Tang Yan and Luo Jin Reportedly in Austria for Weekend Wedding on October 28th

Things are looking more and more likely that the rumored end of October 2018 overseas wedding of dating C-stars Tang Yan and Luo Jin will indeed take place. C-ent is reporting that the two stars are already in Vienna, Austria for the weekend nuptials on Sunday the 28th. Tang Yan’s entire production house staff and personal assistant was spotted at Shanghai’s Pudong airport with over a dozen large suitcases with a flight to Vienna scheduled to depart a few hours after they were spotted at the check-in counter. Another clue is a weibo post by the girlfriend of a famous industry voice-over actor who happens to be one of Luo Jin’s best friends – she posted from the countryside near Vienna this week showing off pastoral sights including a church, looking plausibly like the site of the destination wedding. Reportedly the staff in Vienna were asked to sign strict confidentiality agreements to keep this small friends and family wedding under wraps.


Tang Yan and Luo Jin Reportedly in Austria for Weekend Wedding on October 28th — 12 Comments

  1. I’m bored and I’m laughing writing this but seriously the staff at the resort in Austria had to sign a confidentiality agreement? Yeah okay because these 2 C celebs are world famous? Are you kidding me? Maybe in Asia they are but elsewhere unless you actually watched Asian dramas and knew who they were then you’ll need to keep it under wraps.

    • The confidentiality agreement is better signed with friends instead (especially this “Rina” so-called friend). This is such a joke. LOL.

      • @candycane- You’re right! This so called ‘Rina’ just outed the wedding to the world and upon looking at her pics she has the gall to post that shrine of skulls- what a sicko. If I was the couple I’d rescind her invite and send her packing back to China. She’s such a scene stealer.

    • Yeah, they’re famous in China and if you’re famous in China that means one billion people wants to know about your wedding out of the 8 billion in this world. Sometimes even a couple of people knowing is enough!

      • What a gross exaggeration-1 billion people in China want to know? Maybe but then again get your 20-30 friends and family in the confidentiality agreement first if you’re that desperate to maintain your exclusiveness.

      • Doesn’t some western stars do the same? Do you know exactly every single person you invite to a wedding? There could be a dilemma where you want to just invite one person but their other half has to tag along because it’s impolite??? The sad fact is there is an interest in these public people whether you or me are interested in not.

      • by not leaking their wedding pictures early on means they can sell the story to magazines for a higher price. Everything comes with a price tag $$. I guess if one billion people wants to know, those photos may sell for quite some money.

      • Oh okay you go to great lengths to keep this hush hush to the point you get the staff at the supposed wedding venue to sign non disclosure agreements but you somehow miss the invitees and forget to send out the memo reminding them not to post anything on social media oh because that’s right they should know beforehand that you have a exclusive multi million dollar tell all to a magazine that one billion people back home are hanging out to read about. Gosh where have I been?

    • What? Viennese mineral water is pure and considered one of the best. Maybe she is used to polluted Chinese water… cough cough… She is surely one rotten person not knowing her place in this private event.

  2. Lols, i dont think many people in my country know them. They are popular in mainland, taiwan or probably in Singapore. But not really in other countries in asia. Except for those cdrama lovers, including me. If they were song hae kyo and song joongki or probably leeminho… But their names arent that big in other asia countries except the ones i mentioned. Not to mention western countries lols.

    Probably this agreement for keeping it confidentially from C journalists. Since probably C journalists smell this news.

    But i wonder, why can’t this celebs’ friends and their partners cant keep their mouth shut. Sigh. Most of the leaked news comes from their friends or their friends’ special friends. Lols.

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