Kim Yoo Jung Ascends Epic Visual Plane in New Cosmopolitan Korean Pictorial

If some pictorials and/or the star modeling in them are oft criticized for delivering images that all look the same, the latest Cosmopolitan Korea spread with K-actress Kim Yoo Jung avoids that critique completely by having every picture be unique. From her body pose, head position, and facial expression, she’s channeling a wide-range of visuals that capture her acting talents in being able to deliver different emotions onscreen. She’s also come a long way in her acting career, and in her last drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds the grown up child actress actually has her own child counterpart. That’s cute and a nice reminder that time marches forward in only one direction and we have to do our best in the present and be prepared for the future. I think Kim Yoo Jung did her best as a child actress and is more than prepared for an adult acting career, next up a plucky heroine for K-drama Clean With Passion For Now.


Kim Yoo Jung Ascends Epic Visual Plane in New Cosmopolitan Korean Pictorial — 29 Comments

      • I personally don’t agree but by vibes I don’t mean poses and expression. Vibes is just like a feeling or an aura and is very subjective.

        To me her poses are amature and slightly cringey but again this is subjective and me being not picky to a child with time to improve and grow into her own skin.

        Overall I think she owned it and showed an incredible amount of confidence.

        Suzy started out as a model so being in front of a lens comes natural to her and she has more years of experience.

      • I don’t think Suzy started out as a model. To me, KYJ is more superior in this magazine pictorial. Not sure why you have to mention Suzy. Subjectively speaking, I find Suzy very stale, many years of experience with the same vibe, a model is supposed to be versatile and able to show off different charms, this is just my opinion.

      • Can you please advise what pic/s do you find ‘slightly cringey’? I can’t see any Lolita pouty lips come hither look poses that Suzy is renowned for in any of KYJ pics here. And for the record I like Suzy but she has the same steely eyed straight to the camera look in her magazine pics and I can’t recall her ever with one smiley face.

      • Suzy is a better model than an actress. She has certain look or image that transcends well in pictures, but not quite there when she’s acting. I guess its the eyes, not very expressive, which is quite noticeable whenever she has emotional scenes or those with subtle or nuanced acting. Also, suzy’s team sticks to looks, hair and makeup that works for her. Remember when she cut her hair and reaction wasn’t good, they immediately had her on extension stat. Kim Yoo Jung is blessed with expressive eyes and she was trained and have innate acting talent. But her con, her styling can be a hit or miss.

      • @Maj yeah her fans have been frustrated with her coordi for years now. Sometimes they get it right (this photoshoot, MAMA 2016, etc), sometimes they really drop the ball (last year’s Cosmo photoshoot, Melon Awards 2016, etc). Hopefully her styling remains consistently good from now on. She’s a very beautiful girl and an expressive model. It shouldn’t be that hard to style her appropriately.

      • Suzy did start off as a model before she joined Miss A, JYP released this information around their debuts and the release of “I can’t breathe”. You are pretty funny, all I did was say I got Suzy vibes from KYJ and you were actually the first to make a comparison between them not me. Which I mean I don’t mind because you are entitled to your own thoughts and to write whatever you want.

        @gunger crunch I find the last photo her pose and body position awkward. Again this is my own perspective and thoughts on it and I don’t expect others to feel the same.

    • Suzy may be a better model than actress but that’s not saying very much, and Kim Yoo Jung would destroy her if this was any kind of actual contest on the modelling front – that’s the difference between a naturally expressive face and a face with basically dead eyes, even if both are born with ‘pretty’ features.

    • It’s ok. I was a bit oversensitive when reading Suzy’s name mentioned in a KYJ article because KYJ is a much much better actress as compared to that Suzy. Yes sometimes I overreact I apologize. In terms of modelling vibes, I will feel much more at ease if JJH was mentioned. Anyhow, I see Suzy as a photoshopped figurine, and as others have pointed out that she has dead eyes which I have to agree.

    • Okay point taken – ‘Awkward’ I looked at her last 2 photos and standing at a window and sitting on the bed I can’t see how you arrived at that conclusion but yes it’s your perspective. ‘Awkward’ is putting her foot in her mouth or going cross eyed in her poses.

    • Ohh please dont mention z here,obviusly this pic is kim yoo jung i dint understnd why yiu bringing such old and plain name here,up to now z is stlll thesame no changes getting worse as i read commnts our kyj is so versatile and us gettting good everyday !just saying z is old dont cmpre her to yiunger one,find as level as her

  1. KYJ has the undeniable X factor and her pics are just breathtaking and smoking hot! I want her drama to go off and the best thing is that she can act and from her previous dramas and films she is versatile and has great range. Now that her ‘cuteness’ as a child actor has diminished she’s now in her element to prove her worth and be taken seriously as an actor. Please be well happy and healthy; that is my greatest wish for our girl.

  2. Kim Yoo Jung has that innate impish or mischievous look, but also that deadly stare or aura, hence she can usually channel variety of looks which is always a plus for photoshoots. For her project choices, she seems to be very selective, and very much align with her current image and state. She doesn’t seem to be in a rush to shed her child actress image, she seems to be favoring a natural progression and based on interviews, really dead set on being a notable actress more than running after fame alone. And it seems smart, as her child actress background was instrumental in building her reputation as a dependable actress, she’s one of the few child actresses with some noteworthy projects (well-received in the box office and critical reviews of the film and her performance) in both film and tv screen.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous girl. And what a huge improvement over last year’s Cosmo photoshoot. The style is youthful and age-appropriate but her expressions show maturity and lady-like charms.

  4. Her beauty is so unique. I like the fact she doesn’t have a typical korean face. She’s shining. I like the fact she’s not trying to look older than her age.

  5. Yoo Jung has this indescribable aura in her that is so intriguing and I’m so drawn into her beauty and talent as well. Look forward to her new drama and wishing her continued success in whatever she wishes to achieve.

  6. She looks so ethereal. My favorites are the pink parka photo and the one where’s she’s smiling, but she’s so beautiful in all of them. Her eyes are mesmerizing.

    • On another note, I want to know what lipstick she’s wearing in these photos. It’s a kind of brown but it doesn’t age her at all. Props to the makeup artist.

      • Hopefully it’s Laneige because they just released a bunch of pinky/peachy brown lipsticks for the fall but prolly not. I love these MLBB-ish colors.

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