Ha Ji Won in Talks to Join Yoon Kye Sang in Screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee’s Upcoming jTBC Drama Chocolate

What was a double good news just one day ago is now a home run if both in discussion leads accept. K-actress Ha Ji Won has been offered the female lead in jTBC healing romance drama Chocolate and I seriously could not be happier. She’s considering the offer and her schedule is open after dropping out of now DOA action thriller drama Prometheus. If she accepts her male lead is likely to be Yoon Kye Sang who is also considering the offer as the male lead. Both of them are on my short list of faves and also among the remaining handful of original Hallyu stars who still haven’t worked with Lee Kyung Hee and her brand of gut-wrenching melodrama. Chocolate will tell the story of a neurosurgeon and a top Italian chef who work together to provide sustenance to end of life patients. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN DRAMA GODS! Thanxbai!


Ha Ji Won in Talks to Join Yoon Kye Sang in Screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee’s Upcoming jTBC Drama Chocolate — 14 Comments

  1. I am excited with the prospect of HJW getting back to dramaland, some more possibly pairing up with YKS in a drama by powerhouse write LKH. But I must say I am anxious with the overuse of the word “healing” drama. The overuse of this healing description can lead to abuse and for HJW’s sake…. Please let this drama be good. LKH let me down big time with Uncontrollably Fond and I really hope she will get her mojo back.

  2. Oh yes please! It’s ripe for the picking HJW please accept and YKS too However if he declines didn’t Lee Jin Ki say he wanted to work with her? On my knees hands clasped together looking to the sky above ‘Please make this drama pairing HJW/YKS happen!’ Such great news to read. Thank you Mz Koala.

    • Hi Ginger Crunch, I have been wishing and hoping that HJW will get back to drama and movie land. Pairing wise, I am hoping drama gods will allow her and Jang Hyuk to act together. JH is my fave actor since his smash hit with Jang Nara in Successful Story of A Bright Girl way back in 2002 and Fated to Love You in 2014. I also love to see HJW with Joo Sang Wook. JSW was hilarious in Birth Of A Beauty and smouldering sexy in Fates and Furies. Somehow I can imagine explosive chemistry between HJW & JH or JSW. Plus both actors are happily married with kids so our HJW can be safe from all gossips. On the big screen, would love to see her with Jang Dong Gun. Praying that she will be ready to work again in her own timing without pressure. Love and peace to all.

  3. I don’t know… I’m torned bc I love to see her in a cable drama but hate anything that is considered “healing” it’s normally boring af 🙁 can’t she just stick to films or something else other than this genre? Shes alrdy done it with Hospital ship which was very cringe to say the least!

  4. I was hoping that she would accept a drama from TVN. Is jTBC any good? Ha Ji Won picks her dramas very well. Every role is different. Talented and Versatile. What a Queen! I haven’t seen any of YKS acting, so let’s just hope that he’s good. I just want Ha Ji Won to land a good role. I want the Queen back on K-dramas.

    • Check out “Crazy for You”, one of YKS’s earlier works. That’s the drama where I noticed what an excellent actor he had become!

  5. Look Reignsg132hdgsbdasj your Hajiwon queen has moved on from gay king Hyun Bin who is actually in relationship with gay queen Son Ye Jin who is more beautiful and talented

      • I pretty much support my Queen and no need to show all these annoying peeps here my post. She will slay any roles she take. I’m done with this blog because people here are too evil and dumb. My Queen is with my King so haters keep hating.

      • @ReignSg1023 – Really? You are done with this blog? No more idiotic comments from you about HJW from now on? Hurray ?????? ?? ???

  6. ReignSg1023-please don’t go you are one Sega shipper who still exists lol. I hope your dreams oneday will come true, even min shin couple still exists so don’t hopless lol. Keep fighting ??.

  7. Hope our dear amazing woman will be making a comeback soon. It is now March 2019 still no drama/movie news. Looking forward to her Japan Fan Meet 21 & 23 March 2019. Thankfully she entertains us with her Youtube videos called Ha Ji Won’s Haewadal Disclosable Secret uploaded every Sunday 7 pm Korean time. The 3 March 2019 Youtube video entitled Where did Chopin Come From? shows her having a piano lesson with her handsome but strict piano teacher. HJW so cute & cheeky as a piano student. She talks about “You Are The Universe” concept with her piano teacher and at the 4 minute 17 seconds timing of the video, there was a guy in white shirt sitting on the blue sofa in her living room as she was swinging the video recorder around the room praising herself as a good student. HJW is so good in releasing tidbits of her life even when not making any drama. I just bought her J.ONE jelly pack moisturiser after reading fantastic reviews in Nudie Glow an Australian website selling Korean skincare products at https://nudieglow.com/products/j-one-jelly-pack. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

  8. If YKS will not accept this drama hopefully they will offer it to Jo In sung o Song Seong Hyeon it will be a great cast and a Fantastic drama for comeback. Please make it happen

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