Kim Yoo Jung Radiant and Perfectly Decked Out at Laneige CF Event

Grown up child actress Kim Yoo Jung has weathered quite a lot in the last two years despite her not-even-20-years-old state of being. Right when she had the biggest hit of her career with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, at the end of 2016 she was criticized by K-netizens for being rude on stage at a movie event and earlier this year due to a medical illness she had to halt filming for her K-drama Clean With Passion For Now ending with her first leading man Ahn Hyo Seob dropping out to be later replaced with Yoon Kyun Sang. I’m hoping Clean With Passion with get her acting career back on track again and things are looking good as she’s been filming the last two months and this week stepped out for a Laneige event looking absolutely gorgeous. The skincare brand picked the perfect model to convince me their cream skin refiner needs to be bought immediately if the results are Kim Yoo Jung’s radiant complexion.


Kim Yoo Jung Radiant and Perfectly Decked Out at Laneige CF Event — 41 Comments

  1. Of all the 3 Kim(s), I like her the most. She is so talented and very pretty. Glad that she is looking really happy and healthy here.

    • Her and Sohyun are the top like they represent the ideal of what a child actor should be. No one else even comes close especially in visuals.

      • KSH & KYJ have had the best marketing so much so they’ve wiped out any competition from their peers. Eternal rivals but basically Queens in their own right. I remember reading articles comparing them to JJH & SHK but I think they’re in a league of their own.

  2. Yoo-jung looks so gorgeous in her latest Laneige CFs that I’m tempted to buy that cream toner thing she’s endorsing. I’ve been checking Gmarket to see if it’s already available. Lol.

    I’m still not quite convinced that she and Yoon Kyun-sang will look good together onscreen, but I’m willing to give the drama a chance. I’ve missed seeing her in a drama.

  3. I prefer her with Ahm Hyo Seob. Donโ€™t quite see her with Yoon Kyung Sang – age wise and size wise, it feels like a mismatch, but will wait to see how it turns out. Maybe Iโ€™ll be pleasantly surprised by their chemistry in the upcoming drama.

  4. She looks amazing and I can’t wait to see her in Clean With Passion For Now. ๐Ÿ˜€ I just hope she and Yoon Kyun Sang are compatible.

    I also hope she takes good care of herself since she isn’t fully recovered. But she is working out and getting treatment and even days off inbetween filming. So I think all will be fine.

    • Her child actor image is so strong I can’t imagine her in a grown up romance comedy with anyone! Can’t she just do high school roles for few more years?

      • She might do one the next time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’s always best to stay positive instead of being negative. Maybe you will like her drama. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Actually she lost weight due to her health issues. She is working out and is eating healthy to accommodate with her health situation.

      I think it might be the light. She looks pretty thin in other photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Her face gains weight easily so she looks chubby but its normal for young girls to be a little heavyset. Their bodies are just starting to mature so it’ll take some time to settle.

      • In any case I find she looks good no matter what. I like this more than skinny hungry actresses. ๐Ÿ˜€ People forget she only 20 years old (Korean age).

      • That is true. Park Shinhye for example looks like a skeleton despite being more heavyset earlier. Park Boyoung is much cuter with her full face.

      • @Kori: I know what you mean. I just think many people are so focused on the weight. No wonder it puts pressure on actresses. I rather have them being healthy and not fainting when the filming gets too stressful. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Kim Yoo Jung will certainly outgrow the rest of her childish look in the next years. And she is already a young and beautiful lady.

      • All these child actresses keep getting silly comments about putting on weight I find it so funny. I saw some these comments for Kim Sohyun for a short while also. Its exactly people forget their young age and that their bodies still need to grow. How can they just become adult women overnight.

      • KYJ does not look fat. Maybe her face is wider which gives you the impression that she is fatter than the other 2. KYJ is also the shortest. But why comparing the three Kim’s? They are all talented and unique in their own style.

    • I like her put on weight a little rather than being skinny. She has a very nice curvey figure. Most korean artists doesnt nice rounded buttock due to skinny

    • Her sense of style has always been questionable but korean actresses in general dress like brides but in her case it would be a child bride I guess.

      • Blame her stylist. She is certainly questionable. But calling her child bride is harsh and wrong.

      • Calm down woman. What I mean is the dress makes her look like a child bride which it does you can’t deny that. Its a bad outfit to put on her.

    • I donโ€™t think people associate her with dramas as much as movies. But, like her counterparts, sheโ€™s in a league of her own and very versatile.

  5. The whole outfit is rather mature for her? Ages her. She is so pretty though. I can’t imagine her as a pair with YKS though :/

  6. These comments. LOL.

    She looks bright and glowing (echoing what Koala said) and the dress is quite beautiful. I’m so glad she’s looking healthy.

  7. Look forward to Yoo Jungโ€™s comeback drama:) Sheโ€™s so attractive and a real talent. Finally a good reason to watch Korean drama again!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning. KYJ is such a versatile actress so I hope she is happy and healthy going into filming for her new drama. However I had to google her leading man and yep…okay no comment.

  9. I’m really confused why some people are saying she looks chubby or put on weight? The first thought that hit me when I saw these photos was that the girl has lost some weight and looking even more gorgeous! Maybe I’m comparing to her photos before she went on hiatus but she definitely looks like she’s lost some weight… In any case, with such a beautiful face and talent on screen, I just hope she continues to remain healthy and maintain a happy outlook on life.

    • She looks healthy for sure, not even chubby. Since she has problems with her thyroid it always will be hard for her to look starving like other celebs. The dress is not really flattering but Korean’s seemto prefer decent dresses. Otherwise she looks vibrant anyway and doesn’t need skimpy clothes.

  10. It had beem quite while since i didnt follow her news cause my work schedule pretty tight up. For my own view,she always look gorgeous and stunning girl as usual. She has fresh,dewy and nicest skin. This article is all about her. Why some commentors dragged kim so hyun’s name here. This is not comparison between those two in here. Anyway, good luck for kim yoo jung new drama.

  11. Only kim yoo jung when appear in event always on the TOP NEWS like naver, even the Top 10 Youngest Beautiful korean actress shes there on the list together with the senior actress. There is something that she had than anyone does not have that child actress and her view in Life she had a focus on what she do by given them a quality drama/or movie to watch” something that you can remember and looking forward to in the future in the present. The looks is not a question knowing her ” Deadly Smile” humble, easy to be with and very decent is the most important thing of a quality that she posses. So why do u need to compare shes different. she work hard on it. She had many achievement for 15 yrs in their industry. Why not Watch her drama in gives us all happiness. For sure.

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