Shin Se Kyung Offered Female Lead Role in MBC Sageuk Drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

I find sageuk dramas do a well rounded job of featuring strong female leads as much as male-centric stories. From Dae Jang Geum to Queen Seondeok to Empress Ki and many more, strong women rightfully took their places alongside and even leading the men and K-dramas have highlighted this probably better than with modern female roles. Shin Se Kyung is now up for another groundbreaking sageuk female character as she is in talks to headline MBC sageuk Rookie Historial Goo Hae Ryung. Set in the late Joseon era during a time when women were frowned upon to learn to read or write, her character Goo Hae Ryung becomes an historial writing the annals that chronicle her times. It sounds like a great role for any female lead and Shin Se Kyung has proven her mettle in sageuk dramas with Six Flying Dragons and Tree With Deep Roots and a great way to put her most recent two terrible modern dramas Black Knight and The Bride of Haebak behind her.


Shin Se Kyung Offered Female Lead Role in MBC Sageuk Drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung — 33 Comments

  1. I’m so ecstatic to see her coming back and with a female-centric role. The plot sounds great and I heard its the writer – director team from Solomon’s Perjury so I look forward to the actual execution as well.

    • No one except Jang Nara and Gong Hyo Jin are good with weak female characters and its actually silly that actresses have to adjust to such characters, Writers should be writing strong female characters instead to set positive examples. Glad to see her finally getting a good role.

  2. That’s good news for her and I’ll need to check out her previous sageuk dramas because I like the premise of this drama and I’m hoping that her male lead is….Lee Jin Ki okay I’ll shut up now.

    • I actually want a beta male or lesser known male actor for the role because historical dramas tend to prefer testostrene too much. This drama should be all about the female lead because that’s the critical point.

    • If you want to see her diverse acting you should see Girl Who Sees Smells and Six Flying Dragons consecutively. She was brilliant in both and coincidentally they both came out in the same year.

      • Cool thank you LL I like the idea of watching Six Flying Dragons. The Girl who sees smells ahh yeah that would be my worst nightmare! Imagine seeing farts and BO oh no thanks.

  3. A Saeguk drama that actually focuses on the female lead? I haven’t seen any since Empress Ki glad to see they haven’t forgotten women can lead heavy drama’s as well. I think Shin Se Kyung excels in these kind of roles so I’m very satisfied with this casting.

  4. She is such a funny actress for me because at times I just think she is THE WORST. Those times happen to be every time I’ve seen her in a contemporary drama. BUT when she is in a sageuk I really like her…not just a little but a lot! The two she has been in are two of the best sageuks I’ve ever seen and I love her in both of them. So, I say, yeah!

  5. Really praying that she accepts this role for her next project. Sae Kyung is truly phenomenal in historical dramas! And oh having Yoo Ah In again as her male lead is a treat, if ever (We can dream lol).

  6. Oh wish shin sye kyung female lead asadal chronicle cause her voice in historical drama was awesome. Kim ji won just bad female lead just like bae donna in kingdom.

    • Bae Donna is known in Hollywood. SSK is not. Netflix wouldn’t buy Kingdom if BD was not in it. Asadal is not in the same league as Kingdom, doesn’t matter who is the female lead, it is not important ?

    • Yes! She’s made for the tough roles. Just remembered her role in six flying dragons. Her acting there was so subtle,yet I can clearly feel her angst. Everything is shown through her eyes. That’ whatI noticed. She lets her eyes speak and act. Also showcased in the burning of the house scenes in Black Knight. Ugh love love her!

  7. Any updates on this? Missing her on tv so much! Hope she accepts this or do another drama real soon. I’ve been binge watching all her vlogs on youtube for the meantime hehehe

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