Joo Won to be Discharged on Feb 5th, Followed by Im Shi Wan, Ji Chang Wook, and Kang Ha Neul

The boys are starting to come home! K-ent is reporting that actor Joo Won will be discharged from the military on February 5th, successfully completing his mandatory service. Joo Won was part of the leading men enlistment contingent that left for service in 2017, and during their service period had a chance to perform together whether for military shows and/or musicals. Joo Won’s discharge will be followed by Im Shi Wan and Ji Chang Wook finishing their service in April, and later Kang Na Neul will leave the army in June. I’m curious how their discharge will shake up the current K-drama leading men casting roulette but I’m glad that these talented actors are all returning to the fold.


Joo Won to be Discharged on Feb 5th, Followed by Im Shi Wan, Ji Chang Wook, and Kang Ha Neul — 59 Comments

    • I don’t think LMH will fit into the content of “these talented actors”, maybe that’s why he is not included. Also Ok Taec Yeon will be discharged in May, but he also does not fit into the content of this article for the very same reason.

      • All of them are average, nothing brilliant but easy to watch on screen. What on earth make people to think JCW or ISW are better than LMH?
        All of them have limited range of acting but Kdrama isn’t exactly a platform to offer heavy performances so i assume all of them are in same level a bit more or less.

      • @Lucille – why would LMH be termed “talented” while he is NOT. You can write your own blog of praise if you like.
        @sam – there are people on earth who think JCW and ISW are better than LMH, but you can think differently than other people on earth. LMH has the most limited range of acting is my honest opinion.

      • “What on earth make people to think JCW or ISW are better than LMH?”

        Misaeng? The Attorney? Empress Ki? Suspicious Partner? Healer?

        or maybe the fact that they’ve proven their talents in a range of roles going from villain to protagonist in various genres of dramas and movies?

      • Also LMAOOOO a LMH stan dares to call Kang Ha Neul “average” and just “easy to watch” as an actor.

    • Koala mentioned those three other actors because they are in a band with Joo Won as seen in the picture above. Kim Soohyun and Taecyeon is also coming back this year but this article didn’t mention him.

  1. Well I’m Shi Wan has confirmed OCN’s Strangers from Hell upon his return. I wanted to write release but that implies he’s leaving prison and the word discharged well anyway good news he’s got work lined up. I’m keen on Ji Chang Wook and Kang Na Neul and their next project. Also I read on Soompi that Save me is due a second season so will Ok Tacyeon be appearing? Exciting times and when Kim Soo Hyun returns I’m gonna be in K drama heaven! The boys are back ❤️

    • Oooo really? I hope TY will be in Save Me 2. He is so physically fit now from MS that it will be great to watch him (cough cough…his body… hahaha… his acting is so-so tbh) again. I hope the same cast will return in Save Me since no one died except the bad dude 🙂 I won’t mind a small love triangle between TY, WDH and SYJ.

      • Apparently the cast hasn’t been confirmed yet for Save me 2 and I really don’t know if it’s for real because I don’t want to get my hopes up only to have them dashed. WDH is in that drama with Seolhyun and YSJ so unsure as to his availability. I was hoping that The Guest would have season 2 but I guess not since KJW and KDW are both taken with their new dramas this year.

      • Taecyeon’s acting….let’s just say it’s no surprise that WDH back then stole the show completely despite being an unknown supporting actor.

      • hahaha I know. But I need TY for the visuals (my bias)…. One for the body and one for the acting. Nice to see your comments again 🙂

      • lol the body… I guess TY should show his body off a lot, it’s his one asset as an actor. Thanks for the nice comment btw, it’s cool we can have different opinions but still appreciate that.

  2. Sooo excited for their comeback! Its so hard for me to watched kdrama this day, because usually I just want to watch kdrama with a big name. And I think it wont be that hard to get back their name (ecpesially like joowon, LMH, KSH) not like in hyunbin or kim namgil era, even after their left for army there’s still no actor who can replace their place. 90 line not as big like 80 line. Only PBG who have star power. (And lets counted LJS eventhough he is 89 line)

      • Lee jongsuk actually not an actor who can bring rating. He is one of actor who depend more with the writer. Eventho his drama rating not that high, still we cant counted it as flop. What a great about him, its his drama which always got positive review outside korea.

      • Who cares about rating as a viewer? It’s not your problem but his, production team and esp the broadcaster.

        Just focus on whether you enjoy the drama or not and not bashing the actor for having rating that do not meet expectation. You aren’t even entitled to expect any at all, as a viewer. Besides, rating is not the responsibility of the actor.

        As regards to military conscription, he should man up and go enlist. He is becoming too old for a non-commission officer.

        I did not finish While You Were Sleeping but his current drama is actually good. Who cares about the rating? So long as you enjoy the drama is what’s important.

    • No one who can replace Hyun Bin and Kim Nam-hil? Says who?

      Where is Kim Nam hil now? He is been under the radar since his last drama with Kim Ah Joong and that didn’t even make a buzz… slightly in Korea but didn’t do anything overseas.

      And Hyun Bin? His return drama project flopped big time. Despite the success of SG before enlistment, somewhat he lost his Hallyu mojo. It took him 4-5 years to get the buzz again. Personally, Hyun Bin’s dramas are now worth rewatching except for Jeykll & Hyde as I love the romance part ot it.

      Btw, Hyun Bin and Kim Nam-hil was away what were Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Hoo, Ji Chang Wook were doing?

      No actor is invincible. They are all replaceable. They have to continue to work hard to stay relevant and to keep getting quality projects.

      Hyun Bin is lucky that that he was able to get Alambra as a big budget drama but really that drama didn’t leave a memorable impression and how the drama went, it may not leave a lasting impression. I don’t think that drama is worth for second viewing.

      • Lol why do people love to fuss over actor they don’t like especially Hyun Bin. I really enjoy reading people shiting on him. From dumb shippers to weird kdrama lovers. Why dragged other non related actors in?

      • MOA is totally not worth a second viewing (who wants to watch HJ cries again, geezzzzz, she is insane), but HB is still very good in it which you cannot dispute. HB has already built a good fanbase with male fans (I can only speaks for my brothers and his friends)… Netflix helps. I think HB has gained ifans, it is up to him to work on his next fortune.

      • Wrong how people always try to belittle Hyun Bin. Many people I know are still rewatching Memories of Alhambra because Hyun Bin killing in that drama. He also is one of them few actor that have international male fan base as Candyca mentioned due to his outstanding performance in his movies and dramas. So funny when people say oh he’s lucky this and that came to him or else he’s done. From where I came from only Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Kwon Sang Woo, LBH, Rain, and Won Bin are the actors that grabbed attention from both males and females interest. All the other korean actors are not mention because only women likes them. Love from the US Hyun Bin. People can talk down on you all they want but true is you’re the best since a Millionaire’s First Love.

      • @Pleasedude Has always been proud of him since the start. Why being wow when you know he’s nothing more than just a female fame rider actors who will be nothing without the actress stars power. Unlike those other gorgeous actor everyone one worships to the bones but only captive fangirls. While in the real entertainment world it’s the opposite. If one actor can’t draw the spotlight in both audiences interest, what’s the point to keep saying someone is so so only. Talking from a real viewer perspective and not oppa fangirls biased.

      • @liana not oppa fangirl biased? you’re totally hyunbin fan. Moa attrached girls more than man, honey. Its a fact. And that gergous actors have fanboys too honey. Its normal

      • @Pleasedude – where do you get the stats that MOA attracts more girls than guys? Can you really separate woman viewer from man viewer in ratings? Do NOT quote as a fact if you don’t have hard data. NO one will believe you.

      • @candycane I bet you never heard about naver. Naver always showing us their viewer gender. And yeah woman is dominant in moa article. Not that different with Encounter. Thats why I dont believe that when HB fans said he got ‘equal’ attention from man and woman.

    • Why do you think Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Sueng Gi, Jang Kuen-suk, Joo Won became popular? That is because they filled the spot left by Jo In Sung, Lee Joon Gi, Lee Dong Wook then followed by Hyun Bin and other lead actors who enlist about the same time.

      Then when the next batch of actors are away on military service, the industry have created Park Bo Gum, Jung Hae In, Park Seo Joon, Seo Kang Joon and few other.

      • Sorry but PBG already popular before that big actors enlist. PBG already big in 2016 and that big actors enlist in 2017. And its same with LMH who become popular in 2009. Saying that the reason all that actors become popular because they filled the spot left is totally wrong. (Kinda agree with JHI and PSJ because yeah they’re just trending actors)
        And lets be honest only LMH, Joo won, and KSH who actually really popular and have star power in 80 line.
        Plus Jo insung still insanely popular in korea. So he maintained his popularity, no one take his place. He just… to picky with his project

      • All actors that I have mentioned are still insanely popular though Jo In Sung actually have not much work except that one movie. Being picky is just an excuse.

      • Jo insung actually turn down decendant of the sun, he recommended sjk for that drama. I think he really picky with his project, if you watched its ok that’s love, I’m sure you will understand. Even for his last movie the Great battle, he actually decline it first, but accepted it in the end. I think he is one of actors who just want to enjoyed his life, not too obsessed with his career or trying so hard to maintaned his popularity. Like how PBG decide to study when he was in his peak, kinda opposite with another actor like LJS who kept decline his enlist, or YSH who enlist first so his career life will be easier.

      • Actors who are passionate about acting will keep acting regardless. They can give up anything just for the love of their craft. Those are real actors.

        Popularity is superficial and I don’t understand why so many fans are obsessed about it. There many fans who even more obssessed with their idols popularity than the idols themselves, which is weird.p

      • Picky its a part of being passionate. Some actors want to take an uniqe character to challenge theirself as an actor. But first they need to love his life too, being too obsessed with their career wont bring them anygood. I actually prefer this one, because my idol is human too, and dont want them too stressfull because their career.

        Every fans will be happy if their idol become popular. Nothing wrong with that. Tho idk what you mean about too obsessed with their idol popularity

      • To each his own. But being picky is just an excuse. There are many actors who are very picky yet do have regular acting projects.

      • Oh really? Which one?
        How could being picky become an excuse. Actor who picky with their project actually the kind of actor who want to give their best. Joinsung always choose his project carefully, eventhough he will end up on hiatus for like 2-3 years. So many actors got scared to enlist, of course without project for 2 years, they can lost their popularity.

    • @mistyeyes Oh god sorry! This is what I mean “not like in hyunbin and kim namgil era, even after ksh, lmh, jw left for army there’s still no actor who can replace their place” ?

  3. It seems like these actors aren’t gone for very long. Can’t wait to see them in dramas again, especially Kang Haneul whom I’ve been waiting to see in a lead role.

  4. Sometimes they don’t return to acting .. A shift in priorities and having this training and discipline can often take your life in a new direction with greater depth and realistic values beyond being a celebrity or actor.

  5. What’s the big deal? There are actors who didn’t have acting projects for at least two years without going to the military.

    Song Hye Kyo only do acting projects every 3 years. The same Jun Ji Hyun or even PBG didn’t have projects for two years before encounter.

    So what’s the biggie? While those guys in the military, their promo team was constantly working and probably by now have already negotiated for their next project even before the end of their enlistment.

    • The worrying part of these guys except for Kang Ha Neul, they went to the military too late. They are coming back to the industry in their 30s.

      • I don’t think that matters for male actors. Men in their 40s are still in leading roles with 10-20 year younger actresses. It’s much more difficult for actresses after giving birth unless you are very high profile. High profile actors are waited for with baited breath not just by the fans but production companies as well and have their pack of projects on their return.

      • Honestly they all went after establishing themselves as leading men (KHN in movies), so they come back as leading men too.

        It’s a bigger problem for young actors who haven’t managed to hit big and make it to leading man status yet, people like say Lee Won Geun etc.

  6. There’s more to add to the list besides Lee Min Ho. Two more June discharges:
    Lee Soo Hyuk
    Kim Soo Hyun

    But the one I’m looking forward to after Father is Strange is Lee Joon’s October discharge.

  7. OMG Ji Chang Wook is finally back as handsome as ever. Now my beautiful Ha Ji Won can reunite with him again in another drama or probably a movie. She won’t be lonely anymore. They have the best chemistry together.

  8. kang ha neul needs to be a lead in a prime time drama. i would love to see him and kim seul gi in anything. these two have way too much talent.

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