All Smiles and then Seriousness at the Script Reading for Memories of Alhambra with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye

Upcoming tvN drama Memories of Alhambra has a confirmed December 1 premiere date which makes it a Sat-Sun drama. That’s the time slot of tvN’s two most highly rated K-dramas with Goblin and now Mr. Sunshine. If Memories starts high already then trends higher then it can make that time slot the golden goose for tvN and confirms further that weekend airings are forever stronger than weekday prime time slots which used to reign supreme. Memories released script reading pictures led by leads Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye, along with supporting cast of Chanyeol, Han Bo Reum, Park Hoon, Lee Hak Joo, and Lee Seung Joon. I love the leads matching white tops and smiles above, and then later in the pictures below looking so serious as the script reading gets underway. The teaser released earlier this week looks so beautiful and I hope the story is equally impressive.


All Smiles and then Seriousness at the Script Reading for Memories of Alhambra with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye — 34 Comments

  1. The problem with Hyun Bin and Park shin Hye is that they have too many delulu shippers from previous ships, mostly international shippers ’cause Koreans don’t give a shit about those ships. Hyun Bin x Ha Ji Won shippers hate PSH and PSH x all her previous delusional ships shippers hate Hyun Bin. Presumably, there will be romantic relationship between the leads. I wonder how that will play out. An artist who’s bad with financial management and a PhD engineer specialized in game development who keep getting into strange events abroad. all this from a writer who wrote W, which was interesting at the beginning but got bad after episode 9. Better to have zero expectations. Hyun Bin is doing fine in Chungmuro anyway, after that HJ&M failure which almost ended his stardom. PSH, well she’s had back to back hit dramas but I’m not expecting much because this character sounds much like her character in Heartstrings? Whenever she’ll actually be challenging herself as an actress and get out of her comfort zone. Can’t stand it if this will be her millionth time playing an innocent high schooler in the first few episodes.

    • How does one bad drama end the stardom of an actor who’s been famous for over a decade with several positively viewed works? Did Big end Gong Yoo’s stardom? Which famous and beloved actor’s career has been ended by one poor drama? Such a weird and untrue statement to make. Regardless of that, why so preoccupied by what the fans of shippers think? And how does that affect their upcoming drama?

    • You keep posting the same few things on Hyun Bin and Park Shinhye’s posts so I wonder what your intention is? If you are their fan and follow them, you would have realized that Hyun Bin is unafraid of taking on experimental productions and definitely not afraid to fail. He has had flops before Hyde Jeykll Me but it hasn’t affected his status. And also, you would have also realized that Park Shinhye has been challenging herself in her previous roles. Just because she plays a high schooler in the first 2 episodes of her 20 episode dramas doesn’t mean she hasn’t made an acting breakthrough in the later episodes. If you think playing a guitar means both characters are similar, then I’ve got nothing to say lol.

      • Why are y’all triggered? Just my opinion. I don’t hate either but they’re not my faves either. Whenever I see Park Shin Hye in a drama, I see a lot of similarities with her previous characters, even when she appears to have taken a different character and improved. It’s the small traits and behavior patterns she can’t get rid off. Seems like she just can’t immerse herself 100 % into a totally different character. She’s been acting long enough but I wonder if she doesn’t see when she watches herself on screen that she can’t transform herself. She isn’t the only actor to do this, there are many actors who just look and act like themselves instead of their character. PSH isn’t as severe but she tends to lapse here and there. See my answer on Hyun Bin above.

    • How are all those delusional shippers going to affect the drama in any way? I don’t really get the correlation. And for the last part, we can only wait and see how it unfolds.

    • I actually cared and reply to your opinion regarding Shinhye and her fan hatred from you before but I won’t anymore. You think acting 2 episodes as her younger self isn’t not challenging oh her part. It’s not even related to her roles. You just want to pick on her. Get out and have a life! Shinhye and her fans DO NOT NEED YOUR OPINIONS!

  2. Awwww….counting down the date and MOA is around the corner. I’m 1000% down to this drama cause my dream pair PSH and Hyun Bin will finally on full screen.

      • Aren’t you a pressed hater. You mind your own business. Yes Koala please I’ll second the request.

      • Pressed my foot. Desperate fans like you guys leech on other people’s articles and request articles all the time. And I remember some idiotic fans of KSH bashing Ahn Hyoseop awhile back.

      • Lol bf and moa are not even similar in plot am PSH Stan but some of her Stan’s can be deluded.starting fan war this early when d dramas have not even aired

    • Omg whut. It does sound pretty similar but Boyfriend is primarily a romance drama? While MoA has gaming and suspense elements. I do hope the similarity between both dramas end here. Wouldn’t want any fanwars to erupt as all four leads have pretty loud fandoms.

    • Both dramas are under tvN. If Boyfriend really copied Memories of Alhambra, do you think tvN would let it air on their network? They aren’t dumb to cause this controversy to themselves. That said, I think Boyfriend has some elements inspired by Boyfriend but I don’t think they will have similar genres.

      • I think they meant this in terms of popularity. CPI list, brand reputation or other lists like that but I’m sure Boyfriend will flop. It just sounds like a snoozefest. Bogum sucks at picking projects just look at the huge hit Ansi City became.

      • K, He played as a prince in moonlight and people will compare his acting in moonlight and ansy city. And people will criticism him because same acting just like song joong ki in battleship island.

      • @K

        To this day I still wonder why Bogum took Boyfriend. It sounds very meh and the writer is just… yikes. He’d shown good judgement in picking projects before his prolonged hiatus so that merits a bit of trust, but it’s kind of hard to see what’s appealing with the premise. Alhambra has a much more interesting premise so I hope Song Jae-jung learned her lesson from W about not half-assing the resolutions to her stories.

        Still, I find it ridiculous that certain fans would overreact and accuse Boyfriend of plagiarism. Except for some character setups and romance elements, the dramas are in different genres. But yeah I do agree that this may be fans being overly worried about which one is gonna be more popular.

  3. Song hye kyo and hyun bin character was divorce, both of them first encounter in Granada and Cuba. Look similar?? The difference only once melodrama and fantasy elements. We will see who will win the rating.

  4. Both Hyun Bin and Park shin Hye rejected the previous drama and now both again was offered this drama.
    The drama will be directed by Secret Garden’s Shin Woo Chul.So I will be looking forward to it.

  5. They really look so good together and the plot is interesting too, we will see something refreshimg and new because I doubt that there were any korean drama about VR & AR games plus they are good looking so the chemistry will be good. Both ate good actors I find it weird that some say there are similarities between her character here and in HS ? Lol so funny and each character she performed is totally differentdifferent comparing to other actresses who always preform in the same genre or with the same cute or stubborn in cute way characters. I just hope people will judge after watching

  6. * mean “out”.
    By the way, @prettyautumn , you stuck in the past, move on, you do sound like a die hard shipper fan. Mimic your name, an be pretty. Lol.

  7. Can not wait for December! It seems forever that they started filming, just read on twitter,she’s still filming? Looking forward to watching a new project of PSH on my screen…..hahaha, been rewatching her old shows. It’s been over 2 years from Doctors! I also love Hyun Bin, one of the Korean actors who’s manly looking, missed him as well,didn’t watch his last. I’ve seen all his old ones tho’ and it’s always interesting. Crossing fingers for a great show.

  8. Seems like Koala doesn’t like PSH’s new movie which is clearly female centered.
    Anyway, can they drop another teaser? 2 months is a long wait

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