Hyun Bin Chills with a Lamp as Zombie Movie Rampant Brings in 1 Million Admissions in 4 Days

It’s a good fall 2018 for K-actor Hyun Bin, it’s probably the most jam packed project schedule I’ve ever seen from the actor who usually goes a long time between acting gigs. This fall he has three high profile releases, in September it was The Negotiation with Son Ye Jin where he played a baddie, then in October it’s the just released Rampant (Outbreak) as the Joseon zombie fighting crown prince, and come November he’ll be in tvN fantasy romance drama Memories of Alhambra with Park Shin Hye. This week he was featured in an interview with an interesting backdrop, sitting at a desk with a lit lamp beside him that honestly catches my eye more than Binnie haha. He looks alternatively melancholy, pensive, and smiling, discussing how he’s been picking roles that are more fun now which I gather to mean fun for him to play and also entertaining for his fans to watch. I approve Binnie, please bring back the fun!


Hyun Bin Chills with a Lamp as Zombie Movie Rampant Brings in 1 Million Admissions in 4 Days — 17 Comments

  1. Huh binnie I don’t think negotiations was hit movie with budget 10bilion only get 15.2b and rampant is bland film, predictable plot budget is 17.7b only get reception 10.3b so far. Let’s see if Mom will get high rating between kbs drama lols.

  2. LAMO Miss Koala is a true Secret Garden shipper here for deleting comments about Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. Remember people it’s okay to bash other actor and actress but not the amazing Sega couple…. Ewww still doesn’t change the fact that Hyun Bin and is darling Ha Ji Won suck and has been flopping hard. Looking forward to see the Ewww couple flops.

    • It would have been better if Jang Hyuk has not stepped down from Secret Garden. Then there would be no more annoying ship and Han Ji Won and Hyun Bin’s fans could live in peace.Koala would have better things to right.

  3. Rampant is ok. Slow, predictable and draggy. Little character development. A snoozefest compared to Train to Busan.

    But thank goodness for Jang Dong Gun’s character and the pretty cinematography.

    • Agree. Jang Dong Gun’s charismatic acting and also Joo Woo Jin, actually save the movie. Hyub Bin’s acting and also his assistant’s acting were so unnatural that I felt embarrassed watching it.

      • The same here, I have very high hope for Rampant but it is not what I am expecting for. Hyun Bin is not doing his character a good deed so far. I have to say The Negotiation and Rampant are a let down for him. I also don’t really like The Swindlers. Jang Dong Gun is the spot light in Rampant but it’s all good I still love Hyun Bin nonetheless. He’s a good actor for still keep trying. I hope MOA is good at least please. A reason to love him is his flaws as an amazing actor I’ve followed for years.

  4. ??? Why are the comments above so funny? Where is that Secret Garden shipper who praise her Ha Jiwon goddess all the time on all MoA articles?

    • Hehehehe I just know that Hyun bin was koala bias after she deleted my commentso many times. And also that fact she was Sega shippers lols.

    • @prettyautumn and @bannednetiz guest what you two losers know too little about Miss Koala. She is indeed one of the biggest Sega shipper herself so go cry because she’ll always protect the Amazing Sega couple. She’ll never miss out on any Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won articles. You both are too jealous because to be honest both of you are the Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo shipper but since he dumped her yall going crazy and started attacking him everywhere. Also pretending to hate the Song Hye Kyo the girl yall used to love dearly. What two losers. Know Hyun Bin is finally slowly opening up about who he really treasure. When MY AMAZING COUPLE WEDDING COMES BY YOU LOSERS GONNA GO CRY. Keep bashing Hyun Bin if it’s ease your pains for him.

  5. Where’s are Hyun bin fans now he has two flop movie this year and will continue flop with upcoming drama. Koala you can help Hyun bin with buy tickets in cinema so he didn’t continue get flop after flop project. I tell you that Kim hyu joong and Hyun bin flop drama already predicted in 1st and 2nd EP.

    • He’s still a great actor as long as he continues to act so continue to follow his works. He has flaws and flops but can still improve.

  6. OMG he is really taking a break after MOA to probably settling down for real. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won is gonna have their big day soon. Everything they own are all from the same brand…clothing to accessory and cars. I’m squealing hard, he said when he had nothing to do he would always go back to watch his favorite past drama that he stared in. OMO Hyun Bin I don’t know you love and miss your wifey Ha Ji Won that much to finally have the gust to admit it now. Please let MOA hit big ratings so my Hyun Bin can finally marry his beloved wife Ji Won. Wife Ji Won is lonely because husband Hyun Bin is away working. Don’t miss him so much because at the end of the day he’s all yours. Now all the jealous haters gonna go cry their heart out because he’s really with the girl of his dreams. These two are now slowly giving more hints to fans. Sega fans lets cheer because it used to be Ji Won unnie who is given us hints but now it’s Hyun Bin himself. OMG Miss Koala don’t forget to announce their wedding when the big days come.

    Hyun Bin love his wifey Ha Ji Won always.

  7. Hahahaa that lamp is distracting for sure.

    I like Hyun Bin (not Secret Garden shipper or lover) and his hard work. He is not naturally talented but he works hard and actually improves himself.
    He is not sexually attractive to me and the only time I have found him hot is in Snow Queen but he has good on screen presence and I wish him success.

    Sorry that Rampart did not turn out to be that good. JDG is always a pleasure to watch though. He aged very well 🙂

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