TW-actor Mark Chao Celebrates 10th Debut Anniversary with Fanmeeting

It’s been a fast decade that TW-actor Mark Chao is celebrating his 10th debut anniversary (and birthday) with a fan meeting in Shanghai this week. Mark exploded out of the gate with his first role as he co-male lead in police drama Black & White with Vic Zhou, and even winning the Best Actor Golden Bell over Zai Zai in a stunning upset. In the last decade he doesn’t have a large portfolio of works but his selectivity has been well calculated so that his successful movies (Monga, So Young, Young Detective Dee) and dramas (Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms along with B&W) are more than enough to cement him as an A-list leading man. His career reminds me of Song Joong Ki who also celebrated his 10th anniversary this year – acting acclaim, select dramas and movies, and married to an older goddess A-list actress, Mark to Gao Yuan Yuan and Song Joong Ki to Song Hye Kyo. Congrats to Mark on hitting this milestone and looking forward to the next ten years and his future works.


TW-actor Mark Chao Celebrates 10th Debut Anniversary with Fanmeeting — 9 Comments

  1. I think Mark Zhao is a better actor than Zai Zai. I hope that after all these years, nobody still feel that he doesn’t deserve that Golden Horse Award. He truly knock it out of the park with his first drama role.

    • i think in that drama while mark was great too zai zai was the true standout like his performance and character was what stuck mainly so i can definitely see why people thought it should have gone to zai zai then. But i think with recent performances (3L3W and TFD) if they were to be nominated for any awards anyone would agree mark is more deserving. I think its just the impact of their characters at the time.

  2. I really WISH they would make another Black and White sequel or even a movie with Mark AND Zaizai again…they really make such a great duo. I absolutely love B&W, one of the ebst TW dramas i’ve watched.

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