Jung Hae In in Autumnal Paris Pictorial for Arena Korea

With 2018 winding down one thing I’m glad for is that the over-exposed and hype beast year of K-actor Jung Hae In is over. I say this because I like this talented young actor and think it’s for his own long term good to walk away from what is arguably his breakout year and take a breather from his breakneck pace. With three movies and three dramas in the span of less than two years, he went from unknown to everywhere to the point that he nearly burned me out on him. Of course there was also the standing center in an awards winner picture controversy, but that’s just one blip but being overly saturated has way worse long term consequences. He only has one movie lined up for 2019 (so far) and that’s fine by me, I expect to see him at year end drama award ceremonies and likely other awards in early 2019 so that will keep him in the public eye more than enough. He dropped a pictorial this week taken during the autumnal season in Paris and it really captures his easy-on-the-eyes good looks with less his usual boyish smile and more manly edge.


Jung Hae In in Autumnal Paris Pictorial for Arena Korea — 12 Comments

  1. Feel his post is so lonely here. Does he complete his military service yet?
    I think this year manh popular actors will be coming back, Lee Min Ho, Kim soo huyn…

  2. All he needs is one good drama and people will forget about his award controversy just like shk tax evasion case. Nobody cares about that anymore.

  3. He said that he wanted to take a break but he received the offer for Pretty Noona and he couldn’t say no.

    I’m waiting for the reunion with Kim Go Eun in their movie.

    I really like those pictures. He has a manly and cute vibe in the same time.

      • That’s why I love KGE acting and ability to morph into her characters. I’ve never watched Goblin right through though.

      • That Goblin’s writer is sooooo bad in developing the female lead’s character. It is better not to finish it if you like KGE. What a waste of KGE’s talent in that drama!

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