Lee Seung Gi and Park Min Young Cohost the 2019 Golden Disk Awards

I thought all the K-ent awards show were over but 2019 is a mere 5 days in and we have the 2019 Golden Disk Awards to kick off the trophies of this year, or maybe extend the awards ceremony glut from December. My interest in this music awards is purely that the producers got actor-singer-variety star Lee Seung Gi and actress Park Min Young to host, providing a chance to see the two paired together. In the dozen or so actors and actresses from that generation, these two haven’t done a drama or movie yet so its only a matter of time. I think they would make a compelling romantic OTP but for this awards ceremony they are hilariously mismatched in outfit color scheme, texture, and style. Still they are both charming and very easy on the eyes, and hopefully did a nice job MCing the event.


Lee Seung Gi and Park Min Young Cohost the 2019 Golden Disk Awards — 18 Comments

  1. They have great chemistry and where chatting and joking around which is nice to see. They’re on netflix variety show “Busted” together so I’m anticipating their chemistry. I lowkey ship them tho. ?

  2. I think they did well. Both seem experienced enough from hosting various events in the past so I thought it went smoothly. Too bad their stylists didn’t coordinate with each other. I love PMY’s dress on the red carpet and the blue one towards the end. LSG is very charming so even though I’m not crazy about his suit, I thought he still carried it well.

    After seeing them together, I do hope they can work together in a drama/movie soon. Perhaps a melo genre for them

  3. They were trending first in Naver search , (won over ikon that won daesang and GDA itself).because of most netizens really love their mc-ing skills and feels their chemistry together.

  4. She’s much better than jo boah. Sorry no offense but jo boah in sbs gayo daejun was so stiff. Neither a fan of both actresses, but this award has chosen the right actress to host this show. Of course, seunggi is one of the professional hosts.

    And chukaeeee love scenario as song of the year. I mean, this is the legit soty in this past years. Most of soty based on group’s popularity yet love scenario is different.

    Btw who’s gonna mc-ing the 2nd day?

  5. Why didn’t they get Suzy to co host? Good opportunity to plug Vagabond since they’re releasing the trailers so early. LSG looks good with anyone paired with him. I liked his cameo in The Producers I thought he was so cute in that being the effervescent nice guy.

    • Our Suzette has become too big and on demand to host events like that. She’s a serious senior actress these days

    • Vagabond producers should now realize they have made the wrong choice. PMY looks and works better with LSG. A mistake cannot be repeated the third time ?

      • Agreeeeeee. PMY also suit with the character since she once cast in City Hunter. But Suzy got branding. I believe Suzy will try her best this time after hear some good comments on her improvement in WYWS

    • Suzy as host? She can’t even deliver her award speech well and even reporters sometimes frustrated with her interviews answers. I’m not Suzy hater or what’s over, but this is not her field to get her involved too. She also might know that herself.

      • Well that’s news to me as I’ve never seen her co host awards ever and now I’m questioning how did she end up replacing Kim Ah Jong for the Baeksang awards in 2017 and 2018 if she can’t even string a sentence together? The mind boggles….

  6. Park min young is good looking actress but She just get lucky with good publicity and She get all talented and famous male actor as her leading man
    But I don’t think She is that good at acting.

    Please partner Lee Swung Lying and Lee Swung Gi, I believe this two will be the best on romantic comedy. They both attractive, charismatic, talented, good at acting and most of all funny.

    If I have money I will produce a drama for this two.

  7. Just to correct my previous comment.
    Sorry because of predictive text
    I meant Lee Seung Kyung NOT LEE SWUNG LYING.


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