Episodes 7-8 of Memories of Alhambra Stays Ratings Steady as Jin Woo’s Quest Remains the Central Focus

This weekend’s episode 7-8 of Memories of Alhambra got me interest back fully and completely building upon the better episodes 5-6 from last week. But the caveat is that this drama no longer has any hope of a meaningful romance for me and the sole narrative is Jin Woo’s quest – his mistakes and the need (literally his life is also at stake) to correct it, or at least to pay a penance for it. The game is just a stand in for how mess up Jin Woo’s personal life choices were before he clicked play and now his only purpose in life is to find Hee Joo’s younger brother the game master Se Joo and hopefully that can break the fantasy cycle of his nemesis appearing daily in game to try and kill him. Hee Joo is such a waste of screen time, once again she spends the majority of both episodes crying and then rightfully hating on Jin Woo. No way the remaining 8 episodes can make these two OTP. If there is any OTP it would be Jin Woo and his secretary who are now in game partners and the only other person who can see what plagues Jin Woo and doesn’t think he’s crazy.


Episodes 7-8 of Memories of Alhambra Stays Ratings Steady as Jin Woo’s Quest Remains the Central Focus — 35 Comments

  1. Hi Ms.Koala, I’m confused and wondering if you really watched this drama carefully that you are now mistaking the name of Hyun Bin’s character – Yoo Jin Woo – not Jin Hyuk. LOL
    And one more thing I have to say that also in ep 8, Jin Woo admitted that Hee Joo’s tears is meaningful for him.

    • LOL Jinhyuk is Encounter’s male lead, maybe thats why.
      And yeah in episode 8 it was Jin Woo who proactively went to look for Hee Joo, and told her he misses her. So I wonder why can’t they be OTP.

    • Sorry, super jet lagged but fixed now! I did watch the whole drama carefully, just totally swapped male lead names when I was writing the post lol.

      • OmG I feel you Miss koala… We share the same thought no one can bring the beast out of Hyun Bin like Ha Ji Won did when comes to having chemistry with him. I know you’re not into this drama as all Sega fans too. All these people are weird and bias. Secret Garden is his best works and best couple that’s why people always shit talk about Ha Ji Won.

  2. I like Jin woo’s attitude that “in a crazy game (world), you survive the crazy way” I completely get him abt why he went for days without rest at the game to level up. The need for a gun is real.
    I’m watching this completely for Jin woo and his arc
    Similarly to you, I don’t feel for the OTP
    Perhaps Hyun Bin can win me over slowly for the romance (as long as Hee Joo stop crying for goodness sake) because those eyes he makes and the vulnerability he’s showing just makes me feel anyone should just hug him. I actually squee when the little sis hug him and he smiled. He does really need some love. These are small moments – the little sis doesn’t get a lot of screen time but she makes every second work for her character – Great job for a young talent!

  3. We need sign a petition to the writers. For god’s sakes, Hee-joo, STOP CRYING and DO something to find your OWN damn brother. Utter disgust here for this wasted wasted screen time. What is going on? Aren’t most of the viewers women, or does the game aspect (HELLO – “I am working on an R rated version of Emma,” comment.) bring in more boys?

    I do love the fact that the secretary is playing, too. He is not a hard core gamer, and may be regretting his option to stop sitting in the car and join in.

    I love PSH, but it’s time for her to die on screen and make her the reason for JW to triumph just like the olden days of hero yore. She serves zero purpose right now. Being pretty/sweet is over.

    • I think aside from the AR experience, the writer is trying to go deep into jin woo’s life. This isnt only about the game. It’s also about the the lead’s struggle to find love. Actually she has served the very purpose her character was created,for jin woo to experience the kind of love he needed. Her tears meant a lot to him because someone truly cared about him,unlike his first two wives who betrayed him. As we can see Jin woo’s character doesnt need a partner for the quest. What he needed was someone who had the love he truly wanted from a wife. I wouldnt know anyone who would marry the second time if he never felt the need for love.

      • Phew! At last I’ve found someone who has the same mindset as me! I totally agree with you! This PSH certainly did the purpose & that is to see HB ‘fighting’ all the way for himself & for her too… hopefully, they’ll end up together…

      • Agree. I think the writer is trying to send a message through Jin-woo’s messed up life about game addiction.

    • yaa i think so too that the purpose of PSH character hee jo is to let Jin woo feel genuine care and love from someone not because of his status and money but because someone truly cares for him. Maybe she is the one thats keeping him sane and grounded after all the craziness he is experiencing because of the game.

  4. I love both episode though it’s a bit slow and dragging because I’m one of the few who’s not in for the romance. I’m in for the AR game and the action. Jin Woo is enough to take me on a journey in this drama. That little exchange line with Hee Ju “I missed you” is enough to make my heart jump so no need for a kiss scene or anything else. Hehe I surely died!… Hyun Bin look too dreaming and his voice is so soothing. He’s finally level 90 so hopefully next week episode is full of more adventure and mystery. Pro Cha and Director Park look so fishy. They’re on to kicking Jin Woo out.

  5. Ep 7-8 was better than ep 5-6. I like that the game is explained a bit more. SJ is still lost though.

    I do feel that HJ does not serve any weight to the story as of ep 8. If her character is not there, the show can still go on. JW can just focus on finding SJ to reveal the mystery of the game or to free himself from zombie cha’s attack. No need for the ‘i will find your younger bro for your sake’ arc.

    I like minjoo. She makes JW happy. His face lights up when he is with her. If they went the other route and made this an ahjusshi-school girl partnership, playing the game to find big bro, that might be kinda cute.

    Until now, i have no idea why zombie cha keeps popping up. Even more clueless that even secretary seo can see zombie cha and feel real pain from his attacks. The writer better come up with good reasoning for zombie cha’s existence.

  6. I feel differently.

    Ep 8 is the turning point for me for Hee Joo and the potential romance.
    Unlike the earlier epidodes, Hee Joo’s tears in the latest ep is justified (for Se Ju) and believable.

    Right from ep 1, she is a crybaby and her friend Sang Beom even commented that she’s weak in that way in the early epidodes:, so at least this characteristic is consistent.

    As for the romance (or lack of it), fine for me as in the circumstances that HJ and JW are in, I don’t expect to see overt romantic interest from either or expect them to even fall in love. athe pacing is right. I think their common quest to find Se Ju will bring them closer and the romance will develop.

    I hope Hee Joo will join in the game but not as a damsel in distress though.

    • just to add that I also like that Hee Joo is sharp enough to suspect that something’s amiss with her brother and suspect that the emails could have been sent by Jin Woo.

  7. After what we have seen so far, I think that the romance will be subtle. Hee Joo’s purpose in the story seems to be a reminder to Jin Woo of what love and human warmth is, something to long for and maybe pursue after he’s out of this mess.
    Too sad that we will not see Park Shin Hye turning into an action hero in the AR game and save everyone…but what was I expecting? This is a kdrama after all… Anyway, I’m finding this show and Jin Woo’s struggle quite engaging, I feel his pain and root for him to win and get out of the game.

    • i agree with you i am anticipating that PSH will have action scenes playing the AR game with HB but my hopes were not that high anymore. She’s good in her action scenes in Doctors and Black Heartened.

  8. As someone said, Hee Joo first time cried for an actually valid reason in episode 8. The script writer is a woman but there is not even one single female engineer, game developer, marketing manager or otherwise in a position where academic expertise and experience would play a role. All we’ve seen is an ex-wife who dumps Jinwoo for unspecified reason just to go fuck with Jinwoo’s bestie (ex-bestie) and become pregnant and then crying throughout.

    Then we see Hee Joo who cries for the most dumbest reasons just to give Jinwoo’s character some growth and leverage. The line ’’your tears meant a lot to me’’ was so gross, like the whole existence of Hee Joo is there to make him change. I won’t criticize Hee Joo for being emotional because there’s nothing wrong in showing emotions. Her character is just so damn inconsistent and lots of things don’t make any sense. Since when did she start to notice that Se Joo is missing and an impostor is writing those e-mails? Any sane person would have started doubting, wanted to talk on phone or video call but she fucking moved back to Korea without her barely 18 yeas old brother. Wtf is wrong with her?
    Then we see another ex-wife, a typical actress diva who sheds a few stereotypical fake tears and sleeps around with her manager and plays a saint old wife. Why would Jinwoo marry her? This is not consistent either. We also get to see how professor Cha talks disrespectfully to his wife by shutting her up in the church with no respect. Professor Cha also implies that Jinwoo’s first ex-wife is a slut and she just quietly takes all the insults and predisposes her baby to his shitty behavior, babies can sense when they are loved or hated you see. Song Jae Jung is the biggest disappointment of the year when it comes to writing female characters. Forget about writing female game developers, engineers or gamers. The women in this drama didn’t have to be any of those things. But all of the female characters have been weak, unprofessional and absolutely every single one of them have revolved around ONE dick. How pathetic is that kind of writing? I kept on giving this drama chances but we’re already half way through, episode 8, and we see absolutely no signs of character growth. Hee Joo has grown some balls but she’s still acting helpless, she’s clueless, she lets Jinwoo and that insufferable Sang Beom oppa call her naive and dumb, she breaks down every now and then. All she is in the game is a pretty npc and even the ugly game developer wants to dress her in R-rated clothes. Like really? Was that supposed to make Hee Joo sound sexier for the viewers? Not arousing at all, more like creepy. There has not been even one single episode where she hasn’t been crying. Quite frankly, it’s irritating as hell, I know PSH could do better but I don’t understand why she chose this drama? They could have put literally ANY actress here to act Hee Joo and it still would have turned out the same.

    Hee Joo and Jinwoo have no chemistry -thank goodness because their entire relationship was based on a damn lie and they just are not compatible. I don’t even understand why Jinwoo was written to be sexually experienced, successful business man turned into a jaded drug and alcohol abuser but still looking just like he used to look like and still being the CEO while Hee Joo is implied to have no dating experience (Like really? The bitch is 28 already, lived in Spain), gullible as hell although she’s been managing the entire family for years.

    And now suddenly after 1 year finally when Hee Joo start asking about her own damn brother, a thing she should have done the day he didn’t come to Granada as he told he would, Se Joo sends a message to Jin Woo. Arghh the sheer stupidity of this drama is irritating. I could have let this foot logic pass but the way EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE FEMALE CHARACTERS is written is outdated, sexist and pure bullshit. Song Jae Jung has NO EXCUSE for writing this kind of bs in 2018. Mark my words, she’s going to make PSH do a deer in headlights kiss. I thought PSH wanted to get rid of that melo image? Why did she choose this shit then? She should take some notes from her contemporaries who are choosing characters that are not candies and decorations. Hyun Bin.. he doesn’t know to play anything else but CEOs and chaebols. Who cares about the CGI when the story falls short? I guess this drama has its audience, those who care about visuals and those who care about what happens in the game. Unfortunately for those who wanted to see an actual plot will have to get disappointed. And PSH fans, before you jump on my throat, I’m still not shitting on your PSH, HB fans, learn to take criticism. PSH’s crying is quite overacted and over the top too because she cries for the smallest reasons. If you remove PSH’s character, the drama would actually be better. When people said that this drama was like Love O2O before it aired, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Zheng Shuang was actually proactive, an intelligent female character who didn’t serve as a prop who cried every now and then. She was an intelligent gamer herself. Pity that Song Jae Jung screwed up in writing female characters.

  9. I have been a silent reader in this blog for the longest time even I like a drama or hated it. It’s always nice to read fans reviews on how they feel about a drama or films.

    Memories of Alhambra is just so good: though Park Shin Hye’s character is very weak and always cry. I have no problem with how the writer’s want to make her that way. She is supposed to be a different personality from both his ex-wives. The life savor of Jin Woo’s miserable life. It’s pretty understandable, but if only Park Shin Hye can get the part right and connect to Hee Ju’s character. Make her come to life than Hee Ju won’t be too much of a waste space. Park Shin Hye is lacking in her performance and come off unnatural. I also don’t like Jin Woo’s character on the paper but Hyun Bin is really good; he became Jin Woo and connect to the character. He brought Jin Woo to life. Is able to make the audience understand his reason and direction where he’s coming from. Since he outshine Park Shin so bad in this drama make Jin Woo himself can carry the whole drama alone.

    For the romance aspects, it’s perfect where it is because with all the complications Jin Woo is facing I don’t expect him to fall in love so fast. His character might be a pure jerk but is a clever jerk with logic. Hyun Bin’s superb performance make Jin Woo lovable and Charming in a cold way. Which I can’t find myself to hate him.

    I looked for to this unpredictable fun adventure of the story and hope he’ll find Se Ju soon because he’s at the perfect level now. It’s cool how the secratary is now playing the game too: as Jin Woo’s back up. The highlight of episode 8. I’m dying for all the episodes to finish airing. Have never been so investd in a drama like this one. Hyun Bin is love.

  10. Hands down Hyun Bin’s best drama and performance since his dabute. I don’t care if people feel their chemistry or not as long as I see it. He have the best chemistry with Han Ji Min and now with Park Shin Hye. Just the way he look at them give me this intense sensation… Like he really wants them but have to hold back. I won’t add Song Hye Kyo thought there chemistry is on the next level because they are a real couple during that time.

    Cheering for this slow burn chemistry couple and MOA.?????????

  11. I am ok with some romance. PSH crying is always annoying. I am more interested in the AR gaming and the bromance. I always thought his secretary is really cool, now he looks more and more attractive with each episode. HB is so hot ?

  12. The reason why this drama is not rating than expected,and despite everybody says its good, Because they make PSH character too weak and served no purposed. I like a drama who has strong female lead. People who are watching drama majority is woman.

    • Well yeah by episode 7 people on Naver are complaining about the excessive action scenes and lack of coherent storyline. Comments got better when they started to show Heejoo exposing Jinwoo’s schemes. Too bad they had to make Heejoo a crying mess after that.

  13. The editing for Moa is so weak.
    Half the show has passed and the storyline hasn’t really moved, except for a few cliffhangers here and there. I also have no idea what’s the storyline supposed to be – finding Se-joo? Because every damn episode people is asking why isn’t his family looking for him.

    Also, PSH’s character is pretty damn useless. Even if Emma turns out to be invincible, it’s already too late since people are already annoyed by Heejoo. They should have showed Emma earlier and not like…when the drama is ending. Let’s not even mention how almost all the female characters in the show exists to serve as Jin-woo’s love interests.

    Overall I find it a very weak drama even though the material is fresh. Hyun Bin’s excellent performance is the only saving grace. Too bad for PSH, she showed so much potential in Pinocchio and Doctors this feels like a major step back (although I would understand if she picked this just to work with HB).

  14. The romance between PSH and HB in MOTA is my favorite part. I’m getting tired of the long fighting sequences. I hope the romance aspect increases. Loving the two performances of the leads as well.

  15. I am enjoying the drama right now. It is so good, fresh and different. I enjoyed the AR, game experience, bromance between JW and secretary Seo. But I agree with others that female characters in this drama are unbelievably annoying. I meant the ex wives. As for HJ,like what she said in ep 8, she needs to do something for us to even care about her. When I first saw her as Emma in the cafe, I really wished she would be something , a purpose to be in the game. But it way passed level 5 we didn’t get to see her anymore. At least in W, Yoon joo is Kang Chul savior.
    From my experience watching W which I loved so much, I expecting more plot twist to come, I just hope the writer is ready to give answers before the drama ends.

  16. I have been a Shin Hye fan since Trees of Heaven and don’t know how happy I am to see her work alone side a great veteran actor like Hyun Bin. He is the most versatile actor I have seen in the Korean entertainment from the big screen to the small screen. It just felt so refreshing to see her with him because I’m pretty sure she’ll learn more from him as an actor. I was never disappointed in this drama and her character though many fans are complaining about her character is very weak. She wanted to work with him so I support her decision no matter what. They do have chemistry and are comfortable with each other on and off the screen. I love every moment of them behind the scenes. I’m hope after this drama they’ll have another project again. The wait for this drama to air is so torturing.

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