Contrasting Official Posters for Memories of Alhambra Bring Romance and Suspense

I like what the poster designer was going for in the two official posters for tvN fantasy romance drama Memories of Alhambra but am peeved that the execution wasn’t up to par. The drama has a fantasy element after the two leads meeting in Spain and the posters foreshadow the strange phenomenon befalling the two leads. One poster shows the normal beautiful Spanish city backdrop and the two leads looking warming at each other, juxtaposed with the other poster against the same backdrop but there is this weird light in the distance and the two leads are looking concerned. I love this concept but the sizing and depth perception of the two are not identical so it makes me notice the differences rather than just enjoying the mirror opposites intent. Oh wells, not a huge flaw by any means and I’m looking forward to more goodies as the drama ramps up T-minus 30 days from premiere on December 1.


Contrasting Official Posters for Memories of Alhambra Bring Romance and Suspense — 20 Comments

  1. Hyun Bin look so gorgeous in anything. Please let this be a hit so he’ll stay in drama land longer. OMG Ha Ji Won said on Vlive she’ll make a comeback drama soon and will be something very special and meaningful. I hope it’s with my amazing man Mr. Kim. Please Miss Koala keep me update with Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. I know you are a big fan of their pair. We all miss them too.

    Hope everyone supports Momeries of Alhambra.

    • @ReignSg1023 It’s quite hilarious how you and your Ha Ji Won shit is scaring everyone away from Hyun Bin’s nowadays work. I bet if he had another project fans will still run away because Secret Garden fans are some creepy people. I don’t think it will be a delightful feeling to MOF fans too keep reading how beautiful Ha Ji Won is.

      If MOF hit big, please shippers be original and respectful not like the most retarded and annoying Secret Garden shipper. Too tired of seeing comments like oh Ha Ji Won here and there.

      • @Ki LoL this Secret Garden fans wars is very entertaining because I was waiting to hear Hyun Bin announce he’s making Ji Won his wife for over a decade now. It still didn’t happen. What a disappointment to all the die heart Sega shippers. Hyun Bin is not being a good gentleman here letting everyone wait.

        I’m a bit confused what is so good about Hyun Bin that Ha Ji Won fans and shipper are so outrageous. I don’t think no one cares because nobody ever care to mention about him only Ha Ji Won. So why so insecure about who he’s gonna play with. Sega shippper should just support Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.

        People are trying to watch MOF for Park Shin Hye not only Hyun Bin. Lol I guess I’ll have to skip all related post of Hyun Bin for now. It’s somewhat true that I’m getting tire of seeing Ha Ji Won name too. Please don’t make me skip all MOF post because I still want to follow this drama.

      • I don’t think these Secret Garden shippers are doing any benefit to HJW by praising her beauty over and over again. Not everyone can see her beauty especially she is now 40. These shippers are just making everyone comparing HJW to younger actresses and this is not good for an older face. Just saying…

      • Park Shin Hye actually has a lot shippers. Just look at how many hits she had. But it’s never been this bad… Haha
        At least they cut down most after she confirmed her relationship. This one can’t after he dated Sora.
        Amazing, really LOL

      • @candycane:
        I didn’t realize HJW is indeed 40. She is older than HB. He looks younger than his age, like most the cases.
        Park Shin Hye looks so adorable in the new behind the scene and I don’t see the age gap between them at all…
        It’s sad that older actresses get compared to younger actresses and most production prefer to go with the younger. Just like how men love younger women. So you are right! These shippers aren’t helping HJW buy calling her most beautiful in other drama’s threat who has much younger actress

    • It’s funny how everytime I see a post about Hyun Bin there will always be Ha Ji Won name or comments about her being the goddess among all his actresses. The degrading and disrespectful towards those other actresses since Secret Garden time is very pathetic of these Sega shippers and so as to most of Ha Ji Won fans. Secret Garden is his first drama I’ve seen in regards to all his works. After that I started to follow all his dramas and movies because he is a very talented actor. I love him in Secret Garden but I never really like the drama or the Sega pair although it’s my first time seeing him. I feel in love with his other dramas like The Snow Queen and My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. I personally think those two are his most memorable and meaningful dramas. I love his Snow Queen pairing so much out of all. His two best performance and project come along with A Millionaire’s First Love and Friends, Our Legend. I also love The World Within alot. Lately all his works is not going so well and I noticed that after his drama The World Within he’d lost the sparks in his eyes. I love actors that have a sparks in their eyes when they act give alot of emotions.

      I hope to see the sparks in his eyes again. So I’m looking forward to this drama to be a great drama. I like the script so far and the pairing with Park Shin Hye. He look amazing as always.

    • The really didn’t care much about the poster if you look at the behind the scene. LOL
      I remember PSH previous posters filming like Heirs, Pinocchio or FBND was much more work than this. But I enjoy HB and her interactions

  2. HB is an eye candy alright, not in the derogatory sense. Watched the movie NEGOTIATOR. don’t have enough of him. Hope to get more star gazing time from drama by him.

  3. The poster look a bit dull but it’s still very nice. Saw the behind the scenes cut and these two look very cute together. Make this a beautiful drama please TVN.

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