim?” (tvN)
Park Shi Hoo – “My Golden Life” (KBS)
Lee Sang Woo – “Marry Me Now?” (KBS)

Top Excellence Award (Actress)
Shin Hye Sun – “My Golden Life” (KBS)
Wang Bit Na – “Mysterious Personal Shopper” (KBS)
Jung Yu Mi – “Live” (tvN)
Han Ji Hye – “Marry Me Now?” (KBS)

Excellence Awards (Actor)
Ryu Soo Young – “The Good Witch” (SBS)
Seo Kang Joon – “Are You Human Too?” (KBS)
Ohn Joo Wan – “The Man Who Sets Table” (MBC)
Chansung – “Why, Secretary Kim?” (tvN)

Excellence Award (Actress)
Park Se Young – “Money Flower” (MBC)
Shin Se Kyung – “Black Knight” (KBS)
Uee – “My Husband Oh Jak Doo” (MBC)
Chae Jung Ahn – “Suits” (KBS)

Best New Actor
Lee Si Kang – “Happy Sisters” (SBS)
Yeo Hoi Hyun – “Marry Me Now?” (KBS)
Wi Ha Joon – “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” (JTBC)
Cha Eunwoo – “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” (JTBC)

Best New Actress
Kim Tae Ri – “Mr. Sunshine” (tvN)
Park Se Wan – “Marry Me Now?” (KBS)
Seo Eun Soo – “My Golden Life” (KBS)
Jung Hye Sung – “Doubtful Victory” (SBS)


Mr. Sunshine and a Handful of Weekend Dramas Lead Nominations at 2018 Korean Drama Awards — 38 Comments

  1. I dunno about other dramas, didnt watch it, but somehow, I wish for Lee Sun Kyun and IU’s acting in My Ahjusshi get more recognition. Powerfully subtle and nuanced, in a very well-thought script (no wonder for the best drama and best screenplay). Maybe in other awards.

  2. Where is IU and Lee Sun Kyun, though? Are they crazy for not including them? They put an excelent job. And moreover, their drama are definitely a HIT. I’m very surprise IU is not include in this. She is amazing. Maybe an idol performance is less credible? That’s just crazy. The nomination for Best Excelent Acctress awards is abit lacking for me.. So mant talent acctress out there, but whatever. I will rooting for Jung Yu Mi for Top Excelent Acctress Awards, Seo Kang Joon for Excelent Awards for actor, and Yeo Hoi Hyun as Best new Actor (He was so good in Waltzing dance alone). Well I’m bias anyway, so even if they are not won it, I’m okay.

    SO happy Seo Kang Joon got nomination. As much as i like his performances in AYHT, I think his potrayal of On Joon Young in Third Charm will be the one who might swept me and pull me in more based on the long teaser I saw.

  3. The moment they left out Lee Seon Kyun in the list, I consider this award as CRAPPPPPPPPP! ????? His performance is the best among all this year, nothing can say otherwise.

  4. I hope Best Drama & Best Screenplay will be awarded to My Ahjussi. Even Chansung got a nomination? I am surprised, he is not bad but there are better second leads, for example, Kang Ki Young. I am glad to see my eye candy Cha Eun Woo being nominated, but where is my other eye candy Jang Ki Yong who acts better imo?

  5. Yes, I would trade ParkMinYoung for other actress on the nominations. She was pretty good w/ all emotions needed for the comedy (Unlike others who could have done better). But whatever, it’s better to receive fans love due to a high profile drama than an unloved drama being recognized.

  6. The nominations are a little iffy. How did Marry Me Now get so many nominations?And erm, Shin Sekyung got a nomination?

    Rooting for Seo Kangjoon and Kim Taeri from the nominees above. Their performance is excellent.

    • Got a little bit surprise too, Marry Me Now got many nomination. I guess I’m not complaining because Yeo Hoi Hyun got a nomination lol… I just watch that drama clip on KBSdrama youtube channel everytime the scene include Yeo Hui Hyun, LMAO.

      Maybe the rating is really that high it’s generated alot of nomination.

      Rooting For Kim Tae Ri and Seo Kang Joon for getting recognation too..

  7. Shin Se Kyung got an acting nomination for Black Knight???? over Kim Rae Won and Seo Ji Hye who hard carried that snoozefest?

    “Mother” and “Live” for best writing are nowhere to be seen for best screenplay and them being snubbed for “Golden Life” and “Marry Me Now”.Also Lee Hye Young deserves Eexcellence Actress over UEE for Mother and the child in Mother deserves best New Actress over Jung Hye Sung for Doubtful Victory.

    Park Shi Hoo has been nominated for Top Excellent Actor in Golden Life over Jang Hyuk who was great in Money Flower???.

    But what do I know??.This is an award ceremony that gave Ahn Jae Hyun(Goo Hye Sun’s husband) Top Excellence Actor Award for Cinderella and Four Knights in 2016.Thats how you know this is not a legitimate award.Notice how KBS has gotten a nomination in every category.I think KBS had a strong influence in sponsoring and drawing up the nominees for this award and Most of the nominees here are KBS darlings.No actor from OCN was nominated not even the ones in supporting roles tsk tsk.

    • LOL ikr Shin Se Kyung over Kim Rae Won and Seo Ju Hye.
      More LOL Park Shi Hoo over Jang Hyuk in Money Flower!
      Yeah and OCN always has very good actors for its dramas even though they may not be the most popular.

    • It’s not that Mother or other good dramas not visible in the list of nominations were snubbed but it’s the fact that these dramas are not included as entries. Mother was TvN entry in Seoul Drama Awards & even to some international awards.

      However, Live is one of the entries and despite it’s good viewers feedback, it only earned one nomination. I wonder why?

  8. No Lee SeonGyun??? Seriously??? I can understand IU is not included on the list considering fans’ reaction to her casting news. But Lee SeonGyun???? Is this award meant to be a power competition among sponsors behind the actors/actresses??

    • hahaha… why not? NJH was nominated and has won some Best New Actor awards in 2015 & 2016. I can name a few idol-actresses who kept being nominated and have won some awards despite having no acting talents. This is common practice in SK Award Shows. LOL…

  9. Even Chansung is nominated for Excellence Award – Actor. Seriously?

    But really nominations are determined by the broadcaster chosen drama entries. Each entry cost money you know. In this awarding body, looks like Mr Sunshine, WWSK & My Ajusshi are TvNs entries.

  10. Where’s love for Jang Hyuk in MF? It’s one of his best performance. Korean Awards always so weird. So don’t care at all.
    Agree about Park Min Young too.

  11. I don’t understand how week-end familial dramas can be nominated for best screeplay, they always are so draggy with a lot of useless plots…
    Chansung in Secratary Kim ? They were drunk when they chose ? This character was useless and the acting was not incredible either… This drama was about the relationship between the main couple, how can they nominate one and not the both? It’s not fair for Park Min Young.
    Yoo Yeon Seok is great in Mr Sunshine,it’s sad he’s not nominated. Son Ye Jin for Pretty Noona too. The casting of Life on Mars.
    I’m happy to see Jung Yoo Mi for Live, Bae Sung Woo deserves to be nominated too, he was great.
    I’m happy for Seo Kang Joon too. He was the best part of this drama.

    • Nominations are based on whatever dramas selected as broadcaster’s entries for the event.

      Looks like KBS & MBC have decided to get their weekend family dramas as part of their entries. Although I don’t think Money Flower was a family drama or was it?

    • That was a good drama in terms of acting infact it was most excellent for acting so it deserves the best drama for the sake of its cast but not best screenplay because the writing was the worst saved entirely by the acting.

  12. No Park Min Young for Secretary Kim? No IU for My Ajusshi? Kim Tae Ri nominated only in the new actress category instead of a main top excellence category or even excellence category for Mr Sunshine? wtf are these nominations.

    • @ MISSJB no you aren’t the one i understand, she was good but the role is a typical one. The same goes for PSJ , he did pretty the same thing in “She was pretty” . and i’m not an anti as i watched all PMY’s drama.

    • Haha you are not the only one. Tbh her acting wasn’t that great.. at times it seemed unnatural and very calculated. I thought her acting was way better in her other dramas.

  13. Seriously ? it’s a list of nominations for … what ? best acting, best script,… What a joke ! Veteran actors were the heart of LIVE, where are the cast of Life on Mars, Misty, Lawless lawyer, and for the few minutes i watched , YOO YUN SUK, BYUN yo Han, were better than LBH. PASS



    No offense but park shihoo??? This is must be a big joke.

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