Park Min Young Celebrates Lunar New Year Early in Taiwan Fan Meeting

Last year 2018 was a fantastic career year for K-actress Park Min Young. With a ratings and buzzy hit drama the likes of Why Secretary Kim, it’s enough to sustain popularity for a period of time so in 2019 she can afford to be picky about her projects. She’s worked consistently for over a decade but hasn’t had a hit like Secretary Kim and totally deserves her share of the accolades. The drama was also popular when it aired in Taiwan and she’s using that spring board to hold a fan meeting there this weekend. She attended the press conference wearing a white flouncy asymmetrical hem dress and her trademark long locks in a lovely mussy look. She got a head start on the lunar new year which will be early February this year by writing the Chinese character for Spring in a festive new year red paper, which should be taped upside down to a house to symbolize the arrival (upside down sounds the same as arrive) of Spring.


Park Min Young Celebrates Lunar New Year Early in Taiwan Fan Meeting — 5 Comments

  1. She looks so lovely. I like her taste in fashion as well or she just have a good stylist. Glad all her hard work is paying off. Hopefully her next project will bring her more success.

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