The Leads are Charmingly in Webtoon Character in New Stills for Clean With Passion For Now

It’s less than two weeks away for the premiere of jTBC webtoon adapted K-drama Clean With Passion For Now and after all the casting changes and commentary I’m just ready to see how it all turns out. A new batch of drama stills and BTS pics continue to showcase female lead Kim Yoo Jung as so adorable she’s a veritable doll, albeit one that is messy and sloppy in this character. Her onscreen kindred spirit is played by second male lead Song Jae Rim who appears to live in track suits and has the same goofy demeanor as Kim Yoo Jung. Male lead Yoon Kyun Sang is the straight man in this comic, OCD and uptight but once thawed out by Kim Yoo Jung’s cuteness he seems ready to embrace life as she sees it.


The Leads are Charmingly in Webtoon Character in New Stills for Clean With Passion For Now — 26 Comments

  1. Yoo Jung is just adorable personified. She has always been term a human vitamin, so I’m hoping her easy-going personality will be an advantage for cast chemistry. As for Yoon Kyun Sang, I’ve seen their Knowing brothers preview, and he looks younger. I guess it’s the clothes, as both were wearing uniforms. All the best to Clean with Passion For Now!

  2. Song Jae Rim looked a bit like Yang Yang and KYJ looks like she’s overacting. Maybe it’s the style of this drama, but overacting is a turn off.

    • Judging by those wide-eyed / pouty lips expressions, overacting maybe possible especially in the first few episodes… how much sugar can you handle? ?

      • This haters is soooo fucking annoying. She’s not acting there its a bts photos you dumbfucks. Knetz said she’s the top among child actress so hold your horses there and focus on your bias.

      • @Yunie – I am not talking to you. Shut your foul mouth. Your swear words show how low class you are from. Shame on you! I am not a knetz. You can quote all you want which does not affect how I think or I feel. Who is my bias?

      • Here is another delulu fan. Sticking their noses into other people’s comments is their habit. SMH.

      • Nonsense. How can I be a delulu fan? Stop those negativity because they don’t make sense anyway. ?

  3. I hope we can have a YJ article here, where we have less of the negativity, which it seems is impossible. Anyways, I’ll just stay on my lane.

    • Happens to every rising actress. Maybe its a sign she’s doing well.
      Let’s hope the best for her drama. November is going to be a competitive month.

    • Every actor/actress are going to have their detractors. As long as people don’t insult them to the point of calling them ugly or fat or stupid when it’s not deserved, it’s fair game. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions as long as it doesn’t go too far, like inciting violence or going personal like calling them bad names.

      *im sure you have before said that I don’t like a certain movie/certain actor/certain singer. Everyone has different taste.

      You can try to change their opinion but let’s not belittle people who think different from us. Everyone needs to chill more : )

    • I think the best thing we can do is not reply to their post directly unless it’s downright body shaming post or they replied directly to another supporter’s post. Otherwise they’ll just badmouth fans for not respecting their ‘opinion’ which I can say is really theirs only so let’s not bother wasting our time. Anyway, let’s look forward to the upcoming Knowing Bros ep and the premiere itself with excitement hehe hwaiting!

      • Yeah, I understand how it works. But I’ve already seen post against YJ from body-shaming to downright insinuations about her hypothyroidism. So, it just surprises that “fans” who have said their piece against the drama, for one reason or another, would still spread their “objective” opinions on all articles. But as mentioned, we can all give our opinions as eloquently as we want, but we shouldn’t also take it against someone if they find a pattern in our content and calls you out on it. Just like you’ve interpreted fans calling you out as delulu fans.

  4. The stills with song jae rim and Kim Yoo Jung together are so cute. I’m developing second lead syndrome once more…. helpppp. Song jae rim is such a stud.

    It’s funny how in doctors I prefer park
    Shine hye with second male lead yks.

    Drama world, pls give me all the second male leads at the end of the drama. I’ll
    Comfort them haha

  5. Oh no now 2 hot guy leads and that’s gonna give me serious migraines for sure! Okay this drama looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun and with KYJ leading the way it’s ultimately drama gold in the making! Now I’m going to hunt around for the Knowing Brothers subbed episode now of KYJ and YKS.

  6. It looks really fun!

    I watched the teaser of Knowing Brothers with the KYJ and YKS and they were cute together. I didn’t feel any discomfort between them. YKS looks really like a big teddy bear.

  7. So excited that the broadcast date is drawing near but in the meantime, I’m looking forward to ‘Knowing Brothers’! Way to go, YJ & YKS!!

  8. Should watch the main male lead in his cooking variety show and see that he is a cutie pie in action and demeanor. He really is a giant teddy bear! It would be a real interesting visually to see him with the petite female partner. These are actors, I’m sure they’ll play their roles well.

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