tvN Drama Romance is a Bonus Book Releases Teaser Homage to the Beauty of Book Binding

The upcoming tvN drama Romance is a Bonus Book has a potential to be a total bibliophile’s wet dream. The first teaser certainly gave me shivers for how it lovingly frames the traditional booking binding with needle, thread, and press. Narrated by male lead Lee Jong Seok, thank god he has a good voice to match the dreamy book lover visuals. We won’t know until the first previews of the drama arrive to see how the chemistry is between Lee Jong Seok and his costar Lee Na Young which still seems like a weird pairing but some of my trepidation has lessened with the adorable drama posters released earlier this week.

Teaser for Romance is a Bonus Book:


tvN Drama Romance is a Bonus Book Releases Teaser Homage to the Beauty of Book Binding — 6 Comments

  1. That’s a pass for me. So sick to death of these castings that get all hyped up and I’m a huge sucker to fall for it then it’s all downhill from there when the so called chemistry doesn’t ignite sparks and the scriptwriting goes all hairy. However good luck to LSJ and LNY in their drama premiere.

  2. LJS is my fav, but he always acted as same person in his drama, and I got bored now. But will give it try. And I dont think this is overhyped drama, since his prev drama was total flop.

  3. LJS looking the same and acting yet again genius? At least he’ll be more than a cameo than his ex-fwb PSH in her latest drama..

  4. It’s too early to say anything based on this teaser, non? Let’s see more of the actual drama first. I will give it a chance despite both leads not my fav.

  5. I enjoyed both the posters and the teaser. Both transmit a bright and warm vibe. This only increases my expectations. I’m hoping that the next teaser will allow us to see a nice flash of the chemistry between LJS and LNY. ?

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