Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin in New Media Stills for Memories of Alhambra

It took me six episodes to get invested in Memories of Alhambra but better late than never. I really do love episode 6, it’s the only one I’ve felt the urge to rewatch and got more out of it the second time around especially the visceral fear yet tight control Hyun Bin is showcasing as Jin Woo. I hope the writing around female lead Hee Joo transforms into something with more mandate on her part, she’s lived a full and independent life before crossing paths with Jin Woo and now all she does is act and react to whatever is happening to Jin Woo. Park Shin Hye hasn’t livened up yet, her performance so far lacks the natural effortless charm that permeated Pinocchio. As an onscreen OTP I need more time to see if the two gell but their recent media promo photo shoot is an optimistic sign that they look great together.


Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin in New Media Stills for Memories of Alhambra — 51 Comments

  1. Hyun Bin is so handsome but why he’s not smiling. What happen to that beautiful smile he always put on. No chemistry or look good together. He needs someone who is special to make him smile again. Heart broken my Binnie look so forced.

  2. If compared to child actress kim so hyun.. she grow better and better in term of acting unlike PSH.For me PSH acting is still mediocre and her role is not challenging so far.

    • I know binnie fans will blame psh for this flop drama. Park shin hye part really short, you should blame binnie always have been flop project. Psh has more screen and doctor and that drama get 20% rating.

      • You must be crazy to keep talking trash about Hyun Bin. Everyone pays a fee to watch the drama so why it is wrong for people to voice their opinion. Park Shin Hye really is lacking in her performance because I don’t care if her characters is week or strong. She should at least make her performance more convincing. Like your opinions are nonsense and you still bark like a crazy dog so don’t watch if your don’t like Hyun Bin.

      • @Yasmi:
        Her opinions are nonsense, but so are yours. If you don’t care about her character then how do you know she isn’t convincing or lack something? At least Valentinozara is right about something – people LOVE to blame PSH and not look at how their own fave is doing.
        And honestly, has Kim Sohyun fans became tired of terrorizing Kim Yoojung and other child actresses and has now moved on to shit on older actresses? Her so-called critically acclaimed performances in her last two dramas has been really mediocre; she should work on getting a hit project before her fans try to shit on other people.

      • Typical Hyun Bin fan shitting on Park Shinhye. Your opinion is as nonsensical as Valentinozara so who are you calling crazy?

      • @Peniel stop blaming ksh fans for things they never did. This is definitely a ksh hater writing about ksh as a troll. Her fans have never terrorised anyone. They always mind their own business. Unlike other fandoms who try to hurt her. Let’s not question her acting because that’s the same as questioning the acting of bae doona or son ye jin. They have more flops than hits but their acting remains critically acclaimed.

      • My opinion stands om her acting. She was extremely mediocre in both Radio Romance and Ruler.
        You comparing Kim Sohyun to Son Yejin and Bae Doona is exactly what I am referring to when I say KSH fans are too arrogant and proud.

        It’s not just about flops or successes. Its true those two actresses have many flops BUT they also had many global hits and critical successes, and awards. KSH has… literally nothing but her fans claiming she’s the best. Wait till she wins a Baeksang or starred in an award-winning film before trying to compare her to older or more experienced actresses. For now, all her works are average rom-coms which are nothing to write home about.

        If y’all need someone to boast about, maybe changing your bias to Kim Hyanggi would be more credible. Considering she’s a true Blue Dragon award winner and has a critically acclaimed movie this year which she plays the lead.

  3. Ah binnie at least you should have hit project just like gong yoo. Flop movie and drama doesn’t good for your future career. Just look how birain get bashed from knetz for bad acting.

    • You do care and love Hyun Bin so much to keep following him although you try hard to deny that he’s making a good progress in this drama. What a hypocrisy. Go bsck to netizenbuzz to talk about Secret Garden and how Hyun Bin can’t get back to be like Kim Joo Won over there because that’s what you’re best at.

      • Arent you one of those dumbass Hyun Bin fans who love to blame his co-starsf for the failure of his projects?

      • Yasmi just like Ailee saying you dumbass and crazy hb fans who always blame female lead if his drama flop. Park shin hye part really small in this drama, she just like playing supporting role cause binnie always fight at the game. I still don’t understand why psh not accept where stars land that not bad project and the rating still good. At least you should look at binnie acting before blame ha ji min or psh for flop drama. That’s a reason why I hate him cause not fair only blame female lead.

  4. I really like the drama but I’m not a fan of those pictures. They looks meh on them when the both of them usualy are beautiful/handsome.

  5. Black hair colour suits Park Shin Hye.She looks gorgeous and it brings out her beautiful girl next door charm we have come to associaye her with.She should wear it more.

    Hyun Bin is a handsome man but these stills are not doing justice to his looks.I dont know why they insist on doing that middle part hair on him.It ages him alot and reduces his charisma.

    As for chemistry, I think it showed at their press conference before their drama aired.But this photoshoot..nah.He had a much better photoshoot with Son Ye Jin for vogue magazine not too long ago to promote that “negoitation” movie.This one is just photos of a handsome man and a pretty woman but no couple chemistry here.

    • Hands down if it was Ha Ji Won I doubt this photo shoot will be explosive with chemistry. He look so happy everytime Ji Won shows up just like during Rampant VIP premiere. Don’t you think so? The entertainment refused to give them another chance to start together. Hyun Bin look so force to be next to Park Shin Hye. I know everyone who see this shootin think the same. Not to be mean but Park Shin Hye look so old and somehow not attractive knowing she’s still very young.

      • Maybe Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s might have an affair together and are a close door couples as all Secret Garden fans are rejoicing to the world… Both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s actions speak pretty much about them having interest in one another. So if it’s true in Sega world and for all Ha Ji Won’s fans who are ploud. Hyun Bin must of care about his reputation of being a loyal boyfriend to Song Hye Kyo and treasure her more than anything in the world to still deny any feelings for Ha Ji Won until now. That means Ha Ji Won is just someone he have dated but never wish to be attached with or link with him. That’s so rude and sad if it’s my favorite actress. That means she is nothing important to him. The one he truly love he shows and claim to the whole world that it’s his girl. As I have read from many Sega fans: Hyun Bin don’t want anyone to know about them and is willing to pay dispatch and all the news outlets to cover Ha Ji Won. That’s even more messed up for all the Sega and Ha Ji Won’s fans who are happy that he really love her. Ha Ji Won’s fans and the whole Sega fans are making her look so unworthy and pathetic but still claim people are jealous to deny all.

        I felt bad for Ha Ji Won already for being call names from others. You and the whole Sega shippers still have the high horse to bashed other actress he starts with. Have some respect for Ha Ji Won if you are her true fans. Stop going around in all his post to start shit about his costars. Make people dislike Secret Garden and Ha Ji Won even more. You can just admit that you are jealous he is now closed to Park Shin Hye and acknowledge her presence around him very much.

      • No thanks Ha Jiwon is fugly. PSH isnt the prettiest but she is more charming.
        Actually anyone would be better than old hag Ha Jiwon.

      • Omg…ha ji won again? Don’t you realize hyun bin type of girl? She must be as beautiful as song hye kyo or kang so ra. That’s it.

      • @ewwSG1023 Your Park Shin Hye is a slut. She was caught sleeping with tons of guys by news outlets. While my Queen is gorgeous, forever young, pure and never have any scandals. You must be deaft and blind; even Hyun Bin said it himself Ha Ji Won is the most purest woman and cleanest person. Hyun Bin is an upright person who never lies so why trashed talk about Ha Ji Won. If she is a slut like your Park Shin Hye why isn’t there any scandal of her anywhere. Don’t use my name because you’re disgusting.

      • Haha brainless hoe you must sell yourself so much in the prositution house or getting fcked by your own father that you lost your brain cells. PSH is naturally popular while your bias HJW is unwanted and only know how to sell her body to get Hyun Bin’s attention. Too bad HB moved on from her rotten body now ewww

  6. I love this drama but please don’t go into romance because that’s not what I seek for. I want the direction to go straight to the AR game. Today’s episode is also dragging like 5 and 6. I’m disappointed. Please make episode 8 interesting.

  7. I am laughing for the immature , ridiculous , jealous, ignorant comments . Lol!

    Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin look hot beautiful together. Match well!
    The drama is so well received Worlwide, shaking the traditional dramaland, so the jealousy and ignorance are well understand . It is a drama for people with brain that can think and reasoning. Critical think is the key! Use it, you still have time to training your brains. Watch the drama, it is a good exercise for your dormant brains! ?

    • It’s consider flop with big name actor and actress and big budget only get 7% rating. And sky castle was massive hit rating 11% now with non big name actor/actress.

      • aigooo…
        @Valentinozara you are such a freak.
        Go comment at your favorite drama Sky castle or whatever rather than being here and there at another drama’s article.
        I pity you…for having such a bad side in you.

    • Well it’s not like some random people here saying its a flop means it is.
      The people who comments here are known for spewing either nonsense or hate so I wouldn’t take their word for it.

  8. The pair looks really cute and I’m looking forward to the coming episodes of MoA. I want to see more romance 🙂

    Cannot believe some of the comments in this section. I send some love from here to Ha Ji Won who’s very charismatic actress and likely 100 times more beautiful and good person than those who are trying to insult her here.

  9. Never found Ha Ji Won appealing or all that but all these slam is dam harsh. Her fans really need to stop comparing her to all Hyun Bin’s co-stars. Not everyone find her perfect so this is quite sad. Leason learn if you have no respect for other actresses then don’t expect people will have the same for your bias. People these days can be so savages.

    Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye look great in these shots. I look forward to tomorrow episode.

  10. Why do I’ve a feeling someone is pretending to be a SG fan. Everytime, when there is news of Hyun Bin, this someone will being up HJW just to get ppl to bash on her. Please get a life!

    I feel the harsh bashing are so full of hate and it is very alarming to hate someone you don’t even know.

    Anyhow, why can’t people stick to the topic. PSH is alright but I don’t see much chemistry. This drama is really a one man show to me and it’s Hyun Bin most outstanding performance so far.

    • No lol that brainless fan actually tried to advertise her instagram account here which has delusional shipping materials. But I think the account either got reported or she shut it down due to hate comments LOL

  11. I don’t know why people even bother to get tense up by these stupid Secret Garden fans… I never understand the hype and beauty of Ha Ji Won so I could careless about her or her fans. People could say whatever they want about Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. As long as I see their chemistry and enjoy the drama then that’s what matter. To tired of seeing comments like Oh only Ha Ji Won is the best actress Hyun Bin have collaborate with and have chemistry with. Some effing disrespectful people. I love Hyun Bin as an actor and have seen more disrespectful and disgusting comments about his other co-stars he’d pair up with from Ha Ji Won’s fans. To be honest some of his co-stars are way beautiful and more talented than Ha Ji Won but their fans are not ignorant people that usually go about talking shit about others like Ha Ji Won’s fans.

  12. For goodness sake, can the SG fans stop you act already. Always bringing up HJW in HB articles just invites the ire of other actress fans. Because of you immature comments, HJW is dragged through the mud. Believe what you will about HJW and HB. They are actors people. It’s their job. Why are you so pressed?
    WHATEVER you say, MOA is trending right now, it has the interest of many people and the leads are rocking their character. As for chemistry, for us viewers of MOA, it smolders actoss the scene and they are not yet romantically-centered at that.

  13. I was passing by as i’m a long time reader of this blog when i saw this post . I watched MOA , it wasn’t my cup of tea so i moved to another drama . Why comparing dramas, actors, …There are enough dramas for everyone liking. Who cares if the drama is a hit or not . the most important thing is the happiness we get from watching a drama and actors that we like.

  14. HB in actions are so kill!
    I’m glad that they don’t show much romance and naive scene, my gosh this is drama i’ve been lookin’ for up this year!they have actions, thirller, fantasy,
    and sparks of love too, eventhough HB don’t realize is (yet)
    I wonder about chan exo as PSH brother he’s still alive, but stuck in the game?can’t come out?oh please gimme more eps quickly
    anyway, PSH looking soo natural beautiful here…especially the scene when she is run chasing HB by the train, seems classic naive, but emotional

  15. I think MoA is more of a slow-burn romance than Encounter. Ex couple SHK and HB up against each other ha ha. Love both shows! Preview for next episode of MoA ups the romance. HB is the best!

  16. I like how they balance the game and romance part in the drama. The only part which I feel is extra is Jin-woo’s second wife like what is she there for?
    MoA is one of the most interesting dramas this year. Look forward to next week.

  17. When are some of these ‘disgusting’ comments that are frequent here gonna be removed? Seriously the thread has taken a turn for the worse when name calling and filthy innuendoes are thrown around and actresses names are dragged through the mud slinging for some of the imbeciles here! You know who who are and I’m ashamed that Koala allows your comment to stay @ reignsg1023 but moreso @eww1023 and @hajiwonsucks. Unacceptable; rude and downright childish. Grow up please and remember where you’re at and have a dose of healthy respect for the rest of us that have to read your nonsense.

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