Park Bo Gum Brings Color to Song Hye Kyo’s Melancholy Life in First Drama Teaser for Encounter

Now this is what I called a bravo effort for a K-drama teaser! The first preview is out for tvN romance Encounter(Korean title Boyfriend) starring high profile A-list leads Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo and their involvement isn’t wasted as the production dropped a gorgeous and gloriously stylized teaser. Set in the location shoot scenes in Cuba, the teaser has the carefree young Park Bo Gum exploring the city before crossing paths with a melancholy Song Hye Kyo shown in black-and-white to his colorful cheer. Their encounter pushes his color into her dim world as the wave in the break water dramatically transforms the backdrop and also their expressions of joy upon seeing each other. This drama officially looks so good!

First Teaser for Encounter (Boyfriend):


Park Bo Gum Brings Color to Song Hye Kyo’s Melancholy Life in First Drama Teaser for Encounter — 44 Comments

  1. Sorry can’t help but shk look like mom and son. After married make her old ahjuhmma even she didn’t pregnant now, imagen if she pregnant hormone make her more old than before. And I predict this drama will get 4% in 1st rating.

    • If she is an ahjumma, she is prob the cutest one out there. If she is pregnant, no matter what her looks Song Joong Ki the hubby will be elated, ppl will rejoice and give her their blessings and well wishes.

      And 4% for 1st ep in tvN, a cable drama, is good enuf, esp if it keeps on increasing exponentially by 4% too. Thank you for the well wish! Lol

  2. November/December is going to be such a treat.
    Seriously, the ambience & melancholy music in this teaser is exactly how one imagines a fateful encounter in those old mills&boons books LOL.
    I can’t wait to watch, I really felt the subtle emotions displayed within the teaser

  3. Gorgeous cinematography and leads ! the most interesting paring of the year (for me).
    I’m expecting something mature but new.
    I’m already all in ❤

  4. Honestly I wasn’t really that interested in this since Song Hye Kyo is hit-or-miss with me, but this teaser is really well done. Now I’m curious.

  5. This looks good but please let the writing be at least ok…I was just not impressed with the writers last 2 dramas but I’m really she worked on her screenwriting skills and will give us something much better this time.

  6. Cuba…I wonder whether the writer wrote this in the original script or was it thrown in because MOA was being filmed in Spain. Anyway I like SKH as the much older divorcee and PBG is extremely handsome but his teeth make him look like a ventriloquist’s doll. And don’t spam me with I’m being negative’ it’s just that his smile reminds me of that. And the script writing has to be on point too. It’s My Ahjumma part 2.

      • was mentioned in the first few scenes they filmed. Not before. I remember reading they had to take care of a few things before confirming.

    • I seriously don’t know why some of you all want to make moa and bf sound similar when in reality they have nothing in come on. Os moa the first drama to film in Spain. Like seriously am anticipating both dramas bcos o like both PSH and shk but it seems some y’all are trying to cause a fan war when the drama has not even aired yet.

      • Sorry Eunhye I’m not trying to start a fan war by making comparisons to their location site. I guess I wanted to know why both writers chose countries with Spanish as the main language because Spain and Cuba both have this mysterious aura and are synomous with fiery passion and desire which might be the subtext for the storyline. I know I’m sounding cheesy but I think there was an ulterior motive for filming in these countries. I mean they could have gone to any other country in the world but they chose those 2.

    • They first planned to film in Spain but as MOA took the place they changed for Cuba.
      From what i saw in the teasers i’m glad they decided this change ! colors have a meaning here.
      i’m not going to talk about PBG’s teeth (i just wish i had his cause mine are…) but i’m happy about their pairing for the risk they’re taking, that’s so challenging !
      And i was desperately waiting for PBG to play a mature character, not in a romance but as this one looks mature (hopefully) i’ll go for it ! better than nothing (for me).

      • nope its been known to fans that its cuba, then suddenly an article said its spain,prod. team have already been to cuba prior to the article abt filming to spain

    • @ma.llayanne yup its really originally in cuba but they have problem with premit and then article released their filming in spain and then staff probly found out Moa filmed there so they pushed cuba w/c is the original location.

      • nope they didnt change, how come they didnt know alhambra film in spain, they are both coproduce by studio dragon, so bon factory knows alhambra filmed in spain, they just having problem since cuba just open to the world only article said its spain, prod.didnt say they will film in spain

    • Thank you all for the clarification with all your responses. I’m happy with both countries either way always great watching a change in scenery with K dramas when permits/visa and funding allows. Its gonna be a busy as couple of months heading our way with blocking in the weekly drama schedule. Friends of mine who have been to Cuba just rave about the place!

  7. How can this drama will be hit big since the male lead and female lead look like mother and son. This will be huge flop drama this year. We will see in a month a big lose for park bo gum, since he reject so many good project before. That cut hair make song hye kyo look like frumpy ahjuhmma. Sorry.

    • that’s not your problem to worry…are you actually their fans? You seem to know many things about them and you made sure to post comments(bitter or not) in every article about hye kyo? wah…what a way to show your concern…I am amazed by that..

  8. Song Hyekyo is beautiful. Yeah she look a bit older next to him cause duh age gap is 12 years but still she doesnt look like an ajumma or his mother more on noona my opinion.

    Anyways this teaser is topnotch like the cinematography the music and their subtle acting.

    • I agree ! After seeing them i can’t imagine any other actors as leads for this drama, it’s like the script was wrote for them.
      And i like noona romance with delicate feels and the beauty of the soul will be central here i believe.
      I’m impatiently waiting for the 1st episode.

  9. it says that PBG role is an ordinary young man who tries to find regular job, and when he keeps failing to get a stable job, he decides to go on an overseas trip. I bet SK’s economic status status is really big compared to my country, I have a regular job but i really find it hard to go on Caribbean vacation.

    anyways, i think the drama is more like “My Ahjussi”– slice of life drama than romance….

      • ow, sad.. im still hoping it’s like “my Ahjussi”, if it’s more of “Pretty Noona” then this drama will have good ratings, Pretty Noona has good ratings though.

  10. I initially thought the visual age gap will prevent me from watching this but after seeing the teaser the visual in terms of their age difference does not look that drastic look like 6yrs gap btw them.anyways do anyone know why koalaplayground stop recapping dramas.

  11. They did terribly wrong to SHK hair. I am a fan but really not feeling it. Feel like it is going to flog. She is going to lose her ex. HB drama sounds interesting.

    • Are both dramas even on the same time-slot? If they aren’t, how could you say she’s gonna lose to him? Because he’s her ex? That’s the only connection they have right? It’s been years..move on!

  12. Well we all know its impossible for this to flop but PBG is not going to gain anything from this in terms of acting. He’s becoming the next LMH which is both good and bad I guess.

    • Next LMH ? please no ! so boring…

      PBG can’t bet only on his physical beauty to success cause that can’t last forever unless exceptions or unique and timeless charisma, i’m sure he knows cause his baby face is turning adult…beauty can be such a heavy burden.
      But i believe in his heart and his passion for acting no matter his success and i’m sure also he knows he would better put his skills in the front and develop them by choosing unexpected or unusual projects.

      And i may be wrong but i think Encounter is one of that kind..that’s how i feel it…or maybe that’s what i want to feel…

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