Ha Ji Won Drops Out of Big Budget Thriller K-drama Prometheus

This is a rather surprising news to hear and on the rarer side with castings. K-actress Ha Ji Won has left the production of pre-produced thriller drama Prometheus, in a press release made by the production company and confirmed by her agency. The drama was to be fully pre-produced with a big budget to cover the action-heavy story line and globe hopping location shoots surrounding the story about thwarting nuclear catastrophe in North Korea. If Ha Ji Won turned down the drama initially this would be par for the course but the drama is reportedly in production already so her leaving means either quickly finding a new leading lady or who knows how the dominoes will fall such as whether the leading men Jin Goo and Ki Hong Lee will stay onboard.


Ha Ji Won Drops Out of Big Budget Thriller K-drama Prometheus — 49 Comments

  1. Hmm maybe these big budget spy dramas involves alot of dedication and months of filming? Lee Youngae also dropped out of drama a few months ago.

    • Lee young ae dropped out because previous drama was flop hard. I think ha ji won leave cause her still sad her brother passed away.

      • No she drop out because she and Hyun Bin just broke up. It must be hard for her. It’s all right my pretty girl you will find a better man than this playboy. He is nothing but a coward who only used famous lead actress to ride the game like how he recently admit about Son Ye Jin. Hyun Bin is a true jerk.

      • @ReignSg1023 lol you got it wrong, Hyun Bin broke up with Kang Sora after dating for one year not Ha Ji Won.

  2. Idk if this sounds weird but I am glad that she’s not doing this drama. Aside from IRIS (which I don’t find that great at all), the rest of the spy espionage dramas like IRIS 2 and Athena are horrible. The premise may sound grand on paper but I am skeptical over the execution. So, as a fan of HJW, I think she is better off doing something else. I definitely can wait till a better project come along for her.

    • I agree.I dont think she is missing out by not doing this.I am hoping she secures new drama offers with the cable channels.I mean she is still one of the top A-listers and a veteran actor too.The best production teams(writers, directors) are hanging around with the cable channels.If she still wants to do an action/thriller role, then OCN is the best.She can get a meaty script and even if the ratings are not super high.She can still have a critical acclaimed work which is what she desperately needs.

  3. @candycane LMAO!!!!! you no nothing so shut your mouth. Hyun Bin has been in a close door relationship with Ha Ji Won for a decade. I have my source from some close Korean Song Hye Kyo netic regarding these two. They are an item living under the same roof. But Hyun Bin has been an ass dating around. Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin has been breaking up on and off. He just recently break up with Ha Ji Won again.

    @Sarah Hyun Bin date not just Kang Sora but this other actress and that’s not Nana. I was rooting for them earlier this year because I know Ha Ji Won love him. Now he is nothing but crap. A man who love to ride on fame.

    • Lmao sis you cracked me up. Your source is a korean Shk fan lol at the level of your delusion stop dragging shk fans to your imagination. Hyun bin is the type who admits his girlfriend why would he hide hjw lol.

    • I may no nothing but so are you. Show us some proof!! You are one crazy nut. Yeah, why drag SHK into this? Your source is just as delulu as you. Are you both feeding off the same plant? LOL.

      • Maybe this person is not so delusional after all because I saw Vast.Ent Instagram deleting some fans comments regarding hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are an item living under the same roof. I was curious if it’s not true why Vast is so fast to delete those comments. I might be wrong but really want to know. Hopefully someone can confirm this. My Binnie I’m heart broken.

      • @Ski – just pretend nothing’s happened since we will never find out the truth anyways. So what if they were living under the same roof? Nothing is confirmed until Binnie decides to get married.

    • I remember segafans saying hyun bin dump song hye kyo because he’s in love with ha ji won. And they will get married after hyun bin discharge from military service. Song hye kyo received lots blackmail from antifans, mostly from obsessed secret garden fans. They threatened her and told her to break up with hyun bin so he could have change with hajiwon. Sega fans didn’t even stop when shk get tax evasion scandal. 8 years is not enough for segafans for move on from their shipper. So delucional and mentally ill????.

      • So you attribute comments about SHK tax evasion are from sega fans? Anyone who evade this level of tax could attract scrutiny all over not necessarily frm drama watchers. By the way move on girl. Its old story i see you repeating same old same old again and again.

      • @ssilvrr bannednetizenbuzz is a troll who doesn’t even like SHK. She loves posting comments about the men from SHK’s past including KDW. Even caused his fan to be angry at SHK’s. Smh

        @bannednetizenbuzz..don’t pretend to be concerned! Most of her fans had already moved on..long before SJK got into the picture. I suggest you do the same.


      • @ki, you sound terribly bitter and vengeful even for some events, imagined or real tt took place a decade ago. The joke is its about somebody else personal life. Why harbour such bitterness? Its not good for your health to carry this burden for a decade.

  4. Loved her in Secret Garden and Empress Ki but ever since she did the remake of that Taiwanese drama I can’t get that horrible acting off my mind. I’m gonna need another bad ass role for her soon to wash that off my mind.

    I am hoping Jun Ji hyun takes on this role or Kim Hee Sun, Kim Seo Yeon, I’m Seo Hyun, maybe Park Min Young (maybe), Park Bo Young would be awesome, Yoo In Young too.

    Wow I need to be a casting director

    • I would vote for Jun Ji Hyun, Yoo In Young and Kim So Yeon from your list.I watched Park Min Young in “city hunter”and I wasnt convinced.She has yet to prove that she has it in her to lead a femalecentric action-espionage drama.She is great in sageuk and melodrama.I think she is ok in rom com too.She is still a good actress but I am beginning to think she is more conscious of her looks and looking and acting prettily these days.Thats not good for action dramas.I cant see Park Bo Young nailing this kind of drama but it would be interesting to see.

      • How can you level her as acting pretilly just because she did on gorgeous looking character? What load c*ap

    • As for her performance in that taiwanese remake.I agree.It was below average.Maybe even worse than a rookie.It was such a downgrade from empress ki.But then again, that drama was also plagued by production woes.I think they switched writers or directors or something.It wasnt a smooth production.

      Also HJW has worked with many actors, younger and older than her.Extrovert and Introvert.But I had the impression that she wasnt very comfortable working with Lee Jin Wook.She is introverted herself but it look like she was overly uptight and a little overwhelmed with his fanboying(he did say he admired her).You could see it translated on screen too.Her kiss scenes in that drama were awful.

      But I still believe in her.She is a good actress.Her body of work especially her drama productions show she can deliver.All she needs is that one role where it requires her to go deep and motivate her to pour all her passion like empress ki or hwang jin yi, and a great co-star who can gel with her acting wise.Then she can shine again.

      • I agree with you in that she is such a great actress and she just needs to pick the right script and work with the right cast.

        Yes! That’s why I said maybe park min young. She was great in Healer but the. She also tends to play the pretty girl role which kinda to fit her best I feel.

  5. This project is about north and south korea. Given the current political climate it is a very wise to withdraw.

    My guess is that the original script could have portrayed the Sk agents as heros and those from the north as bad guys and losers. How can production proceed with this storyline when Sk/NK seemed to be buddies enough now to explore officially ending the korean war. They could revise the script here and there but things are so unpredictable that one small spot cld trigger a big hoo ha.

    Really thankful for her decision otherwise she wlll be at the frontline of all the stone throwing whatever way the real drama turns out.

  6. Hmm, I would be surprised if this show ever get on the small screen. If HJW drops out now, it is probably because the producers has yet to secure both a network deal and the proper financial funding. Cutting her loses.

  7. I was little nervous considering how neither of the male leads are bankable and she was The a-lister headlining it so if it flops it could have an imapact on her a lister status but now im a little relieved

  8. Ha ji won already has two flop drama like hospital ship and the time we were not love. If promotheus flop it will hurt her career because this drama was big budget. Better for her drop this drama before to late.

    • Is Hospital ship a ‘flop’? its ratings and those of another in the time slot are neck to neck. The other has been lauded as ‘successful’. So how do we classify flops andd success? Perhaps backing from bts decides who cld be put down and who cld be placed high up.

    • Er Hospital Ship was not a flop.Some people hated the couple, some criticised her acting and the script.But it was one of MBC’s better performing dramas ratings wise in 2017.Its average was 9.5% and some episodes had double digits too.

      Also no, she is a veteran actress and is the most awarded actress in korean acting world.Her career would not go down the drain because of a few flop dramas.Hyun Bin had three back to back flops and bounce back.Gong Yoo had a high profile flop drama and 5 year hiatus and he bounced back too.She has flop movies too in her filmography.But maybe because she is a woman and older it could have turned out different this time. but I doubt it.Anyway Im not too sad about her dropping this.She can always pick another project when she is ready.

      • Okey if you saying hospital ship was rating hit I don’t mint lol. Same like Suzy fans never accept uncontrollably found and while you sleeping was flop. Get a life it was flop.


      • @bannednetizenbuzz no comparison between Hospital Ship and those suzy dramas.Uncontrollably Fond and While You Were Sleeping were heavily promoted(LOTS of mediaplay) and preproduced with star writers.So relative expectation was that they would at least be averaging at 10% or higher and that didnt happen.I think Uncontrobally Fond was airing the same time with W and Doctors.Correct me if I am wrong.The ratings difference was huge.Thats why it is considered one of 2016s lowest rated dramas. I dont think WYWS is considered a flop though.

      • @ki I like Hyun Bin too so I am not the best person to comment on that whole “needing a strong lead actress to carry a drama thing”.I actually think the reason he was flopping before “swindlers” and “confidential assignment” had more to do with his script choices not resonating with the public than who his co-star was.

        I will also agree that HJW has regressed in her acting since empress ki.However, HJW has done three femalecentric dramas(her being the lead role and driving the plot, and her male leads playing love interests) and got two daesangs and critical acclaim with the remaining one drama(Hwang Jin Yi, Damo and Empress Ki).She has also done a couple of femalecentric movies too and had box office hits or critical acclaim.So yes, she is more than capable of headlining a project with or without a strong male lead.I can name maybe only 10 or less actresses out of the 100s of actresses who can lead femalecentric dramas like her for example Kim Su Ah, Kim Hee Sun, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Hyun Joo, Lee Yo Won etc

    • Hospital Ship had better ratings than While You Were Sleeping, except when MBS forget to announce the episode will be released later because of soccer. MNC was on strike too. So it was complicated. When WYWS was preproduced.

  9. According to her agency, “as filming for the drama was rescheduled from the original plans, she decided to leave the said drama due to scheduling conflicts”…

  10. I’m glad she dropped it. The big budget spy dramas like IRIS lack substance. Plus was not looking forward to the pairing with Jin Goo, shallow to admit but he’s just not very attractive in my opinion :/

    • I’ma be shallow as well, Ha Ji Won is alright not that pretty. She is cute but not gorgeous so why downgrade Jin Goo. Compare her to the really pretty Korean actresses, she is far behind. In terms of look and acting she is in the same level as Jin Goo.

      Jin Goo is a great actor hope they find a good actress to pair up with him.

    • Jin Goo may not look attractive to you but he is a good actor. He even outshine Song Joong Ki in Descendant of the Sun when he’s second lead. He might not be the most attractive guy but at least he’s better looking than some other main lead actors.

      Not to be mean but Ha Ji Won is not a person I would consider very pretty or gorgeous. She’s cute and her acting is also not the best because she still have lots of flaws. I’ve seen many of her works and it’s usually the male lead that kept me still watching. Some of her hit drama don’t wow me either. Well what can one said when it comes to baise fan.

    • Yes I agree; LJK did mention he wanted to work with her. Hopefully she is okay though regardless of why she skipped this drama. Good Health and happiness is what I want for her so yep waiting patiently for her next move.

  11. Eversince I watched Ha Jiwon in Empress Ki, I been an avid fan and rooted for all her films in Netflix and downloaded movies of her. She is so pretty and a very good actress. I am waiting for Pawn, I just wished she can have more Kdrama and movies this 2020 and the coming years. She doesnt seem to age. God bless you Jeon Haerim.

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