Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Yoo Jung are All Charm in School Uniform for Episode of Knowing Bros

It’s cuteness and surprising visual complementary looks for the first time with the two drama leads Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Yoo Jung as they guest on the variety show Knowing Bros. They donned high school uniforms in the new kids transferring to class concept, with Kim Yoo Jung just a year out of high school herself but Yoon Kyun Sang the surprise with how cute he looks with the dorky glasses and his tall broad frame decked out in uniform gear. They two discussed filming for their webtoon adapted romance Clean With Passion For Now, with Yoon Kyun Sang much older than his costar but respectful of her in Korean culture because she’s the entertainment industry elder to him having started her career over a decade ago since she was a wee one. Sending them on Knowing Bros was a great idea to drum up interest for the drama and allay some fears that the two wouldn’t work well onscreen.

Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang in Knowing Bros:


Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Yoo Jung are All Charm in School Uniform for Episode of Knowing Bros — 10 Comments

  1. Yoon Kyun Sang is such a cutie giant teddy bear….. he’s a good actor so I’m sure he can convince us of his role in the drama just like he did in Pinocchio. As usual Kim Yoo Jung is her usual adorable self. Try watching him in the 3MAD series and you’ll love him.

  2. I saw some clips on yt and this girl is just talent personified. Such a smart and witty cookie, she’s such a breeze to watch coz she seems so down to earth and unpretentious.

  3. Can’t wait for subs so I can watch it. Yoojung is really adorable, and its great to see YKS again.

    November is such a great month with both my faves Kim Yoojung and Park Shinhye’s dramas airing at the same time. Hope they both do well.

  4. Just watched a snippet of KYJ sing an old K popular Ballard on ‘Knowing Brothers’ and the look on YKS face was priceless! Almost like ‘Wow where did that come from?’ and the rest of the crew seemed complimentary. I didn’t know she could sing but I need a light fun filled rom com so hopefully their drama does well.

    • I was actually surprised how good she was on all of the games and how diverse her interests are. I guess she’s just innately talented and works hard as well to ensure that aside from her “celebrity” life, she also manages to broaden other aspects.

  5. Both were cute,natural and showed team work throughout the program. Yoojung is a gifted talented girl. Mature mind and active sporty girl. YKS sang really well and has good voice. Yoojung is bubbly and beautiful; Kyun Sang is gentleman and handsome.They did well?.

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