Shin Mina Pretty in Pink and Purples for Holiday Marie Claire Korea Pictorial

It’s been a comparatively quiet project year for K-actress Shin Mina but she’s gearing up for her comeback with the movie Diva. The title turns into an English pun of sorts as the movie is set in the world of Diving hence she’s a diving diva har har. It’s actually a thriller after her character suffers and accident (diving?) and loses her memories, and in trying to regain it uncovers some sort of truth. The movie is scheduled for an early 2019 release so it’s not surprising to see Shin Mina do a holiday spread for Marie Claire Korea. She’s in various shades of pink and purple, not quite jewel tones but definitely vibrant and packaged like a pretty gift. The pictorial also showcases an assortment of Cartier jewelry with the Tank watch in various styles adorning her wrist. She looks so eye-catching and beautiful, even the makeup is really exquisite.


Shin Mina Pretty in Pink and Purples for Holiday Marie Claire Korea Pictorial — 6 Comments

    • I have to agree with this. She does a great job of carrying off all that high-end Cartier jewellery without looking tacky or like she’s playing dressup.

  1. Kim Woo Bin is one lucky man.He should never let go of this gorgeous woman.She also seem to have a beautiful heart seeing how she has stood by him through his sickness.

  2. I’m with @Jushi, Shin Min Ah is one of those rare actresses who makes a good model – look at the second pic, she’s so expressive even with half her face covered.

    She’s also a better actress than she’s given credit for being, I really like her in movies. The woman can emote!

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