Kim Tae Hee Returns from Maternity Leave with Striking Black and White Elle Korea Pictorial

It’s been nearly a year since K-actress Kim Tae Hee and her actor-singer husband Rain welcomed their first child, a baby girl in October of 2017. Since then he’s had a drama comeback with jTBC police procedural Sketch and it appears Kim Tae Hee may be following suit soon as she just dropped her first post-baby pictorial with Elle Korea. It’s a beautiful black-and-white set of photos that capture Kim Tae Hee’s vaunted natural facial features that South Korea continues to hold up as the female face standard among all standards. She’s in her late thirties and will soon be following in the footsteps of past top actress beauties like Kim Hee Sun who weathered acting criticism in her thirties but now in her forties has settled into roles that showcase a noted performance improvement. Looking forward to Kim Tae Hee’s acting comeback in the near future and curious how she’ll map out her acting roles post marriage and baby.


Kim Tae Hee Returns from Maternity Leave with Striking Black and White Elle Korea Pictorial — 41 Comments

  1. No ill intention intended, this is purely my own personal opinion. I have never understood Korea’s fascination with KTH.

    Her looks are average in my opinion and her teeth appear to be capped. I understand she is a natural beauty and also has brains to boot.

    But I’ve always found Lee Young Ae,Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo and Kim Hee Sun to be much more stunning.

    • @Dramafan she came from an affluent family and graduated in snu i think that’s the reason why. I notice the big difference of her pictorial pictures vs events pictures recently in events she looks like she have botox or fillers.

    • She’s beautiful imo. And again, Korean beauty standards are different from others. Not a big deal and nothing confusing about it. They like her features the way they’re presented on her face, she appears to be a natural beauty (which they seem to value) and went to a top university, so has beauty and brains. Honey Lee is lauded for similar traits.

    • I don’t think jjh is that pretty tbh but she does have a great aura this but facially I don’t she is that goddess level pretty my opinion

      • Agree with..i can find faces like jjh at every street in my country. Kim Tea Hee is the prettiest. I’m not a korean and I feel the same way. I totally understand korean taste because whenever they make survey, i found the one i think the most handsome/pretty will always be at the top spots. At the end of the day, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

      • I think JJH is super plain too and between KTH and JJH I’d definitely go for KTH. There’s something comforting about her looks or maybe its her gaze.

    • I don’t find her so hot nor rain just average I want people to stop pointing out she went to the best University others not as well me personally think beauty is having no form of cosmetic surgery or person Photoshop their picture before it is released that is true beauty.

      • “I want people to stop pointing out she went to the best university” – WHY? Education will always be with us for the rest of our lives. Whether or not you want to read, this is the truth. This will always remain on her portfolio. Just like a Harvard grad will always be mentioned. You sound like a sour grape.

  2. Just because you dont find someone attractive doesnt mean they’re ugly. We are diverse people. Beauty is subjective.

    And I still find Kim Tae Hee pretty. 🙂

  3. the average one on your list is jun ji hyun, I’ve never seen her as really stunning as she’s made out to be although she’s charming and yes song hye Kyo is really pretty

  4. People kept asking why KTH and it’s simply bc she’s the whole package. People like her bc she got that girl next door looks and is really smart. Even if she majored in fashion Seoul University is super hard to get into. It’s all the scores to get into a university in Asia.

    So no, it’s not bc she’s prettier than Song Hye Gyo it Jeon Ji Hyun. Out of all the three, I find Jeon Ji Hyun to be most perfect in term of face and figure. Song Hye Gyo has a very pretty face but her body is average.

    People judge an actress for more than just looks so that’s why KTH stands out. So please stop asking this question every time.

    • I cant even count how many times knetizen drags Kth for her acting, looks, height and her teeth they dont really like her. There are comments from knets that her company always pays media to conduct beauty poll where she is the # 1 to media play that she is SK top beauty. Makes me thinks its true because how come korean celebrities or idol dont choose her as their ideal type.

    • Find it hard to not ask the question, because as you said “people judge actresses for more than just looks”. Her looks are average and her ACTING is mediocre. Struggling to come up with a drama where she was a standout. The four actresses i have have all had breakout roles.

  5. Jun jihyun might be physically stunning to you but does she ever successful entering into Seoul University? SHK? LYA? Among all of them KTH is the truest beauty with brain the other just beauty but brain ? I don’t know

    • Just because she graduated in seoul univesity doesnt mean she’s more smart than lya jjh or shk. Being smart is not only based on academic or school. And i believe Jjh Shk and Lya are very smart you see how succesful they are Beautiful Top actresses with real state properties and they achieve that not because of their family background but because of being Smart, Talented and Beautiful.

    • I applaud her for her intelligence. But last time i checked you don’t need a degree from Korea’s top university to be a top star/actress.

      JJH, SHK, LYA and KHS have acting chops galore. They may not have graduated from SNU, but they have all had AT LEAST one breakout role to their names. As actresses, i applaud them for that.

    • People keep talking about KTH’s education and I thought she studied law or something. Just looked her up on wikipedia and she studied… fashion design. BTW, all the other actresses you listed graduated from prestigious universities too. For example, LYA graduated from Chung Ang University, where their Theatre and Film faculty is the top in the country. For people who aspire to become actors, naturally they would choose the university that offers the best in their choice of profession.

      • Again, it’s is bc it’s very hard to get into Seoul university so she’s a smart gal. You need a high score to get acceptance in the first place so major doesn’t matter.

        I agree that she’s not the top beauty. I think people like her bc she’s a natural beauty. She’s not a stunning beauty but more like girl next door. Plus she’s smart so she’s ideal type of daughter-in-law. Of course, there are many that are way prettier than her but she knows how to market herself so kudos to her.

    • We are not talking about university here tho we talking about their face and who says you can’t be smart if didn’t go to a prestigious university

      • BTS, that’s not the point we are trying to make. People kept asking why she’s always at the top rank in Korea. I stated that it’s bc people like the fact that she went to the most prestigious university and she’s pretty. That combination of looks and brains makes people envy her more. It’s not bc she’s the prettiest of them all.

        I really think it came down to marketing. She was able to make herself be at the top even if she doesn’t have the acting chops then she is pretty savvy in my book.

  6. Why koreans love this lady? She has BEAUTY, BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR. It tells everything. Some probably have beauty and behavior but lack in brain. So her brain is one of her strong strength. She used to teach in Snu, if im not mistaken. She’s not an ordinary pretty woman indeed.

    • Yeah koreans love her so much to the point that they dont want to see her in an acting project. That’s how bad of an actress she is. Nope she didnt teach in Snu lol that reaching after she graduated she didnt even practice her major. Her career is built by her image of an snu graduate and her conducted paid poll as the prettiest in sk now that she’s older and married she wants to be praised for her acting and not for her face but she’s the one who brought that to her self. Now with so many young and talented actresses how can she competes with them. If she wanted to improved she should have focus on her acting before than media playing her School background and beauty polls.

      • Never too late to focus on acting career. No need to compete with the young crowd. There are a lot of mature roles for married actresses with children in female-centriced dramas or other drama genres.

  7. No matter what you do, people will still see you the way they want to. Even top caliber actors have harsh critics about their acting.

    The thing is even if she sucks as an actress, she is still rich and beautiful.

  8. See so many sour grapes here trying hard to put this woman down. Are you jealous that she most Koreans placed her first than your own bias? 🙂

    • There’s nothing to be jealous about her because first thing first what she have is a paid polls beauty ranking that didnt help her recognize as an actress.Some of her fans tend to put down other actresses because she graduated in snu but the actresses that their putting down all went to colledge majoring in arts ot theater a course related to their job. So its just so funny tbh. What im trying to say is if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress stop mediaplaying her background instead enrolled herself to an acting school maybe she will improve and nets will recognize her acting than her background.

      • Given her current status, if you were her, would you enroll in an acting school and start all over again? You must be from a different planet. She acts better than most idol-actresses nowadays although cannot be compared to the elite… LOL… even Suzy with no college education won’t do that… LOLOL…

  9. Can’t stand her. she’s so plain looking, so untalented and fake. she tries really hard to maintain that image of a ‘good girl’ but she’s in fact very calculated and pretty old now to do it over and over again. meh

  10. I want to see their baby, if she ever was really pregnant…they are a seriously strange couple,,,,you hardly ever see them out together in public holding hands, pushing a baby stroller ( prolly empty)…I pictured Rain with someone totally younger than him..

    I personally don;t think she is beautiful, her acting is par,
    No baby, never pictured together or the whole family…
    Rain is played out big time..he lost his sex appeal..

  11. she connived Rain into marrying her…i was on “Rain” website and someone on there told me she thinks KTH tricked him into a relationship acting like a ‘good girl”..and how she is a HOE..

    There was never no baby, never seen her out and about being pregnant..She and Rain have a very ODD relationship I have to say..when first spotted out together, he kept his distance, didn;t protect her from the paparazzi..

    After their marriage he was all into her then..she probably threatened him with something..

    I also don;t like how her husband screwed over his protege group when he went into the more singing group at all..he messed them over..

    he also got out of his clothing brand with a quickness making money before it went under..(i think there was an investigation too)…I lost all respect for him..
    she is a schemer to trick Rain and Rain tricked people..Rain lost all of this sex appeal and only has 60 and over at his concerts..LOL..

  12. She’s really beautiful. I find the other Korean women as “same faced”, but this woman’s beauty is really unique. The more you look at her,the more beautiful she gets. Unlike those who are beautiful at first glance but you end up getting bored with their faces.Stop the hate. You may be rooting for some other woman but for the most,she’s the best.

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