Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo to Headline jTBC Adaptation of Legal High Taking Over the Fri-Sat Time Slot from Sky Castle

The buzziest drama to end 2018 is hands down jTBC Fri-Sat series Sky Castle with raves about the story line and acting, so the drama to take over will be in a prime spot to pick up the tailwind. The network has lined up the K-drama adaptation of hit J-dorama Legal High, so popular it had a season 2 which also did fantastic ratings with leads Sakai Masato and Aragaki Yui. The K-version has lined up its opposites work well together duo with Jin Goo as the veteran lawyer who doesn’t play by the books and Seo Eun Soo as his justice seeking partner foil.  Jin Goo was originally going to do action drama Prometheus but everyone has since jumped ship from the big budget mess so it’s a smart move to pick a drama with a successful story track record. It’s also nice to see Seo Eun Soo get her leading moment after she’s been a solid supporting actress especially mostly recently in Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky


Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo to Headline jTBC Adaptation of Legal High Taking Over the Fri-Sat Time Slot from Sky Castle — 13 Comments

  1. Seo Eun Soo got knocked off mid way through HMSFFTS so I didn’t get to really see her in full capacity as an actress. Jin Goo yeah nah. Another J remake okay I’m impressed with their drama and film offerings lately so I might check out the J version but that would be about it.

  2. I know none of these actors, but something tells me they cannot match the Japanese main cast.

    Sorry, Legal High is one of my all time favourite dramas ever. I may or may not be biased.

  3. i only watched SES in my golden life.and her acting was weak in MGL.not sure if she improved.
    definitely cant imagine JG to play the sakai masato character in this drama.

  4. Seo Eun Soo doesn’t have the charisma for a main lead. I watched in different dramas now and she’s not bad but her way to speak doesn’t sound natural. In Top Management, the both leads were pretty bland.

  5. I’m sorry to use this post to highlight the female lead offer has been extended to Seolhyun from AOA for ‘My Country’ with Yang Se Jong and Woo Doo Hwan and she is positively reviewing it. Argghhhhhhhhh okay got it off my chest my apologies all. No comment and another drama I was excited about and I have now abandoned. Will not watch it even if I was paid.

    • She’s not worse than Suzy. It’s hard to judge because she was good in the second roles she took in movies. But for a main role, it’s different. At least, she already played in a historic movie, so it will not be her first one and she has a natural face that doesn’t look weird in historic stories.

      • I think her and Suzy are on par with their acting and although My country is sageuk she is going up against YSJ and WDH and it’s not exactly promising if she is still tethering on borderline ‘improved’ and again there are a whole tonne of better K actresses around that would be better suited but I guess idol celeb status sells so who am I to argue with.

  6. Sakai Masato and Aragaki Yui are wonderful in Legal High and full of charisma, and the Japanese drama is so quirky and funny…not sure this couple can make it work.

  7. Now I’m pissed off to the max can someone please explain how the hell did that minion Seo Eun Soo laud it over Chae Jung Ann as lead or am I getting my wires crossed yet again? K casting is going through a peculiar dark phase I feel with some of these mis casts lately. Thank goodness J, TW and C dramas offer some consolation.

  8. I’m not so sure about this. What stand out from Legal High was that everyone are so “weird”.
    Weird and quirky characters never do well in kdrama (see Cantabile Tomorrow for example). If they tone down everyone or make them “normal”, it wouldn’t be Legal High.
    If they want to adapt popular legal jdorama, why don’t they adapt Kimutaku’s Hero. I’m sure it more doable.

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