Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young Put on their Rom-com Hats as tvN Romance is a Bonus Book Premieres this Weekend

When I watched the long 5-minute preview for tvN Sat-Sun drama Romance is a Bonus Book (Romance Supplement), I got a weird sense of deja vu that I’ve seen this all before. It’s a bit like male lead Lee Jong Seok encountered in his last drama While You Were Sleeping, trying to place all the where did I see it elements. I think it’s a combination of Lee Jong Seok playing a character, here a publishing house editor, with personality traits and or behaviors that I’ve seen too many times in his previous roles, couple with the general story elements that seem cribbed from this drama screenwriter’s previous works especially the I Need Romance series with the capable but not successful female lead finding love as her career gets a resurgence. with that said, I love Kim Tae Woo being weird and the random oddball scenes that throw a quirky vibe in to make it feel possibly fresh. The drama premieres this Saturday taking over from Memories of Alhambra.

Romance is a Bonus Book 5-minute teaser:


Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young Put on their Rom-com Hats as tvN Romance is a Bonus Book Premieres this Weekend — 14 Comments

  1. Ah what the hell Im going in to watch as I wasn’t going to but I like Eugene Jung’s acting and she’s second lead so yup first episode see you then!

    • The second couple looks fun. I like the both actors. They both played in Pretty Noona. And Jung Eugene had a nice role in 30 but 17.

      • I follow Minho and I saw her in ‘Because it’s the first time’ a nice little 8 episodes rom com drama that I’ve started following her along with a lot of other lesser known K actors.

  2. Most likely LJS’ last drama before enlistment. I hope it does well. I think this is also his first starring role on cable so I hope plot-wise and character-wise it fares better than his recent dramas. Not expecting too much that is mindblowing, but hopefully it is fun and an easy watch.

  3. Plastic nose lee jong suk only get 4,2% rating in 1st episode. I think he should accept Netflix drama with kim ji won rather than doing love dovey drama with ahjumma. Cause knetz already smart to choose drama with good story, acting and plot like sky castle they get boring with auntie and nephew love story ????? ?.

  4. Couldn’t finish the first episode. Felt similar to Madame Antoine. The lady is dirt poor but still managed to sent the daughter to a private school overseas. As we all know a private school costs 30-50k USD per year. I couldn’t feel sorry for her stupidity.

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