Zombies Run Amok in Second Scary Tense Teaser for Netflix Drama Kingdom

I thought I would be all zombie-d out by now with a surfeit of zombie shows from Hollywood to Asia but it appears I have the appetite for one more, namely the upcoming Netflix 8-episode drama Kingdom. Adapted from a manhwa by the screenwriter Kim Eun Hee of Signal, 3 Days, and Sign, the story revolves around Joo Ji Hoon‘s crown prince of Joseon dealing with a resurrected king and a quickly collapsing populace afflicted by a disease that turns them into human munching monsters. The drama is the second Joseon era zombie tale to arrive after the Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun movie Outbreak but Kingdom looks likely to succeed with the extra length of a drama to flesh out characters and backstory. Check out the awesome second teaser below with handy English subtitles thanks to being a Netflix drama.

Second teaser for Kingdom:


Zombies Run Amok in Second Scary Tense Teaser for Netflix Drama Kingdom — 5 Comments

  1. I have high expectation for this drama because Netflix already announced last year that there will be a second season. Excited!

  2. Can’t wait…Netflix is my lifesaver for K Dramas here in Australia…We are isolated from most of it because of our own large industry but luckily we get this great stuff and tremendous visuals.Good work netflix with English subtitled K Dramas.?

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