Big Bird Version of Gong Yoo is All Smiles at Body Shop Event in Seoul

My eyes my eyes, I’ve been temporarily blinded! How else to explain the momentary visual pang upon laying eyes on Gong Yoo at this week’s Body Shop event in Seoul. He was wearing a yellow shirt jacket that is a shade of yellow that honestly I couldn’t even find to buy if I tried. ITS SO BRIGHT AND SO YELLOW AT THE SAME TIME. It matches the background color of the shea butter signs at the Body Shop event but it would be a stretch to believe Gong Yoo picked his outerwear to match. Was he trying to safe safe on the night streets of Seoul because ain’t no way in hell he’s not visible from a 100 yard distance. I also hate his washed 80’s jeans with cuffs paired with pink Keds. I just can’t with this whole look, he might as well have come naked in a pair of boxers and the t-shirt underneath.


Big Bird Version of Gong Yoo is All Smiles at Body Shop Event in Seoul — 11 Comments

  1. Gosh, this man looks good in anything. His smile will always put him on the best dressed list no matter what he wears as far as I’m concerned.

    He looks good.

  2. Gong Yoo always look cute to me ..
    Those colors were clash each other yet look quite good on him. Maybe because that face and posture lol
    Love his make up, look natural, no kabuki-like foundation is a big win for me

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