Blackpink’s Jennie and EXO’s Kai Confirmed Dating After Becoming Dispatch’s Annual Jan 1 Reveal

Korean tabloid Dispatch has dropped so many January 1 dating reveals complete with surveillance pictures this year feels like a given and the reaction from the fans of the two stars in question seem so muted and mature. This year’s couple as the first confirmed K-star dating news of 2019 is Blackpink‘s Jennie and EXO‘s Kai, an idol pairing and a cross agency pairing with her from YG and him under SM Entertainment. SM has confirmed the dating news while YG has stayed silent which is basically confirming so congrats to young love. These two look very compatible and it’ll be cute if they can make it last.


Blackpink’s Jennie and EXO’s Kai Confirmed Dating After Becoming Dispatch’s Annual Jan 1 Reveal — 9 Comments

  1. It’s such a weird and disturbing practice to reveal a couple as a new year’s tradition. It’d be one thing if it was planned with their consent like a magazine cover or web exclusive announcing their relationship but no, it has to be this way. I bet a bunch of secret celeb couples are breathing a sigh of relief which is sad. Whether the public “approves” and feels like the couple “matches” (blegh), the whole thing is just so off.

  2. I don’t really care who idols date however disappointed with the timing of this news. If she had time to date, she could have at least shown her fellow BlackPink members some respect by not being so lazy at gigs.

  3. Gosh this overshadowed Lee Sun Bin and Lee Kwang Soo news pretty fast. SM confirmed the news of Kai and Jennie but YG were still on the fence. I’m so happy for them because Exo and BP are my 2 fav groups even at my age. Hopefully it will all settle down until the next breaking dating news reveal.

  4. Incoming ‘Break up’ News. When the news first leaked that Dispatch were going to release a dating couple, it was stated as a Top actor and a popular idol girl group member with a big age difference so I was expecting something much juicer! This news is disappointing as break up news will come.

  5. publicity stunt – and who cares about these 2 – it’s not that they are going to marry or something. I don’t know why I don’t like her, she seems so haughty – just my 2 cents – I’m not a troll, so peaceful year everyone and let’s enjoy high quality entertaining content. Thank you

  6. Jennie is ‘it’ girl in K music industry nowadays. Her solo single did very well. Exo is one of the most popular male groups in korea. Of course bp is also top 2 female group. No wonder, this news overshadowed kwangsoo and lee soobin since jennie is way more popular than lee soobin.

    Plus big fandom of exo and bp. For non kpoppers or international drama fans, this news isnt something wow, but for koreans and especially kpoppers, this was a hugeeee news. Bcuz of this news, kai’s ex gf, krystal of fx also being trending topic.

    Plus YG and SM.

    Well chukae, but i hope this wont have any effect on blackpink’s career. Jennie is YG’s princess, she’ll be alright. And she works as idol for hobby. Her parents are rich. I hope the other 3 members will also be alright.

  7. this is good for Blackpink future , right?
    I remember back then, Dara mentioned that YG idols are banned to date for 4 years after debut, or is this an exception since she’s currently the YG princess.???? and with all the issues about her lazy performance when performing with the group , i dont what to say, but i think Blinks will defend her again as usual.

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