C-actress Yang Mi Given Husband Raising Fame After Making All Her Male Leads Successful After Working With Her

C-actress Yang Mi has for a long time now gained a reputation as Wang Fu (aka Chinese slang for making one’s husband more successful). The phrase is applied to any woman toi marries a man and thereafter he remains/gets more successful, someone she’s given credit for not fucking up his life. For Chinese and Taiwanese actresses, the notion of Wang Fu relates to a male actor reaching a level up or hitting a new success peak after working with a certain actress who did not get the same degree of attention for the project. C-actress Yang Mi is herself a A-lister but a total Wang Fu actress where pundits keep an eye on her next male lead thinking he will hit a new peak. Yang Mi’s list of successful after working with her male leads include Feng Shao Feng, Li Yi Feng, Hu Ge, Mark Chao, and Ethan Ruan. That makes her next reported male lead Deng Lun primed for breakout success especially since he’s already had two hit C-dramas in 2018 with Ashes of Love and Sweet Dreams.


C-actress Yang Mi Given Husband Raising Fame After Making All Her Male Leads Successful After Working With Her — 41 Comments

  1. I felt that Hu Ge was already popular and successful from his first Paladin series. When Yang MI joined the franchise it actually made her more popular. Deng Lun is already popular his media ranking surpassed Yang MI at times even with no project or scandal airing he is already reach success. Mark indeed got popular but not because of Yang Mi. It was due to his performance and the quality of 10 miles. Li yi feng and the rest In would have to agree.

    • I disagree with Mark Chao. Out of all the actors he’s the one who got the most popularity boost from working with her. When they say she gives luck to the actors she work with, it doesn’t mean that they succeed because of her star power. It just means that there is correlation.

    • Huge was known before her so yes.
      Denglun is younger and is a male so you can’t compare.
      Not to mention YM has staying the top for a long time and is a married woman and has kid. But she is definitely is a higher level with more hits and success.
      Mark, you can say the same about her other leads too. But if he didn’t work with her I doubt people would pay attention to his project that much. After all before working with her, he had many record movies but no one cared about him in China.

  2. I don’t think Ethan got more popular after Fuyao. Fuyao’s reception was lukewarm at best. The only one who got more recognition is probably Lai Yi, Yang Mi’s own artist.

    Deng Lun is already popular. He won’t reach explosive popularity like Hu Ge and Li Yifeng because he is simply not the “liu liang” type. Besides he won’t work with Yang Mi. Yang Mi’s next project is a fantasy historical drama called Novoland Pearl Eclipse, and I doubt her male lead is going to be DL.

    • Novoland is her future future project. I doubt it will start filming soon. So there is a chance Once Young is still her next project.

      • But there’s no new updates about that drama and Yang Mi’s c-fans are saying the drama is now not produced by Jaywalk anymore so it’s unclear whether the project is shelved or not. Anyhow, she’s filming a movie right now so we’ll see if she films Once Young after this or moves on to film Novoland.

    • Ethan did get more popular though but the level can’t compare to Mark which was one crazy with TMOPB. He gained fans and better reputation and attention too.

      Denglun has been rumored for Once young with her for ages and I’d be surprised if it’s not him now. But when will they start or will they even doing it? We don’t know.

  3. I feel like Koala might be reading info from Weibo only… which is flooded with Yang Mi’s fans and all the bots her team is buying to make sure she stays relevant. If anything, the fact that she’s working with actors not at her level should show her declining popularity. And she has a terrible image among non-fans now over her multiple scandals (donation scandal, plastic surgery, knocking down dilraba’s phone during a live stream etc). Reception for Fuyao was lukewarm as per the above comment, and even Three Lives Ten Miles didn’t do very well in the Chinese market. Some of their stats are manipulated and it has its own scandal for being a plagiarized story.

    • I thought Ten Miles was the most most viewed chinese drama ever, clocking in 50 billions to date? Or is it just coming from i-fans? I don’t remember Ten Miles was that buzzy among c-netz back then, so I was a bit surprised by the number.

    • Since when she’s knocking down dilraba’s phone during a live stream? And weibo is definitely not flooded by her fans. You are not talking facts here. FYI TMoPB is definitely popular and successful in China.

      • Sorry, I stated this wrongly. She knocked down an intern’s phone three times during a livestream. Dilraba and Mark Zhao were also at the event and I got confused.

        Weibo is flooded with her fans. This is not a bad thing for her per se as they are helping her to maintain a high social media presence. But for non-fans like myself, it damages her image to some extent because of how pervasive they are. Some of these fans also attack other celebrities, so it doesn’t come off looking very good.

    • TMPOB might have been slammed for plagiarism but how can you deny its popularity in China?
      Even if one dislikes Yang Mi, you can see for yourself the popularity boost it gave to Mark Chao and majority of the supporting cast.

      Also I personally think TMPOB has high rewatch value. Its one of the few dramas alongside Love O2O that has a steady increase of views every year. Probably because they are easy to watch and are often recommended to new fans of C-dramas.

      • I didn’t deny its popularity, my exact words were “some of their stats are manipulated”. If you want specifics, it was reported that up to 90% of TLTM online streaming views in China are fake. You can refer to the article here: http://www.aboluowang.com/2017/0419/915733.html but it’s in Chinese. I’m not sure if there are English sources on it.

        Certainly it has popularity and its own fans, but the buzz over this drama is not as high as I-fans think it is.

      • I think instead of repeatedly claiming that “the buzz is not that great”, you should explain yourself more clearly by saying which drama are you comparing it to, or which standard you are holding it to.

    • Haha Tmopb didn’t do well? Is this a joke?
      YM’s scandals are the most stupid ones because it’s harmless and she didn’t do crime but people love hating.
      If you look at most dramas, Alist stars don’t usually work with Alisters because pay issues, especially when the drama is produced by her own agency. Working with Taiwan or less popular actors would cut down the cost. And with YM she is enough to carry the fame for both.

    • YM’s scandals are the most stupid ones because it’s ridiculous and she didn’t do anything to worth the hate.
      And when did she knock Reba’s phone? YOu need to look at your facts first.

      And TMOPB didn’t do well? The hype for that drama was insane. Like you can’t avoid seeing it. in weibo and in real life.

      Most Alister don’t work with Alister for cost issues. Look at the big picture. YM is a stock holder of her own company and she can carry the fame for both leads

  4. Deng Lun is already popular. He does not need Yang Mi for any popularity boost. In fact, case maybe the other way around. DL is very popular among i-fans around 20, YM does not have fans in that young age group… just saying….

    • I agree that Deng Lun doesn’t need Yang Mi but Yang Mi doesn’t need Deng Lun either… Even though Yang Mi is flopping right now, Deng Lun has yet to prove that he can carry a drama with his own star power.

      • also where is this deng lun yang mi rumor coming from? I haven’t heard of any upcoming projects from him with yang mi ibvolved

      • From the above comments it seems like he is the rumored male lead for Yang Mi’s drama Once Young.

    • YangMi is more popular than you think but she is indeed older, a married woman and has kid so it’s understandable why she is less appealing to ifans, who love to ship

    • And honestly she doesn’t need ifans. This girl has almost 100 million followers in her weibo and is still popular after almost 10 years

  5. I agree with the whole list except for Hu Ge. He is the one who boosted Yang Mi’s popularity with Chinese Paladin and then there were “rumors” of them dating.

    • Yes I agree she was new at that time. But honestly his company did more harm to her so I don’t count him or them boosting her, even they had dating rumor.

  6. I wouldn’t say popularity boost because Hu Ge, Mark, Ethan and even Tao are all insanely popular and achieved success in their own right. I will say that after working with Yang Mi they hit a peak of trending on social media maybe but we can’t equate social media to career success because we would all then be saying Kim Kardashian had a successful career.

    Like when I think of Ethan or Hu Ge or Mark or Tao I don’t immediately think of Yang Mi or their drama together. Ethan I mmediately think Autumn concerto, Hu Ge I think Nirvinia Fire, Mark has that one movie where he is in band that I absolutely adore. Tao I mean immediately the ink EXO.

    • I don’t think you understand.
      With you they might be popular but not to China.

      Most people didn’t know Mark even he started in many big movies before TMOPB. Ethan has been flopping in movies for years, what are you talking about? His last drama was too long ago. And Tao? He is an idol and has his fanbase but didn’t do well in any acting project until acting with her. Now his fandom has Negotiator which is one of the highest rating this year to brag. But to YM’s standard it’s nothing to brag about

      Agree with Huge. She was too new to boost him.

    • I think the article is not saying YM boosted their popularity, but that all her leading men seems to step up a lot in popularity after being in a drama with her. She’s almost like a good luck charm. Mark Chao was well-known before but he was mainly in movies hence did not have the wide-spread idol-like fame as drama stars. I recall reading a news on how Mark suddenly had hoardes of fans surrounding him at airports after TMOPB vs previous. Ethan was really on a decline cuz his last few works (mainly movies) did not perform well – Fuyao gave him a new shot at recognition by the public audience esp in Mainland China. For Hu Ge, I agree he was already popular before starring with YM. As for Tao, his drama with YM did well so I guess YM was still considered a “good luck” charm. Coming back to YM herself, if you look at all the China top star rating charts, YM is always at top 3 or 5. So cannot deny she is very very popular in China, despite the antis/ haters/ rumors.

      • Another thing to add – Mark and Ethan also has increased in advertising and sponsorship deals post TMOPB and Fuyao, so I would say it’s more than just Social Media attention. The brands took noticed too as they gained a lot of new gains and their weibo followers increased significantly in a short time. As for career success, that will still be dependent on smart choices of good roles/ productions and their acting talent.

      • I never claimed Yang Mi was not popular at all first of all not did I even discuss her anything that sounded remotely similar. I only discussed her influence on the actors careers.

        Advertisers are attracted to social media recognition the two are practically linked. That is how social media influencers make a lot of money. The influencer market is a billion dollar market and a list came out not too long ago naming Yang Mi as one of the top stars who make a lot of money due to social media.

        Ethan wasn’t all that popular anymore because he had not done any work in along time and working with Yang Mi made him trendy and that trend won’t last unless he keeps up with well received work and advertisers will then lose interests.

        I don’t agree that Yang Mi gave them a popularity boost. They worked hard on their own for that and like I said their work with Yang Mi is not even considered their most popular work.

  7. I did not say YM gave them a popularity boost. I said that the media is talking about how YM seem to be a good luck charm to these lead actors. Mark’s TMOPB is definitely his most popular work – ask anyone in cent about Mark Chao and the first thing that comes to mind will most likely be TMOPB. For Ethan, Fuyao put his name to the fore front of Cent again after years of being seen as a has-been popular.

    Of course they both worked hard and are talented, and of course their future will still depend on their new roles/ works. But TMOPB and Fuyao gave them a major boost, which means they have more choices in scripts too.

    Btw, I am not a fan of YM, nor a fan of Mark and Ethan. Just a cent observer.

  8. I do not care what you people think .But Yang Mi is indeed very talented ,charismatic can act with anybody . She did contribute to the popularity of her leading men with her charisma. For the leading men who already popular ,its better still !

  9. These male actors are charismatic on the own and have carried their previous works.

    I do believe that YM picks the right projects and so did these actors.

  10. Ethan Ruan did get more popular especially with viewers overseas because of Fuyao. Mark Chao also got a boost from working with her.

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