Lee Jun Ki is All Red for New Year and In High Energy at Taipei Delight Fan Meeting

It’s a good visual juxtaposition from super yellow Gong Yoo to mucho red Lee Jun Ki as we check in on the multi-talented star from Taipei this week. The actor-singer was there to rock out at a high energy fan meeting with a nod to the upcoming lunar new year next week by going mostly all red. I love the un-gelled hair look on him and enjoy seeing him try out new looks and this playful concert suitable outfit definitely makes the stage bright and pop. Lee Jun Ki has a few more Asia stops on this series of fan meetings and will hopefully announce his acting project for the year soon as well.


Lee Jun Ki is All Red for New Year and In High Energy at Taipei Delight Fan Meeting — 29 Comments

    • You are probably on the heavy weight that you find the current body structure of Lee Joon Gi skinny. By the looks by the photo, he is probably between 65-67kg with BMI of 20-21. To me, this is the ideal BMI.

      I think you need to check your own BMI.

      • You are right! I noticed that too. But i missed his figure when he was acting in Arang and the Magistrate. He looked best during that time! But i still love his works though regardless!

  1. Comeback in a historical action-drama please. I have yet to finished watching Criminal Minds and Lawless Lawyer. If not a historical drama, please choose a drama with great co-stars, someone with the same star power as you. You can never carry a drama alone oppa.

    • That’s a good way to insult someone.lol

      Most of his dramas are re-run, that’s a clear indication that he does not need another star power in his dramas.

    • Seo Ye Ji did as much of carrying the drama as Lee Jun Ki in Lawless Lawyer so I do not get the point. It was also his only ratings success after a while without any debate. I would prefer him in modern dramas unless he gets an exceptional Sageuk. Pity, I wish he was offered Kingdom. Not shading the cast of Kingdom, they are all top notch. But I wish he was offered something like Kingdom or The Crowned Clown or Seven Days Queen. At lesst with writing on the same level.

      • His dramas are great though. I liked Criminal Minds and Lawless Lawyer and all his Saguek dramas. If you have actually watched his drama, you would know what I am talking about.

        He has many Saguek dramas better than Seven Days, even Kingdom. Moonlovers is still the best Saguek I’ve watched so far, amazing cinematography, the musical score of the drama was great, the OST… I love the action sequences… Wang So was very well performed. Many were aiming for happy ending for that drama… but the ending was just right for the drama.. it was actually very poetic.

        It’s the first drama that I watched of him and made me open my heart to Saguek dramas or movies.

    • Geez not another historical or action drama.
      He needs to switch it up.
      Co-stars is the least of his concern. He should focus on getting a good script.

  2. I follow him on IG and sometimes I can’t recognise him and get worried about his health sometimes. I wish him the best and always happy to hear from him. Thanks for translating Koala 🙂

    • Maybe you think that way, but he’s a stable and productive actor. He doesn’t do romcom so far, many actors always choose romcom as the fastest way to be popular or to keep popularity, but joongi did action n sageuk, however he’s still popular with his loyal fans and he always has drama in every year with not too low ratings. He also holds success fanmeets every year. He can’t be young anymore but he’s stable and that’s good for an actor.

      • Agree with you. Maybe lee joon gi is not the hot actor of korea now but still relevant even he never do a romcom drama or have a famous writer/director and an A-list actress leding lady.

    • He still has massive popularity in his country and overseas but he is past his prime to be honest in terms of drawing audience ratings. I blame poor choice of drama post his comeback. He now needs that one amazing project that can make him shine bright again. I hope he goes for JTBC or OCN next. Cable has the best things to offer these days.

  3. He was amazing in the Scholar Who Walks The Night. I think Saeguk drama suits him the most. Look at Scarlet Ryeo. The costumes give him an added x factor to his frame. Unfortunately, he is not as tall as other lead actors. I agree, I almost think that he is a bit anorexic looking. Too thin, a good look and not a good example for his fans. I don’t know what’s the reasons behind this look but put on some weight please.

    • Is he thin? I think his build is back to normal now. Well I watched Lawless Lawyer few month back… that I can say he was thin or the character was rather thin.

      But here in the photo, I think that is normal with around BMI 20.

    • @Janette OByrne Check your own BMI. So you will know what’s normal. You’d probably be surprised by how much you need to lose weight to keep yourself within the normal BMI range. Unless you are still young then oh well good on you. 😁

    • Speaking of BMI, the normal is between 18.5 to 24.9.

      I checked on Lee Joon Gi height, he’s actually 178cm. He can go as low as as 59-60kg. So thinking about it, his Lawless Lawyer character was still within the normal range. There’s now way that he as under 60 kg at that time. Wild guess, he was probably 62-63kg at that time.

  4. I think Lee Joon Gi is somewhat one of the most stable k-actors. He has one of the very few who has strong and loyal fan base. He has strong market base in Japan and other parts of Asia too. Per observation, he is the only actor who’s been meeting fans regularly up to now since his heydays in 2005. Considering he has not done rom-com as lead actor in his career.

    I wish him luck for his career. I look forward to his next acting project.

  5. Waiting for his next drama..Everyday I am searching if there is any news about his next drama because I am so excited.I will support him whatever drama he gonna pick.. Wishing him a successful drama domestical and international. Hehe

  6. I’m really waiting for his new drama, any genre is good, but i prefer other genres beside sageuk, he can have another sageuk later, but i need him in modern era for now. Hope he’s gonna announce his new project after delight ends. Fighting oppa, gonna love you forever

  7. Agree with you. Maybe lee joon gi is not the hot actor of korea now but still relevant even he never do a romcom drama or have a famous writer/director and an A-list leading lady.

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