tvN Romance Drama Encounter Breaks 10% Ratings in Second Episode and Positive Reviews Increase

I’m going to come right out and say that I freaking love love love tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend). In fact, I wish the English title stuck with the direct translation of the Korean title of Boyfriend, however generic is it this drama currently centers around the titular future boyfriend and makes so much emotional sense that I’m hooked. Domestic viewers are as well as the phenomenal over 8% ratings in the first episode jumped to 10.329% in episode 2 which I found way better than the first beautifully arranged episode because we’re really seeing the developing connection between leads Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. Sure they are beautiful and single and even if she’s older I totally get why they would like each other, but she’s so lonely I just want her to have a friend she can be happy hanging around and the puppy she ran into in Cuba and now works for her is just the perfect guy for that. I’m already cringing at the baddies still trying to manipulate and control Song Hye Kyo’s character Cha Soo Hyun’s life but I savor the way she’s gradually finding a sliver of her own person around Park Bo Gum’s Kim Jin Hyuk.


tvN Romance Drama Encounter Breaks 10% Ratings in Second Episode and Positive Reviews Increase — 28 Comments

  1. Imo, the 2nd ep was better than the first. Needless to say bogummie and song hye kyo are individually and collectively so pretty ?

  2. The haircut lasted one episode! They knew everyone would hate it too haha. I’m glad to hear it’s good so far and I hope it stays a good watch for most of its run! I’ve noticed over the years that we seem to have similar tastes in dramas Miss Koala, so I’m really looking forward to checking this out. Also have The Guest in my watch queue and can’t wait to watch that too!

  3. Such an amazing performance from both actors and all the supporting actors in that drama. Great job PD-nim and writer-nim,also all the crew. I love this two episodes. Just love love love it.

    Even haters couldn’t find any excuse to hate this drama. Lols. I hope, this drama will go better each episode. No wonder both actors accepted the script.

    I dont think, ppl will say this one is overrated since encounter is really good. I havent praised any drama since mr sunshine. But this one is amazing. Fighting uri bogum and haekyo eonni. Let haters sit and stare.

  4. I’m loving it too..I hate noona-dongsaeng but so far they are doing good at ploting why the two would fall in love..I wish Cha So Hyun happiness already:)

  5. Loved this drama and its really hard to wait for a week for another episode. Am loving SHK and Bogummy pairing and for me their age gap actually made the story and them interesting. Production team also did a great job with everything, making it pleasung to watch. Of course main leads visuals are great factor toi

  6. After the mixed reviews from episode 1 I thought the ratings might drop just goes to show how things online are different from reality.the comments for episode two are positive and am glad cause I really love this drama.

  7. A simple yet beautiful story made special by great production crew and main leads. Bogummy and SHK’s acting made this drama heartwarming, interesting and special.

  8. I’m happy you like it too, miss koala.
    I watched it like four times already lol. SHK looks more prettier than before, I really love her character and PBG, OMG, he actually have the same hair’s style like Choi taek in here, but when he start talking, suddenly he doesnt look like choi taek at all. Idk how he did that, but thats amazing. he’s totally versatile actor and he’s really young. What a talent!

  9. The acting is amazing in this drama. I can totally sense their emotions through their facial expression. So much FEEL packed in that hour.

  10. I agree 100%. I had a feeling this drama would be good because the leads are incredible actors. So far it’s as captivating as I hoped it be. They’re professionals and good at what they do, so I’m looking forward to the next episodes!

  11. I just started watching and the first episode is great so far. But…the ex-MIL character and to a lesser extent her chaebol son have me a bit worried. Please PLEASE writer, take it easy with them.

  12. love it too, what a visual pleasing series.if the third episode ratings increases too then the sky is the limit and may have the potential to become the highest rated tvn series of all time. cant wait for next week.

  13. There are two main elements that contributed to the success of the first two episodes: the acting and the filming/directing. The story is not bad, but it is not outstanding. It would not be this successful if other actors played the characters and another director directed the drama.

  14. I wasn’t sold after watching the pilot episode, but after the second episode I’m truly and completely hooked! Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  15. Agree that the 2nd episode was better than the 1st one. I’m also hooked now and loving it.
    And I also agree that the main attraction are both actors. They are great and perfect for their roles, who could play the bubbly boy and the ice princess better than them? The story is simple but so far the introduction has been good so we care for the characters. And they are two nice and highly attractive people, so despite their differences in age and status, I can believe that these two would feel attracted to each other. So for me the conflict feels realistic enough to keep my interest.

  16. I liked Encounter and the first two episodes have set up the characters and story well. One complaint…a mean mom and ex-mom-in-law. Really.

    I will give a shout out to Live to Die. It is hilarious.

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