Liu Shi Shi Stokes Further Baby Rumors Donning Red Blazer at Omega Event

It’s not what’s shown but what’s covered up that C-netizens are eyeing in recent months. From Zhao Li Ying‘s rumored pregnancy to the heating up further rumors of Liu Shi Shi‘s pregnancy, it’ll be cute if C-ent’s top actresses of the same generation welcome new babies in early 2019 together. Liu Shi Shi hasn’t been very active in the public eye in recent months and this week attended a highly publicized Omega watch event with other top stars and was dressed like the odd one out. While Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford and Alessandra Ambrosio were all wearing skin tight revealing gowns Liu Shi Shi put an oversized blazer over her dress in what could be a concerted effort to conceal a budding baby belly. She’s rumored to be expecting twins with husband Nicky Wu so this definitely stokes the rumor fire, not to mention she has that expectant mommy glow along with rounder cheeks.


Liu Shi Shi Stokes Further Baby Rumors Donning Red Blazer at Omega Event — 7 Comments

  1. This is pretty much announcing it to the world lol. I guess they don’t really care at this point but its just the other three are dressed to the nines look ready to walk the red carpet and lss just looks relatively plain for promoting the brand. Still think they could have dressed her in something fancier and added the blazer on top to cover her bump

  2. All I see is the height difference between LSS and the others. Even though she is considered petite by Western standards she could have worn a proper evening gown. She looks like someone who went to a party without following the dress code. I doubt if she knew that the others (with super model figures) would be dressed to the nines. Poor LSS!

  3. There is another side picture where you can clearly see a small bump. Plus she skip the afterparty because there were alcohol involve.

  4. I saw other pictures from the event and Shi Shi seem to be trying to hide her belly a lot even with her previous outfit from earlier that day with another oversized jacket and loose skirt and that’s why she looks so out of place next to the others later that day. I read that some people who went to the event said she looks pregnant and that she left right after the event and skip the dinner party later. It seems like the rumors could be true, so happy for LSS and Nicky and how cute if they had twins too.

  5. Why hide the pregnancy? She dressed like invited guess that didn’t know the dress code just happened to be in the same color.

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