Episode 9 of Memories of Alhambra Kicks into High Gear as Jin Woo Goes Back to Granada to Save Se Joo

Episode 9 of Memories of Alhambra is officially supreme DAEBAK! Like, this is what I was waiting for and wanted from this drama and it’s here and every moment of Jin Woo playing the life-and-death AR game is tense and gripping. It doesn’t even matter anymore that the romance element with Hee Joo is nonexistent and their interactions are the least screentime of a major drama OTP I can remember. Park Shin Hye can wait for her next drama to get a worthy role, for now she’s crying less (still crying though) and more importantly the AR game mystery took a giant step forward in explaining Se Joo’s disappearance. Jin Woo correctly surmised that Se Joo killed Marco in battle leading to Marco dying in real life, and thereafter Marco shows up to battle Se Joo the same way Hyun Seok keeps tormenting Jin Woo to battle. Now Jin Woo has to go back to the beginning in Granada to find Se Joo. This drama is soooooo cool and Hyun Bin as Jin Woo is still killing it (pun intended).



Episode 9 of Memories of Alhambra Kicks into High Gear as Jin Woo Goes Back to Granada to Save Se Joo — 20 Comments

  1. Yes this episode is really good. The OTP screentime together was very short but meaningful. I love all the characters in the show. Hyun Bin is kickass. ?

  2. Hyun Bin is wonderful in this and the story is getting more thrilling, I cannot ask for more.
    It’s a pity that there is little room for romance because I like Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye together.

  3. Hyun Bin is truly killing it in his role as Jin Woo. Can’t imagine anyone else playing this role now. I experience all his anxiety, fear, hope and etc with him because he’s so good at conveying them.

  4. This drama was ridiculous!!!How can park hoon live again and again. Poor him always repeated same scene. This zombie drama or what?? Even people on naver saying hyun bin acting was creepy and save secretary almost 3k upvote saying that!! How can people here saying his acting was good etc blah…

    • Lol, that 3k comment is saying HB’s acting gave them goose bumps because it was GOOD. Try not using google trans the next time you want to sound smart.

      • But the rating doesn’t good at all. You can keep saying good thing about him doesn’t help in rating lols.

    • really ?? because episode 10 just hit 9,207% the highest ratings for the drama so far lol please get your infos right before hating and talking nonsense.

    • @Valentinozara – are you truly into SK ratings? You just want to troll, don’t you?? Quote me some NETFLIX ratings. We are all iFans. Don’t pretend you care about the SK rating while you are not even Korean!! Geez. Happy New Year!

  5. Gotta learn to breathe when watching JW it’s so amped up right now okay I need to go watch something fluffy to calm the nerves. MOA is rocking it.

  6. happy that they hit 9.2% last night the top article even had upvotes of 10k *SPOILER* mourning the secretary’s death. this drama is great but i hope the ending won’t fizzle out weirdly like W. hyun bin is too good.

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