Individual Character Posters for MBN K-drama Fluttering Warning Improve on Design

I’m so inured to criticism and commentary within the opinionated K-drama viewing audience, the younger me would feel the need to defend and support but now I just like whatever the heck I like and could care less what others like or dislike. It’s a chill place to be and I highly recommend it. With that said, I still have opinions of course and found the official drama posters for MBN rom-com Fluttering Warning with Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung to be utter graphic design crap. A day later the individual character posters drop with the leads and second leads Han Go Eun and Jo Woo Jae and all four are leaps and bounds better than the poorly photoshopped drama posters. Everyone looks normal at least, lol, and the colorful vibe with cute doodles confirm this is going to be a not too serious story for those looking for some classic rom-com contract relationship fun times.


Individual Character Posters for MBN K-drama Fluttering Warning Improve on Design — 37 Comments

  1. I’ll just ignore the haters and bashers here. I can’t wait to watch this for my all time favorite k actress the most gorgeous, fabulous, beautiful, kind and talented Yoon Eun Hye. Thank you Koala and fans for supporting and loving YEH. 😉

      • The first comment obviously hating and targeting YEH. I’m also referring to other recent Koala’s article about YEH. Anyways never mind them. Fighting YEH!!!

    • @cahill, supporter of YEH, haters ! is anyone asking you to Watch her drama. I don’t think so ! there are a lot of dramas airing so go Watch them please . And let people who have been waitng for this moment for 5 years enjoy this moment .

  2. Best to forget about the posters and just look forward to the airing of the drama. I want something light and easy to watch. I’m sure both actors can deliver.

  3. So, u’r all jealous that she still get a lead role to play! Even if its a flop, i will still watch her. LOVE u Yoon Eun Hye n GOD Bless u always!

  4. It’s funny the things people say. That they hate her so much is itself testimony that she’s so popular.

    Anyway, terrible photoshops/makeup aside, as someone said here, flop or hit, gonna watch it for YEH!

  5. @ockoala Constructive criticism is fine but the tone of the article is too negative including the previous one. The negativity is not constructive at all but a haters’ piece of article. Well you didn’t haters’ piece about YEH, buy also did it to some actors, what is worse you pretend that you like them.

    • Really? I don’t read negativity. Maybe you are assuming too much. Lately I have read a lot of comments here with obvious misunderstanding or taking words too personally. The word “hate” keeps appearing, but seriously, can we hate a stranger who has no value in our life?

      • Feeling empathy on someone getting attacked is as good as taking things personally? And you think there’s no tone of negativity on the article? What kind of world we are living in?

      • You think it is perfectly alright to label someone whom you don’t know as a “hater”? I think “hate” originates from the person calling out names.

      • The hateful comments were deleted. Their hateful comments are literally unbelievable. I hope we respect each other and be a responsible in voicing our opinion and posting our comments.Have a great day everyone.

      • @candycane The tone is too negative. I believe there are ways of saying things even if we are meant to criticize something or someone.

  6. I love a Eun Hye Yoon, she is my favorite actres and i am counting the days to see the premiere of this comedy. To me she seems beautiful that poster

  7. I’m fluttering so much I’ll give this a miss as Ive never seen any of her works but all best wishes on the drama series though and yep good to read that its a welcome back to dramaland for YEH and her fans! Enjoy!

  8. I was told before that if you don’t have anything nice to say to a person especially those you don’t know of personally just keep mouth shut and keep your negative opinion to yourself


  9. @MistyEyes, thank you for defending but I think you take it in the wrong way. IMO Ms Koala don’t have any ill intention toward YEH, her costar and the drama itself. She might be straightforward in her writing and maybe too honest but that’s not means she hates YEH or the drama. In her previous articles she expressed her enthusiastic toward this drama (in a positive way) so a little bit critic won’t hurt IMO.
    I follow this site/blog since “Lie To Me” era so I knew that she likes YEH a lot and following her career, compare to the other sites.
    She even made a “Lie To Me” forum in this blog back then where we can have a good & healthy discussion, which I appreciated so much.
    So all in all, I think you don’t have to give a harsh judgment to Ms Koala despite her “little” critic ?

    • I think so too. As far as I know Koala is a big fan of Yoon Eun Hye. But I respect your perception and opinion. Maybe its just misunderstanding. Take care everyone.

    • I said constructive criticism is fine but there sre better ways of saying something even if we meant to criticize someone or something. However the tone of article is too negative that the haters thinks that this article is in their side and encourages them to spread out their malicous comments.

      • I appreciated your opinion but we have different perspective here. So no hard feeling please ?
        BTW, I don’t care about the haters. They can think what they want but it won’t change our feeling toward YEH

  10. I stand to be corrected but MZ Koala has favouritism towards these K actresses when writing her articles and in no particular order or preference mainly Yun Eun Hye; Park Shin Hye; The 2 Kim’s – Yoo Jing and So Hyun; Song Hye Ko; Jun Ji Hyun; Park Min Young; Suzy; IU plus a plethora of C; T and J actors that I can’t recall. So in stating this fact at least these celebs get the time of the day for being even mentioned and covered whilst our firm favourites don’t get a boo anywhere! So regardless of what comments (good or bad)follow at least there is a reaction and your bias is being acknowledged. Spare a thought for those of us that just sit by and wait for any news….

    • I feel the same way too lol. There’s literally an update about dramas like Fluttering Warning and Tale of Fairy every other day without much new info, and not much news about other dramas. But this is a personal blog and not a news blog like Dramabeans so I guess we have no right to complain.

      • To be honest, I’m surprised myself that Ms Koala’s often updating YEH’s article especially after her drama confirm the airing date. But this is her blog so …

      • I’m not going to complain about the profusion of the posts as some others are not even covering the drama ! Still can’t understand such hate towards the girl when others are doing just fine. And @Koala has never hide her crush for YEH . She has the right to like whom she wants. After all thèses years i still enjoy reading all her posts even those talking about actors/ actresses i’m not fond of .

  11. Honestly, whoever did their makeup in this poster shoot should be fired. This isn’t YEH or CJM’s best look, but I blame the styling and the cheesy backgrounds. For comparison, see the posters of Beauty Inside, another celebrity-themed drama. The styling of the actors there was impeccable.

    I’m not reading any negativity in this article, except Koala saying that the posters released before these were bad. Which is true. This clearly is a criticism of the posters (and the graphics people and stylists behind them), not the actors involved.

  12. Don’t use my name to promote your drama lols. Hahahaha let’s see 1st ep. I personally think this drama will get low rating like Kim hyun joong drama. And Kim hyun joong fans now are quiet since 1st and 2nd ep. get 0.1 and 0.0 rating. That’s mean no want watching his drama lols.

  13. Bannednetizenbuzz, for your info, even if its a flop, i’ll still watch it for my fav actress YEH! WAH, u really wish 2 see her flop in dis drama, do you! No words to say about you. You should be so ashame of yourself for acting this way! GOD Bless u YEH & team members. Hwaiting!!

    • @Yippee, well said ! Talking about flops only a few dramas are doing fine . Most of them , even with popular actors are flopping hard ! And i don’t Watch dramas just because of the ratings. Aside the end , i must be the only one who liked “Marry him if you dare”.

  14. ??? So happy YEH is back on screen. Am Enjoying the drama. The actors are good. The film industry has given their awards and recognition to YEH for her good work.Sad to see ao much jealousy out to tarnish her.we cheer for YEH …??❤Fighting!!

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