Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young Display Couple Vibes in New Poster for Romance is a Bonus Book

K-actor Lee Jong Seok has stated in an interview that Lee Na Young is his ideal costar and that dream to act with her is coming true with their upcoming tvN drama Romance is a Bonus Book (Romance Supplement). I didn’t think they would look good together and yet all the promos show them with a couple face, i.e. they actually kinda look alike in the way that Asians think means a couple is very compatible. He stills looks younger than her but not by much and also isn’t visually distracting, so that leaves whether the story about a genius book editor/publisher and a second-chance writer can draw the viewers in. The setting in the book publishing industry has plenty of fan service for bibliophiles like me so I’m looking forward to continuing that vibe which is also one reason I’m so enchanted by Encounter with it’s poetry integration.


Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young Display Couple Vibes in New Poster for Romance is a Bonus Book — 13 Comments

  1. I just love books to death and i used to like wasting time in a Library, … But since a serious depression i was anable to read a book again. I still keeping my collection of 2000 books and memories of 2000 wonderful moments

  2. What is up with casting old female leads, it was refreshing at first but now it’s much, seriously she’s almost 40 and he’s 29 I’m just sick of it was fun at first but i want o we some new faces, not some old lady who got bored with her life after 10 of no acting and using Jung suk popularity to get in the game.

    • Because Pretty Noona Buys Me Food is the buzziest drama of 2018 haha everyone wants to copy the hype.
      There’s also Encounter and Im Soojung and Jang Kiyong pairing coming up lol.

  3. They look more like old sister and younger brother to me. PS can make anyone look similar considering LJS now has a new nose. LOL.

  4. She is not pretty or young nor does she look good with him but I’ll have to deal with it since it’s Jong Seok last drama before the army…

  5. I honestly didn’t see that big of an age gap between them anymore in the recently released stills. They look good and I believe their actings will deliver in the chemistry department. And as a Jongsuk fan I hope people stop complaning about LNY already. She’s a revered actress who’s been in the industry way longer than him and accredited with higher accolades as well. Please respect her as much as Jongsuk does.

  6. No chemistry in the series. Such a surprise since LJS is a noona killer. I feel drama was wasted on him. Should have gotten another noona who has strong chemistry with him like his previous noona show.

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