Posters and Teaser for 3-episode Mini Drama Hymn of Death with Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Seok

The current SBS Mon-Tues Drama Where Stars Land (Fox Star Bride) is doing decent in ratings and reception and the network will take a shot detour after the drama ends with a 3-episode special drama called Hymn of Death (Death Song) that looks period romantic and sadness guaranteed. Based on the real life of Korea’s first soprano pop songstress who went to Japan and fell in love with a married stage writer, the two tragically drowned on the ship returning to Korea. Hymn stars Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Seok in a pairing that seemed odd but seeing the posters and teaser I quite like their visuals and aura together. Lee Jong Seok is back working with the PD from While You Were Sleeping who also directed Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and Doctors.

Teaser for Hymn of Death:


Posters and Teaser for 3-episode Mini Drama Hymn of Death with Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Seok — 14 Comments

  1. So, based on this synopsis, if kim min hee and her director boyfriend didnt end up together, will everyone feel sad for them? Like she dates an married man. And the female character in this drama also dates and falls in love with a married man.

    Well, it’s preference… The poster is beautiful indeed. If only the storyline isnt about an affair. I pretty much will love to watch it.

    • If Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo jump into the sea and die and Hong Sang Soo leaves a toddler son fatherless behind then the story would match the story of the couple.

  2. Totally in agreement, romanticism and sadness guaranteed. Their voices shook me. They were so intense! Waiting anxiously for day 27 to see this mini drama.

  3. Shin Hye Sun has that classical, natural, olden time look that she pulls off effortlessly. Unfortunately LJS looks like a plastic idol trying to cosplay a historical figure. Shin Hye Sun pull this off for both of them.

      • Aw really ? I love his acting and I think he’s super attractive. My favorite role of his to this day is I can hear the voice. He’s super cute like a puppy in that drama and showed to me great acting chops 🙂

      • @casey so many people are blinded by that he’s not really good and his face just so un classic

  4. Their voiceovers are beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time, and the nostalgic vibe is definitely something I’ll look forward to in this short. I’m just overall very happy that I’ll have more Lee Jongsuk on my screen for awhile before he’s off to the army. Not being able to see him for 2,5 years will be hard.

  5. Story inspired by a real love relationship tragic as it is they should do an epilogue as to what happened to the partners they left behind then I’ll watch it. Just too sad. Other then that I’ll be over waiting for eps of Tales of a Fairy; Fluttering Warning; Terius BM; Heart Surgeons; Clean with Passion for now.

  6. I’m glad LJS is leaving us with lots of projects before he ships off to the military. It’ll make the wait easier. He’s an absolute hard worker just like JS and KSH {actress} which just makes me like them so much more. Balancing filming with fan meetings is not an easy task.

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