Park Min Young Models Watches in October Edition of Marie Claire Korea

The hair stylist for Park Min Young in her last drama Why Secretary Kim deserves a raise for delivering such a visual win as a solo element of the drama. From the perfect ponytail to her various casual hair down looks, the drama made Park Min Young‘s hair an integral part of the storytelling to emphasize how put together and capable she was and the transformation from a newbie to a confident experienced secretary. It must take a lot to maintain and for her latest pictorial in Marie Claire Korea I noticed first how her hair was styled to be a bit messy and a lot more realistic. She’s modeling watches in this pictorial but I still go straight to her hair lol, but maybe it’s also that I don’t like any of the watch styles.


Park Min Young Models Watches in October Edition of Marie Claire Korea — 8 Comments

    • Stupid delulu shippers ackkkk. They think just because Songsong and NamLee became true that their delulu ship is true too

    • only if she is allowed to select which photo to be published. Photographer usually takes hundreds of poses, it will be difficult to avoid certain angle simply as a model. People has commented before on her nose, it is plastic so it’s of no surprise certain angles will be more revealing than others.

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